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White Paper: The Benefits of Optical Time-Domain Reflectometer (OTDR)
Information Resources | 2/25/2020

The Cisco(R) NCS2000 Series Optical Time-Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) features provide extensive advantages during the optical network maintenance procedure, without having to purchase new line cards or waste available slots on the chassis.

The 5G Business Case Puzzle - Putting it all Together
Information Resources | 2/25/2020

This report highlights some of the early advances made by participants in the 5G ecosystem and the opportunities and challenges that 5G is bringing to the telecoms industry.

Multi-Vendor Automation for Established IP Networks: A Telefónica Case Study
Information Resources | 2/18/2020

This Heavy Reading report presents a case study of how Telefonica is automating its IP network to improve network robustness and reliability and automate its disaster recovery, with the ultimate goal being an automated, intent-based IP network.

Chromatic Dispersion in 10Gb/s DWDM Systems
Information Resources | 2/13/2020

Having the right test solutions for maintaining fiber networks will be key in delivering high quality of service at low OPEX.

Building the modern 5G network requires the use of modern digital solutions
Information Resources | 2/12/2020

With every new mobile generation comes network construction. New radios, antennas, and base band units must be installed. This requires site survey, network design, construction, and eventual operator acceptance. Digital solutions can help streamline the construction process, making construction more efficient so mobile operators can deploy 5G quicker and start to recoup their investment sooner.

Fiber in 5G Networks
Information Resources | 2/10/2020

Having the right test solutions for maintaining fiber networks will be key in delivering high quality of service at low OPEX.

Beyond Mobile Network Sharing: Regulatory Challenges in Dense Urban Areas
Information Resources | 2/10/2020

This white paper addresses the global regulatory environment for mobile network sharing, including the changing economics of the mobile industry and the challenges and opportunities of sharing in dense urban areas.

5G Core: 5G System Architecture Poster
Information Resources | 2/10/2020

The race to 5G is a competitive one and there are many differences to consider. This poster illustrates a multitude of interfaces, functions, architecture and much more. It's a lot to consider so we recommend the full size, digitally downloadable version.

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