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Content posted in December 2017
How to Monetize IoT Whitepaper
Information Resources  | 
12/18/2017  | 
Being able to effectively scale, improve margins, and monetize every aspect of your IoT operations requires a robust underlying platform, one built to withstand the intense rigors of smart device data generation. Learn how Aeris can deliver a customized platform that turns every device and sensor into a profit center.
Enabling MEC as a New Telco Business Opportunity
Information Resources  | 
12/18/2017  | 
Multi-access edge computing (MEC) creates virtualized cloud computing environments in access networks that enable communication service providers (CSPs) to improve the delivery of content and applications, generate new service revenue, improve network efficiency, and deliver next-generation services.
Secure Virtualization Platform For Critical Infrastructure
Information Resources  | 
12/18/2017  | 
Companies, governments, institutions, and consumers are adopting cloud and cloud-based technologies at an ever increasing rate, including (per a 2017 study by Schneider Electric) those leveraging the cloud for security applications. This growing acceptance of the cloud as a reliable, valuable resource has an unfortunate and unintended consequence: The cloud has become a potentially lucrative target for those looking to hack, exfiltrate, or monetize via malware the data within the cloud.
vRAN: The Next Step in Network Transformation
Information Resources  | 
12/18/2017  | 
Virtualized radio access network (vRAN) is the next step in the evolution of mobile networks, promising to intelligently boost capacity, dramatically reduce costs, and enhance customer experience. It will also provide the flexibility and dynamic scalability that will be necessary to support future services and applications.
BSS & OSS Modernization: Linchpin of Telco Digital Transformation
Information Resources  | 
12/13/2017  | 
This paper examines B/OSS-led digital transformation in the telco industry. Key aspects it explores include improving customer experience, accelerating time to market, increasing operational agility, & unleashing internal innovation.
Software-Defined Branch: A New Foundation for the WAN and Branch IT
Information Resources  | 
12/12/2017  | 
The emergence of new digital and cloud transformation and the potential benefits they offer enterprises make it clear: The time has come for the hardware-defined branch to evolve to a Software-Defined (SD) Branch.
Broadband Fixed Wireless Access: Overcoming Delivery Challenges
Information Resources  | 
12/8/2017  | 
Ovum 2018 Trends to Watch: Cloud Computing
Information Resources  | 
12/7/2017  | 
In the past few years, the cloud has grown rapidly in breadth and depth, and many organizations have been seduced by its elasticity and opex model. As the use of the cloud continues to mature and becomes more strategic, the market in cloud computing will change in 2018 and beyond. Download this whitepaper to learn more and see what Ovum has identified as the five key trends for 2018.
CSP Revenue Management: Enabling the Digital Service Provider Evolution
Information Resources  | 
12/1/2017  | 
In October 2017, Heavy Reading conducted an online survey of 100 CSP representatives working for around 75 different organizations across the globe. The questionnaire assessed the current state of CSP revenue management systems and explored their priorities for modernization. Click here to read the results.

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