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Customer Experience Management in 5G
Information Resources | 2/26/2019

Operators have invested heavily in spectrum and infrastructure to build out the next generational wave of wireless radio communication technology and to gain their position within 5G's expanding use cases. This report, based on a global survey of communication service providers, examines the deployment time-table of 5G capabilities from network operators, their monetization strategies and the customer experiences they believe are most worth their investment.

How Will 5G + AI Transform the Wireless Edge
Information Resources | 2/25/2019

This white paper, commissioned by Qualcomm, describes the market drivers for and barriers to distributed computing in the 5G era. The paper also explores key use cases that will be transformed as AI processing is spread among the cloud, the edge cloud, and devices.

Next-Gen SON for Mobile Network Automation
Information Resources | 2/21/2019

The case for advanced services, delivered over complex 4G/5G infrastructure, is underpinned by operators' ability to automate operations in the RAN and across the wider network. To address this a new generation of SON solution, designed for service outcomes, is emerging. This new Heavy Reading custom report identifies the key technologies that define next-gen SON, including machine learning, zero-touch automation, user-centric optimization, and programmable network platforms.

Cignal AI Report: Tracking the Deployment of 3rd Generational Coherent
Information Resources | 2/20/2019

When the first commercially deployed 100Gb/s coherent technology arrived in 2010, it was a watershed event. Coherent technology sparked greenfield deployments by operators, launched the flexible-wavelength grid and made ROADM-based networks much easier to use. This report from Andrew Schmitt, Cignal AI, covers coherent technology's evolution, market success, and the road ahead. Download the report to learn more.

5G Network & Service Strategies Operator Survey
Information Resources | 2/20/2019

This new Heavy Reading survey report provides insight into how operators will deploy 5G networks, identifies potential services strategies that will drive investment, and reveals likely timelines for commercialization.

The Integration Challenges of Software-Defined & Virtualized Enterprise Networking
Information Resources | 2/19/2019

As Service Providers rush to deploy SD-WAN and NFV services to their enterprise customers, they are typically picking a couple of different CPE platforms, VNFs and SD-WAN partners to work with. Click here to learn more about the architecture of uCPE including hypervisor, management tools and virtual networking.

Strength in Numbers: The State of Managed Security Services
Information Resources | 2/14/2019

Gain fresh insight into how service providers (SPs) are grappling with cloud adoption and its sharp impact on network security. Learn about SPs' commitment to cloud-delivered managed security services, adoption timelines and revenue potential. See how SPs are evolving their managed security services practice with Secure Internet Gateway (SIG) and more.

The Critical Importance of Consumer Trust in the Second-Hand Mobile Device Market
Information Resources | 2/13/2019

The second-hand mobile device market is a big and lucrative success story. Mobile operators, OEMs and third-party logistics providers (3PLs) therefore remain committed to its ongoing success. This global study from Blancco underlines the significance of safeguarding consumer trust in the used device buyback process and warns against complacency when it comes to keeping consumer data secure.

Software Defined Layer-0: Use Cases
Information Resources | 2/7/2019

Network Cabling Re-Architected and Automated
Information Resources | 2/7/2019

Analysys Mason: Converging IT and Network Teams: A Cloud-native Automation Platform Is the Catalyst for Successful Operations
Information Resources | 2/1/2019

Network automation is an imperative if operators are to deliver services with sustainable levels of agility and profitability. Automation enables the network to adapt to events and demands rapidly and efficiently, and supports a new speed of digital business. This paper assesses the value of a cloud-native platform for operational automation, which can be shared by IT and networking organizations, and also recommends five operational automation steps that operators can take.

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