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Removing the Spectrum Straitjacket
Information Resources | 12/22/2016

Key Virtualization Trends: SD-WAN, Virtual CPE
Information Resources | 12/19/2016

2016 has been proven, if nothing else, how challenging it can be to deliver on the early promises of virtualization. Reduced operating and capital costs? Greater agility? New revenue opportunities? This report takes a look at some of the key industry developments and trends impacting and enabling these emerging opportunities and highlights some of the challenges facing network operators as they implement their virtualization strategies.

Inside Check Point’s Cybersecurity Research Lab
Information Resources | 12/13/2016

Check Point Carrier Security Solutions
Information Resources | 12/13/2016

vCPE: Market Outlook
Information Resources | 12/12/2016

This report looks at where we are today with challenges and developments related to vCPE deployment and highlights some of the initiatives and operator strategies that are bringing early vCPE programs to market.

From Ripples to Waves – How the Evolution of Consumer Demands Changed Cloud Communications
Information Resources | 12/9/2016

Today workers expect the same applications experience at work that they enjoy at home. Spiceworks, a community of IT professionals, conducted research to uncover their views. Discover more about the growth of cloud communications in this whitepaper.

Get Ready for the Cloud X.0
Information Resources | 12/9/2016

Cloud X.0 is the promise of the cloud fulfilled: simple to use, seamless across mobile and fixed devices, and empowering users. One in four enterprise cloud communications seats globally run on Mitel. Explore a new Cloud strategy in this guide.

Cloud Communications in the modern workplace – a Mitel whitepaper
Information Resources | 12/9/2016

IT professionals know how communications technology can improve productivity and support team collaboration. Discover more about how cloud communications can drive productivity while at the same time reduce complexity for IT professionals.

Transform your video services with a cloud platform
Information Resources | 12/8/2016

Multi-screen TV is here to stay. In this e-book we examine how to win - efficiently - in this market. We'll explore the 4 key pillars to building and delivering effective OTT solutions including how to extend your reach quickly, and securing your entire value chain.

Autonomic Test Automation For Total Testing in the Digital Era
Information Resources | 12/1/2016

Autonomic Test Automation is an innovative new approach that uses artificial intelligence, machine learning and test analytics for automated test design, execution and maintenance of the automation framework.

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