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The Outlook for Open vRAN
Information Resources | 12/29/2021

To better understand the outlook for vRAN and open RAN adoption worldwide, Heavy Reading jointly developed with QCT an online custom survey designed to take the pulse on operator expectations for open vRAN deployment.

Automated, Actively Assured Service Lifecycle
Information Resources | 12/22/2021

Automated assurance not only simplifies and reduces costs, but introduces far more advanced testing-like methods to your arsenal. Download this whitepaper by Appledore Research to learn more.

Want to Leapfrog the Competition? Automate the WAN
Information Resources | 12/22/2021

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Converging and Automating 5G Networks
Information Resources | 12/22/2021

Complete, open solution allowing MNOs and wholesale operators to build best-in-breed networks for competitive advantage while enjoying a broader and more secure vendor supply chain.

Laying the 5G Foundation with an Evolved Mobile Transport Network
Information Resources | 12/22/2021

This white paper discusses how to build a solid foundation for your 5G deployment.

Blue Planet 5G Automation
Information Resources | 12/22/2021

Accelerating the journey to zero-touch slice lifecycle management.

BSS Cloud Transformation: Beyond Monolithic
Information Resources | 12/20/2021

This white paper documents the requirements for BSS in the cloud transformation process, with a focus on the technical requirements of cloud-enabled BSS and the best practices for implementing them.

2021 Heavy Reading Open RAN Operator Survey
Information Resources | 12/20/2021

This report analyses the results of the 2021 Heavy Reading Open RAN Operator Survey, conducted in summer and autumn 2021.

Telefonica: Evolving the OSS for SDN and Automation
Information Resources | 12/20/2021

This Omdia case study describes several OSS use cases regarding service discovery, design, and activation, that were recently implemented as a proof of concept (POC) within Telefonica's German network.

RAN Intelligent Controller Trial Highlights Benefits of O-RAN
Information Resources | 12/20/2021

This paper reviews the shared solution between Cohere Technologies and VMware.

vSphere Performance Equivalent to Bare Metal for RAN Workloads
Information Resources | 12/20/2021

VMware ran industry-standard real-time micro-benchmarks, namely cyclictest and oslat, to compare the performance of RAN workloads on VMware vSphere and bare metal and found that performance is equivalent.

Modernizing the Radio Access Network (RAN): Challenges and Opportunities on the Journey to RAN Monetization
Information Resources | 12/20/2021

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QCT Introduces New Innovative Family of Edge Servers for the Telco Marketplace.
Information Resources | 12/14/2021

With the emergence of new technologies such as 5G, AI-driven big data analytics, cloud computing and edge computing; the industry is making bets on which transformative technology may catapult their business into hyper-growth.

Heavy Reading Deploying 5G Private Networks
Information Resources | 12/13/2021

To understand the market drivers, Heavy Reading jointly developed with QCT an online custom survey designed to take the pulse of CSP-built 5G private networks in three regions: North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA), and Asia Pacific. This white paper presents and analyzes the results of the survey.

QCT CU/DU Solutions to Optimize Open RAN Deployments
Information Resources | 12/13/2021

With its Open RAN centric design, the IronEdge series features flexible expansion slots, QCT-validated Accelerators and NIC cards that support time synchronization and the latest selected Intel (R) CPUs. IronEdge servers are pre-integrated and pre-optimized to meet the interoperability and flexibility needs of Open RAN solutions.

End-to-End Enterprise 5G Solutions Powered by QCT
Information Resources | 12/13/2021

Download this solution brief for a 5G solution that gives network devices the ability to seamlessly integrate with one another.

Bringing High-Speed Optical Networks Together
Information Resources | 12/6/2021

The efficiency, speed and reliability of optical signals is key to meeting the data demands driven by digital work and learning, as well as video, gaming and cloud storage. Well-engineered adhesives - which precisely align, bond optical components and hold critical parts in place - help achieve better reliability, signal integrity and lower loss optics. Find out how.

Coherent Optics at 400G, 800G, and Beyond: A 2021 Heavy Reading Survey
Information Resources | 12/1/2021

Based on a global survey of communications service providers (CSPs), this white paper provides an in-depth look at the current state and future trajectory of coherent optical transmission.

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