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Service-Orientated 5G Core Networks
Information Resources | 2/28/2017

How to Deliver Higher Mobile Video QoE
Information Resources | 2/27/2017

This white paper explores how to bring back transparency to mobile streaming video perfromance and how that can improve subscriber QoE.

Operator Success in the New Age of the Software-Defined WAN
Information Resources | 2/27/2017

This white paper takes an in-depth look at the emerging SD-WAN market from the service provider perspective. The paper outlines the drivers for SD-WAN, details the benefits of offering SD-WANs for service providers and charts a realistic course for the evolution of SD-WANs in the era of virtualization and network functions virtualization (NFV).

ZTE on Its Best Way to 5G
Information Resources | 2/23/2017

Addressing the Indirect Tax Challenges Facing Communications Providers
Information Resources | 2/21/2017

All communications industry professionals should read this Aberdeen Group paper (brought to you by Avalara for Communications) to discover how communications tax automation can let you focus on your business, not taxes - and benefit your bottom line.

Intel & the Cisco Media Blueprint
Information Resources | 2/14/2017

Find out how the world's largest chip maker and the world's largest networking provider have joined forces to accelerate the creation, delivery and monetization of immersive media.

Shared Spectrum for 5G New Radio
Information Resources | 2/10/2017

Shared spectrum can be a critical enabler of "permissionless innovation" in 5G. It will mean a wide range of end-user organizations will be able to take advantage of New Radio (NR) technology, while for mobile operators new sharing mechanisms will drive more efficient use of spectrum, improved network capacity, and gigabit speed performance.

The Essential Guide for Telecoms & Service Providers Adopting Big Data Solutions
Information Resources | 2/9/2017

This eBook provides telecom and service provider executives with a basic introduction to big data and analytics processing.

Evolving the Mobile Security Architecture Toward 5G
Information Resources | 2/9/2017

This paper examines trends in the mobile threat landscape, software programmability and cellular standards to point to new directions in network security architecture that mobile operators should be considering.

Prepare Your Mobile Network for 5G ebook
Information Resources | 2/9/2017

In this eBook you will discover the reality of 5G adoption behind the hype, the three vital elements of preparing for 5G: HetNet, Mobile Core and xHaul, and how 5G can be an agile platform to deliver new business services quickly and easily

Webinar: CKN Securing the 5G Mobile Network
Information Resources | 2/9/2017

Why Your Hotspot Matters White Paper
Information Resources | 2/7/2017

WiFi-enabled devices connect to the Internet via a WLAN network and a wireless Access Point (AP), or hotspot. Americans today have an average of four WiFi-enabled devices in their homes, and with the Internet of Things just around the corner - anything from the toaster to the water heater - they too will soon be chatting on our networks.

Cable Tackles the Gigabit Challenge
Information Resources | 2/7/2017

DOCSIS 3.1 presents several major fresh challenges for the cable industry, demanding major technological shifts, operational changes and potential spectrum shifts for its full implementation. Moreover, cable operators will need new equipment, procedures, and testing and monitoring tools to turn their Gigabit dreams into reality.

VeEX Product Brochure
Information Resources | 2/7/2017

VeEX develops innovative test solutions for next generation communication networks and services. Our products address all stages of network deployment, maintenance, field service turn-up, and service verification features across DSL, Fiber Optics, CATV/DOCSIS, Mobile, next-generation Transport Network, Fibre Channel, Broadband/IPTV, WiFi, Synchronous and Carrier Ethernet technologies.

Fulfilling the Promise of NFV: Infrastructure & Software Implementation Best Practices
Information Resources | 2/7/2017

What viable alternatives are available to ensure a flexible, programmable and scalable NFV infrastructure? In this paper we will look at the best practices that can be used to vet available alternatives that can provide service providers with the programmable flexibility they need.

Case Study: Exponential-e Accelerates VPN Service Delivery and Automates IT Tasks Across Networking Technologies with Nuage Networks
Information Resources | 2/2/2017

Exponential-e, already a customer for Nuage Networks datacenter SDN solution, has chosen the Nuage Networks Virtualized Network Services (VNS) platform to accelerate the provisioning of WAN services and incorporate remote sites using both Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) and broadband Internet.

SD-WAN for Addressing Branch Network Complexity & Security
Information Resources | 2/2/2017

The global study "Using SD-WAN to Simplify & Secure the Network," conducted by Dimensional Research, found that companies are struggling to manage and secure the WAN, especially at branch locations. Nearly all participants stated that maintaining security policies, network devices and complexity due to cloud and mobile applications are the most difficult aspects of managing the WAN.

How to get NFV Solutions to Market Faster and at Lower Risk
Information Resources | 2/1/2017

This paper discusses trends in NFV infrastructure, ecosystem and a technology platform with a common execution environment for most every NFV use case. This will achieve time savings and easier development for next-generation NFV products.

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