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Service Assurance Is Key to Competitive Differentiation for NFV & IoT – by Heavy Reading
Information Resources | 2/29/2016

This white paper argues that a service assurance solution for NFV and IoT needs several properties not supported by current systems. It suggests that the new service assurance approach should be consistent across all the network domains participating in IoT service delivery, but that it should be rolled out in one network domain at a time.

Service Lifecycle Management: Empowering NetOps to Accelerate Service Delivery
Information Resources | 2/29/2016

Customer experience of network services - how to order them, when they will be delivered, how well and quickly they can be tailored to customer requirements - is now heavily influenced by the digital user experience forged in the Web domain. Heavy Reading research finds that the ability to turn up Layer 2-7 services and change bandwidth on demand are critical influencers of customer buying decisions.

DOCSIS 3.1: Cable Tackles the Gigabit Challenge – by Heavy Reading
Information Resources | 2/23/2016

This white paper explores how MSOs can upgrade their plants, networks, operations, equipment, testing tools and workforce for DOCSIS 3.1. It delves into the key aspects of DOCSIS 3.1, including its higher data speeds, greater spectral efficiencies, adoption of orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM) subcarriers and embrace of higher orders of QAM modulation.

Telecoms.com Intelligence Case Study
Information Resources | 2/23/2016

U-vMOS-Defined Network Architecture
Information Resources | 2/23/2016

Service Director White Paper
Information Resources | 2/22/2016

Today's telecommunications industry is undergoing a radical transformation. Communication Service Providers are focused on enhancing agility to bring new services to the market faster. This innovative approach requires CSPs to transform their OSS.

Achieve agility: HPE OSS Fulfillment
Information Resources | 2/22/2016

Profound change is happening; all kinds of devices connect to the mobile Internet. This is characterized by an explosion in users, devices, apps, data traffic volumes, and seamless, ubiquitous connectivity-putting CSPs at the heart of it.

Enable comprehensive SLA management
Information Resources | 2/22/2016

The HPE Universal Service Level Agreement Manager is part of the HPE comprehensive approach to service level agreement management helps service providers accelerate the development of new operating models.

Mobile Cloud Service Core for 4G and 5G Networks – by Heavy Reading
Information Resources | 2/21/2016

This white paper argues that the Mobile Cloud Service Core network will comprise distributed user-plane components, deployed in smaller data centers close to the radio, and a centralized "mobility controller", hosted in the cloud, to create an architecture that can radically improve performance and prepare the network for 5G services.

5G Internet of Things and Standardization
Information Resources | 2/19/2016

Wireless Business Continuity – by Heavy Reading
Information Resources | 2/5/2016

It's difficult to conceive that retail might be the cutting edge of where IoT is heading. The reality is that the industry has had to embrace the fundamental changes that the Internet has imposed on its business model, at the same time as adjusting to rapidly evolving technology, such as beacons, digital signage and tablets as point-of-sale terminals.

Business and ownership model case studies for next generation FTTH deployment
Information Resources | 2/4/2016

This paper is a review of two previous white papers published by the DISCUS project consortium in November 2013. After discussions with many stakeholders on topics of regulation and business models for next generation fibre access network architectures, we have analysed a number of case studies around the world on both open access and vertically integrated ownership models, and report here our updated view.

Local Loop Unbundling regulation: is it a barrier to FTTH deployment?
Information Resources | 2/4/2016

This white paper describes how the Local Loop Unbundling regulation of copper pairs in access networks might present a barrier to FTTH deployment, as it inhibits infrastructure providers from developing more efficient optical access architectures that benefit from the closure of many currently active central offices and the early retirement of the copper cable infrastructure.

Cloud Transformation, Reforming Your Business
Information Resources | 2/3/2016

IoT: Collaborating on connections
Information Resources | 2/3/2016

The six steps to Digital
Information Resources | 2/3/2016

CSPs will become DSPs if they follow these six steps - and create a customer experience to shout about!

Carrier’s ICT Network 2020 Transformation – A Huawei White Paper
Information Resources | 2/1/2016

Huawei wishes to be carrier's trusted transformation partner to so that they can cost-efficiently and smoothly evolve to the target Network 2020 architecture based on wise investment decisions.

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