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Huawei Storage Becomes an Industry Backbone
Information Resources | 2/26/2015

Huawei's Open Cloud Strategy
Information Resources | 2/26/2015

Light Reading Report: NFV Market Report: Virtual CPE
Information Resources | 2/18/2015

Network functions virtualization (NFV) has become one of the hottest areas of communications industry research and development in recent years for a number of reasons. We hope this report provides some useful early insights into the virtual CPE sector.

Take Charge of the Cloud Platform for NFV to Maximize Success by Heavy Reading
Information Resources | 2/18/2015

Network operators must master the cloud if they are to realize the competitive benefits that network functions virtualization (NFV) can confer. These benefits include the ability to bring new features and services to market faster than rivals and the streamlining of operational costs so that operators can both boost profit margins and remain price-competitive.

Catch the Right Customers
Information Resources | 2/17/2015

In this article we share some consumer research recently conducted by Huawei’s Customer Experience Transformation Center (CETC) which answers these questions for the general case. The answers are quite revealing, with some customer segments much more desirable than others, and each group having distinct priorities.

Achieving Security Integrity in NFV
Information Resources | 2/17/2015

Security must not be an afterthought if the full commercial benefits of NFV are to be realized. This whitepaper explores some of the emerging security challenges created with NFV environments and provides recommendations regarding what requirements service providers should consider.

Carrier Grade NFV Checklist for Network Functions Virtualization
Information Resources | 2/17/2015

The term “carrier grade” has been an often used—and misused—term. To some it refers to high-availability network elements, or “five 9s” availability, or network links that fail over in 50 milliseconds. But carrier grade has a much wider scope.

Next-Gen OSS - Unleashing Network Potential
Information Resources | 2/12/2015

Huawei: A key Leader in CEM standards development
Information Resources | 2/12/2015

Best Practices for Service Agility: Embrace Orchestration
Information Resources | 2/11/2015

The Internet of Everything offers tremendous opportunities for service providers. No industry will remain untouched by the ubiquitous connectivity of devices, processes, and people.

High-Performance Hardware: Enhance Its Use in SDN
Information Resources | 2/11/2015

Software-defined networking (SDN), along with the power of virtualization, automation, orchestration, and other software-based techniques, promises to transform the internetworking industry. However, hardware still remains a big part of every network.

8 Must Have Technologies For Next-gen Video Processing Solutions
Information Resources | 2/9/2015

This concise, graphical e-book outlines the 8 must-have technologies that video service providers (VSPs) should adopt to cost-effectively power the next generation of multiscreen video.

Information Resources | 2/5/2015

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