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Rural Company, Urban Footprint
Information Resources | 11/30/2017

Building Fiber Expertise
Information Resources | 11/30/2017

Optimizing your HFC Network Evolution While Laying a Foundation For Seamless Migration to FTTH
Information Resources | 11/29/2017

Operators are now faced with upgrades which complement and potentially challenge their traditional thinking. Faced with many solutions for increasing capacity, operators must decide on an approach with the right price tag for what the business demands. This paper details each option and explores how effectively they prepare networks for tomorrow's applications and services.

Cloud-Native Service Assurance: The Cornerstone of a Successful NFV Transformation
Information Resources | 11/20/2017

To make the transition to NFV as seamless as possible, operators need to deploy vProbes (virtual probes) to ensure the customer experience is a good one. This white paper will describe how implementing cloud-native service assurance today is an essential first step in an operator's journey to NFV.

Microsemi Timing for cRAN Fronthaul LTE
Information Resources | 11/20/2017

Mobile architectures are evolving to support 5G densification in major metro markets. This evolution includes the shift from mobile backhaul to mobile fronthaul architectures, and adoption of next generation fronthaul interfaces (NGFI). Changes to CPRI, new standards and timing architectures are inevitable as part of this process. In this white paper, learn why PTP and deploying grandmaster clocks are the best timing technology choice for cRAN and future vRAN mobile architectures.

The Low-Risk Path to Automate Mobile Network Optimization
Information Resources | 11/20/2017

Heavy Reading analyst Sandra O'Boyle takes us through the challenges and pressures that stem from cutthroat competition, decreasing margins, and the need to deploy new services and technologies. Download the white paper to find your own low-risk path for automating mobile network optimization.1

Expanding Demands Need Packet Networking Performance - from Edge to Core
Information Resources | 11/20/2017

Rapid adoption of cloud technology and applications makes the metro part of the network infrastructure ripe for transformation. This paper will show you how to gain the most from metro transformation initiatives with a simple, scalable, and programmable approach.

Telco Open-Source: Not a Panacea
Information Resources | 11/20/2017

The telecoms industry seems to have embraced open-source development in the last years. The number of development communities is at an all-time high. For many in the industry, open-source remains a strange beast and increasing disgruntlement is heard about its success. In this white paper, ECI CTO Hayim Porat discusses some of the issues the industry has when implementing open-source methodologies and makes some suggestions as to the steps that are required for success.

Service-Based Architecture for 5G Core Networks
Information Resources | 11/14/2017

This white paper focuses the service-based architecture (SBA) under development for 5G core network (5GC) and how it can meet future service needs. The paper compares the SBA with the more familiar point-to-point (P2P) architectures defined for mobile core networks.

Powering Digital Transformation
Information Resources | 11/13/2017

NOC to SOC: A Next-Gen Approach to Understanding and Proactively Assuring Customer Experience
Information Resources | 11/7/2017

With mobile usage exploding, service providers must find the most efficient, elegant solutions for managing growth and effectively ensuring the user experience in real time.

5 Steps to a 5G- Ready Cloud
Information Resources | 11/6/2017

To take advantage of 5G, Communications Service Providers (CoSP) must start preparing now. The CoSP cloud brings the flexibility, scalability and responsiveness associated with the cloud to the entire CoSP value chain, making it easier to develop, launch and provision new services. This white paper will help you take your first steps into the CoSP cloud, so you can be better positioned to reap the rewards of 5G readiness.

Data Center Interconnect for the Webscale Era
Information Resources | 11/6/2017

As data center infrastructure scales to meet cloud demands, so must the networks required to connect data centers with one another - data center interconnect (DCI). This white paper focuses specifically on the DCI requirements and trends for the largest Internet companies, defines the unique DCI requirements for Webscale providers and the tools they've adopted to succeed, and discusses three key technology trends in Webscale DCI.

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