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CGNAT Isn’t a Capability it’s a Lifecycle Strategy
Information Resources | 11/29/2016

With the exponential growth of subscribers and connected devices, service providers have been investing in infrastructure to support increasing traffic growth while implementing new services to attract new subscribers and increase revenue. This white paper provides an overview of the various components that are required for a complete CGNAT and IPv6 migration solution, which encompass the entire lifecycle of the transition to IPv6.

Making Sense of the Evolving Business Services Market
Information Resources | 11/29/2016

Even as it continues to expand, the business services market is rapidly changing. Driven by pressure on enterprises to transform their operations to become more agile and economic and take advantage of cloud based services, large and small companies alike are now seeking to leverage more than just the basic data, voice and video services of yesteryear.

Light Reading Report – SDN/NFV: Market Update
Information Resources | 11/28/2016

Onboarding VNFs into a hybrid (mix of legacy and cloud) networking domain and then managing a combination of existing and virtual assets (and being able to bill for the resulting services) has proven to be a massive challenge. This report looks at how these headwinds can be overcome en route to a brighter virtualization future.

Commercial NB-IoT Services Debuts in Wuzhen
Information Resources | 11/23/2016

IDC Technology Spotlight
Information Resources | 11/18/2016

This paper examines the movement of IT from on-premise datacenters to the cloud and the service provider opportunities related to this shift. It also examines the role that storage technology vendor NetApp plays in this market transition.

Managed EdgeCloud with Cisco and NetApp
Information Resources | 11/18/2016

For cloud service providers and managed service providers who want to quickly and easily deliver a dedicated hosted private cloud to your customer, Managed EdgeCloud is the solution.

Making 5G New Radio (NR) a Reality
Information Resources | 11/17/2016

What amazing technology innovations are needed to make 5G a reality? Download this presentation on 5G New Radio (a.k.a. 5G NR) - the global 5G standard for a more capable, unified air interface - to learn more.

Gigabit LTE and the Path to 5G
Information Resources | 11/17/2016

Qualcomm recently announced our first 5G modem for early 5G mmWave deployments and trials. Download this presentation to learn more, and also learn about the essential role of Gigabit LTE in the 5G mobile broadband experience.

Exploring 5G New Radio: Use Cases, Capabilities & Timeline – HeavyReading whitepaper
Information Resources | 11/17/2016

5G New Radio (a.k.a. 5G NR) is the name for the new air interface being developed to enable advanced 5G services. Download this whitepaper to explore the key features of 5G NR as understood at this stage of development.

Exploring the potential of mmWave for 5G mobile access – HeavyReading whitepaper
Information Resources | 11/17/2016

mmWave bands are emerging as an important - and probably critical - access technology to meet challenging 5G performance targets. Download this whitepaper to learn how new 5G technologies are mobilizing communications at these higher frequencies.

Paving the Path to Narrowband 5G with LTE IoT
Information Resources | 11/17/2016

How will LTE IoT fit in the 5G world? Download this presentation to learn about new narrowband LTE IoT technologies. These new technologies will address a wide-range of low-power wide-area (LPWA) applications and pave the path to 5G massive IoT.

Big Video Challenges 5G
Information Resources | 11/15/2016

Carrier SDN-Enabled Dynamic Enterprise Services
Information Resources | 11/14/2016

This application note summarizes the benefits and considerations for CSPs who plan to offer dynamic network connectivity services and describes how the Nokia Network Services Platform (NSP) carrier software-defined networking (SDN) platform can be used to evolve CSP networks to enable on-demand service capabilities faster, more profitably and at a great scale than ever before.

NFV Migration: Pure Pragmatism or Pragmatic Purity? Why Operators Are Turning Away From ‘Pure Virtualization’
Information Resources | 11/10/2016

As NFV technologies mature, CSPs are realising that delivering VNFs via customer premises equipment makes just as much commercial sense as the 'pure NFV' vision of device consolidation in data centers and at the network edge. In this white paper, Pravin Mirchandani, CMO, OneAccess Networks, explains why the industry's focus has shifted as the first wave of NFV deployments begin to take shape.

