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5G Security: Establishing a Holistic Security Approach
Information Resources | 11/15/2018

Establishing the right security approach across 5G networks is critical and requires consideration of some new requirements and challenges, while recognizing there are a few myths that need to be debunked.

NB-IoT Security: Enabling a Safer Hyper-Connected World
Information Resources | 11/14/2018

Wide adoption of cellular IoT (CIoT) technologies for low-power wide area network (LPWAN) connectivity is enabling industrial digitalization. In particular, Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) is one of the CIoT technologies well-suited for the LPWAN connectivity standard. Complete visibility and control of the NB-IoT traffic on both signaling/control and data planes is essential to secure your CIoT services against DoS attacks from weaponized devices, malware, ransomware and other vulnerabilities.

K2-Series 5G-Ready Next-Generation Firewall
Information Resources | 11/13/2018

K2-Series 5G-Ready Next-Generation Firewalls prevent successful cyberattacks targeting mobile network services, IoT devices and subscribers by providing robust, prevention-oriented security to build resilient and high-value mobile networks for a secure 5G digital economy.

A Holistic Approach to IoT Monetization
Information Resources | 11/5/2018

The monetization capabilities of Internet of Things (IoT) platforms needs a fresh approach beyond standard rating and charging designed for connectivity usage. As communications service providers (CSPs) embrace more innovative IoT business models, they are struggling to address these opportunities with their connectivity-oriented IoT platforms.

Extended Application-Layer Visibility Across Multiple Mobile Network Peering Points
Information Resources | 11/1/2018

Palo Alto Networks(R) Security Operating Platform includes a comprehensive set of mobile network features that significantly enhances application-layer protection and visibility across all network peering points.

Build Your Future-Ready Infrastructure – Optimize, Monetize, and Secure Your Network
Information Resources | 11/1/2018

The service provider (SP) business landscape is dominated by shifting subscriber requirements and a changing competitive climate. Technology advancements and service-level expectations are disrupting what has long been the principal objective: to nurture the core business and ensure a robust recurring revenue stream. These evolving business dynamics require new strategies to help you achieve sustained success.

Protect Every Strategic Control Point – A Guide to Security for Service Providers
Information Resources | 11/1/2018

Data security for service providers focuses on two core issues: maintaining network availability and preventing data loss. Failure in either area can damage your reputation and impact your business. Attacks can interrupt your core business and disrupt your bottom line. Be ready.

Five Strategies to Optimize Your Network – Traffic Management for Service Providers
Information Resources | 11/1/2018

With IP traffic predicted to grow at a 24 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR) through 20211, optimizing your network to improve efficiencies and reduce costs has become a top priority. At the same time, creating new revenues to offset rising network costs is imperative.

Simplicity, Velocity, Scale – Ready-To-Install NFV Packaged Solutions
Information Resources | 11/1/2018

Deployment and management of individual virtualized network functions (VNFs) has proven to be a significant challenge for Service Providers. To solve this problem, F5 has developed a set of unique prepackaged, preconfigured Network Function Virtualization (NFV) solutions that simplify your virtualized network.

Configurable Service Capacity: The Future of VNF Management
Information Resources | 11/1/2018

A fundamental premise of network functions virtualization (NFV)-based networks is that software functions must be executable anywhere in the cloud. This white paper documents both the current and future role of the VNFM, including how it is evolving from simply managing VNFs to focusing on the optimal approach to scale individual instances.

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