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Content posted in December 2018
How Acumos Can Fast Track Your AI Development
Information Resources  | 
12/19/2018  | 
This white paper discusses the advantage of community based innovation, explores the potential applications of AI in telecom, assesses some of the challenges in applying AI and describes how the Acumos project can help solve some of these problems.
Virtualizing the RAN and Edge Computing How carriers can take advantage of vRAN, C-RAN and MEC
Information Resources  | 
12/18/2018  | 
This white paper introduces the virtual RAN, cloud RAN and MEC with an insight into the new applications they can enable, with a focus on how carriers can potentially save money on infrastructure development and make money from new services.
Enabling the Virtualized Edge With FPGA SmartNIC Data Acceleration
Information Resources  | 
12/10/2018  | 
As virtual infrastructure extends toward the edge, technology is required to overcome some unique challenges. The solution is to implement FPGA-based SmartNICs, which offer scalable, deterministic performance with very low latency at a fraction of the space, power, and overall cost. Such a solution is secure, open, and fully programmable, ensuring that costs remain low well into the future.
NETSCOUT Success Story: NFV/Cloud Network Readiness – Reduce CAPEX and OPEX
Information Resources  | 
12/7/2018  | 
  • A cost-effective solution to support future growth
  • Seamless usability of one system for multiple networks, saving on troubleshooting (OPEX)
  • Proactive service assurance along the transformative journey to NFV/Cloud
NETSCOUT Article: Is Your Information Close Enough to the Edge?
Information Resources  | 
12/7/2018  | 
With the Network Edge now a key foundation for data analytics, it is playing an ever more important part in the performance of service provider networks. It is important to ensure that this network infrastructure, in the form of mobile edge computing, delivers on its promises and is carriergrade in the same way as the service provider network that enables it.
NETSCOUT Whitepaper: Assuring Application Agility in Multi-Cloud Environments
Information Resources  | 
12/7/2018  | 
Enterprises worldwide are undergoing some form of digital transformation or have a digital strategy in place. At the heart of these transformations is an intent to provide consistent and superior real-time customer experience to their end customers, rapidly deliver new services, and significantly reduce the cost of operations.
Transforming the wireless edge to realize 5G’s full potential
Information Resources  | 
12/5/2018  | 
The wireless edge transformation has begun with intelligence moving closer to where it matters most — the users. Qualcomm is driving the entire industry forward to make 5G a reality in 2019, check out this presentation to see how 5G and AI will join forces to enrich our lives and transform industries.
Boundless photorealistic mobile XR over 5G
Information Resources  | 
12/5/2018  | 
XR is meant to be mobile and it is going to get better once we have 5G. Take a look at this comprehensive presentation on boundless XR messaging from Qualcomm about split-rendering, utilizing on-device processing, 5G, and edge cloud.
Breaking the wireless barriers to mobilize 5G NR mmWave
Information Resources  | 
12/5/2018  | 
Mobilizing mmWave for smartphones is no small feat, and it requires cutting-edge R&D and working with the entire ecosystem. Download this presentation to see how Qualcomm is overcoming another impossible challenge to transform mobile communications.
DPI for vEPC vendors: real-time analytics, QoE & security
Information Resources  | 
12/3/2018  | 
This white paper provides insights on why DPI is important for vEPC solutions and on the different uses cases it enables. It also discusses the aspects involved in deciding whether to build or buy DPI.

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