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Open RAN for 4G & 5G Networks
Information Resources | 2/27/2018

This whitepaper discusses how emerging open RAN architectures, such as proposed by the Telecom Infrastructure Project (TIP), the Open Networking Foundation's (ONF) M-CORD and xRAN.org can play a critical role in this new 4G/5G networks.

Keeping Networks Going and Growing
Information Resources | 2/26/2018

This whitepaper explores how lessons from the gig economy can give networks 24/7 support and how a new global engineering platform is playing a vital role in the maintenance ecosystem.

ZTE 5G E2E Solutions Tailored to Your Needs
Information Resources | 2/23/2018

Home Network Security for Network Operators
Information Resources | 2/22/2018

The lack of security is a massive risk for home users, but it is also a tremendous opportunity for network operators.

Selling to Telcos in the Age of Digital Transformation
Information Resources | 2/12/2018

Telecoms operators are in near-constant flux as they drive mass-scale digital transformation. This white paper outlines how and why vendors must evolve their sales and marketing strategies to successfully navigate an era of operator consensus buying.

Five Key Wireline Network Improvements Needed for 5G
Information Resources | 2/12/2018

5G is not just about the Radio Access Network (RAN), Next-generation wireless is going to need a lot of help from wireline technologies to deliver on its promises.

The VOD Factor
Information Resources | 2/6/2018

It's an exciting time on both sides of the media delivery spectrum. For audiences on the other side of any screen, video on demand (VOD) isn't a separate component or "nice to have" luxury anymore. The ability to watch what we want, when we want it is seamlessly and permanently integrated into our video experience.

Just You, Me and the TV: Shifting to a Direct Customer Relationship Model
Information Resources | 2/6/2018

Disruption and complexity are commonplace on both sides of the equation as the landscape continues to shift. For media creators and providers, traditional broadcast and digital-only aggregators are continuing to evolve from mutual contention to cooperative competition, creating new experiences and business models along the way.

Video to the CDNth Degree: Multi-CDN Delivery Optimized for Big Video
Information Resources | 2/6/2018

Content delivery networks (CDNs) are a must-have for any business looking to deliver digital video to a large audience. Why? Because when it comes to an engaging playback experience, it's all about the distance between the video file and the consumer.

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