Next Generation Platforms for vE-CPE based on Intel SoC Families
Information Resources | 11/1/2016

Just as white-box switches have transcended the traditional top-of-rack business model for customers demanding greater service flexibility and easier provisioning, enterprise customers are demanding more flexible, open, and cloud-based WAN technologies.

ONP 2.1 Platforms Maximize Interoperability
Information Resources | 11/1/2016

This paper describes how Intel(R) Open Networking Platform (Intel(R) ONP) Server running on innovative new networking platforms can help reduce the cost and effort required for service providers and vendors to adopt and deploy SDN and NFV architectures.

Go-to-Market Partnering for the New IP Infrastructure
Information Resources | 11/1/2016

The new network infrastructure is flexible, modular and open. A strong ecosystem ensures that white boxes, OS, middleware and VNFs work together in a multi-vendor environment where early access to new technology accelerates next generation roll-outs.

NFV Everywhere – A Micro-DC-in-a-box for the network edge
Information Resources | 11/1/2016

This paper describes a micro-datacenter-in-a-box, built to improve subscriber quality of experience and enable more RAN-aware services with capabilities that optimize the hosting of latency-sensitive functions and applications at the mobile edge.

Business Case for the Nokia Network Services Platform
Information Resources | 11/1/2016

Cloud service delivery models are changing enterprises' service expectations. In the past enterprises signed on to a multiyear contract for fixed bandwidth capacity at a fixed price. Traditional business processes used to plan, build, and operate network infrastructure; however, there are obstacles to implementation of such an on-demand model.

A Unified Approach to the Automation, Control and Assurance of IP/optical networks
Information Resources | 11/1/2016

To thrive in the cloud era of networking, operators need to evolve to on-demand service delivery and automated network operations models.

Delivering on the Promise of Multi-Layer Integration with SDN
Information Resources | 11/1/2016

Carrier software-defined networking (SDN) has evolved greatly since Google first showed that SDN in the wide-area network (WAN) was possible, with its B4 WAN introduced in 2012.

Closed Loop Automation and the New Role of Assurance (Appledore Research Note)
Information Resources | 11/1/2016

In this document, Appledore Research Group looks at the importance of automation in virtualized networks, and the new and important role that this creates for Assurance - with a broad definition of Assurance.

SD-WAN (Software Defined WAN): Answering the Demands of the Cloud Based IT Ecosystem White Paper
Information Resources | 11/1/2016

There is no shortage of challenges for organizations trying to manage wide-area networks (WANs) today, largely due to ongoing changes in the IT enterprise. The growing use of cloud-based computing and storage for applications is driving the need for networks that are more dynamic and flexible.

Case Study: Evolution of Wide Area Networking
Information Resources | 11/1/2016

The use of Software Defined Networking (SDN) in the datacenter has resolved the issues with application and workload placement but this hasn't reduced the complexity of delivering the application to users across the wide area. To extend the dynamism of the cloud to remote employees, enterprises across the globe are looking at Software Defined Wide Area Networking (SDWAN) as the foundation for the future evolution of wide area networking.

Case Study: Global Oil Corporation reduces Networking Costs at Remote Exploration Sites with Nuage Networks Software- Defined Wide Area Netowkring (SD-Wan) Solution
Information Resources | 11/1/2016

One of the customers of Nuage Networks is an independent oil and gas exploration and production company with both global offshore and onshore assets. The company produces oil and natural gas in the United States, Canada and Malaysia and conducts exploration activities worldwide. This case study documents the business drivers and benefits for adopting the Nuage Networks Virtualized Network Services (VNS) solution for SD-WAN.

Case Study: Exponential-e Accelerates VPN Service Delivery and Automates IT Tasks Across Networking Technologies with Nuage Networks
Information Resources | 11/1/2016

Exponential-e, already a customer for Nuage Networks datacenter SDN solution, has chosen the Nuage Networks Virtualized Network Services (VNS) platform to accelerate the provisioning of WAN services and incorporate remote sites using both Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) and broadband Internet.

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