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Network Security: Securing the Cloud
Information Resources | 10/30/2019

This Heavy Reading survey report explores how well CSPs are managing the new demands cloud transformation is having on one of the core tenets of network management - security.

Security or Flexibility: The Dilemma of Telco Cloud
Information Resources | 10/30/2019

In this eBrief presented by Palo Alto Networks, we start by defining what the telco cloud is and how it is currently evolving. From there, we examine why traditional security solutions often come up short when it comes to securing the telco cloud, what new solutions are arriving on the market, and areas where more innovation is needed.

Impacts of Cyber Attacks on IoT Devices
Information Resources | 10/30/2019

This white paper provides in-depth context on the three types of modern IoT attacks, the entire lifecycle of the attack, and the impact of two primary cyber attack scenarios on IoT devices.

5G Phase II: Beyond eMBB
Information Resources | 10/29/2019

This Light Reading report highlights many of the challenges, and doubts, that operators are facing in the early days of 5G deployments but also points to opportunities and the roles that will be played by others in fulfilling the promise of this new communications era.

(Technology Review) The Path to 5G: The Case for Automation
Information Resources | 10/28/2019

This report examines the status of network automation among operators, the objectives they are pursuing and the barriers they must overcome.

(Technical Paper) Cloud Native Design for Telecom Applications
Information Resources | 10/28/2019

In the telecommunication industry, a cloud native application has specific performance requirements. With the right design principles that gives benefits that span from application performance, resiliency to automation. Download the document to find out more.

(Paper): Improved TCO with Ericsson's Dual-mode 5G Cloud Core
Information Resources | 10/28/2019

Total cost of ownership (TCO) is always key. However, during technology shifts and business transformations it becomes crucial. Ericsson's dual-mode 5G Cloud Core enables new ways of achieving challenging business and operational goals. Download this TCO paper to find out more!

(Paper) Edge Computing and 5G – Harnessing the Distributed Cloud
Information Resources | 10/28/2019

By 2023, 5G will make up around one-fifth of all mobile data traffic, with subscription uptake forecast to reach 1 billion. 4G LTE has also exploded since its launch in 2010, accounting for some 50 percent of total traffic in 2017 and still growing. Distributed cloud computing is paving the way for the future of network communications and, rather than waiting for 5G, operators should build tomorrow's networks today.

(Solution Brief) Ericsson Edge NFVI – Optimized for Distributed Workloads
Information Resources | 10/28/2019

Learn more about how the Ericsson Edge NFVI enables service providers to distribute compute, storage and network resources to the edge to seize the opportunities promised by 5G use cases.

Antronix: Industry Leader for 40 Years & Counting
Information Resources | 10/16/2019

The Future of IP Networking
Information Resources | 10/15/2019

This white paper is based on the operator survey results from a global survey in July 2019 and provides a high level analysis of the data and the key findings.

Network functions virtualization with Red Hat
Information Resources | 10/14/2019

In this overview - Network functions virtualization with Red Hat(R) - you'll learn how Red Hat(R)'s integrated stack delivers the scalability, performance, and security your NFV implementation needs.

Red Hat Services program: NFV adoption
Information Resources | 10/14/2019

This Red Hat(R) Consulting e-book details the benefits of the NFV Adoption program, which provides a phased approach that simplifies, organizes, and automates the process of introducing and operationalizing an NFV environment.

Streamline your network with Red Hat Ansible Automation
Information Resources | 10/14/2019

Read why Red Hat(R) Ansible(R) Automation is the ideal choice for telecommunications service providers hoping to break free from traditional management approaches to fully capitalize on modern technologies like network functions virtualization (NFV).

Automation, DevOps, and the Demands of a Multicloud World in the Telecommunications Industry
Information Resources | 10/14/2019

IDC conducted a global study to assess how IT management and automation strategies are evolving due to digital transformation initiatives. This infobrief summarizes key findings from the survey, with highlights from respondents in the telecommunications industry.

Transform service provider networks and IT with confidence
Information Resources | 10/14/2019

In this Red Hat(R) e-book, telecommunications service providers share how they used open source solutions to optimize their IT and build a high-performance network capable of meeting modern demand.

IoT Monetization Strategies: Real Activity beyond Major Players
Information Resources | 10/9/2019

This white paper is based on a Heavy Reading survey carried out in late 2018 that focused on communications service providers (CSPs) worldwide with less than $5 billion in revenue. The survey aimed to determine the CSPs' level of engagement in the emerging Internet of Things (IoT) market.

Solving Edge Computing Infrastructure Challenges
Information Resources | 10/9/2019

Edge compute (distributed IT) installations have become increasingly business critical. Deploying and operating IT at the edge of the network, however, comes with unique challenges. Meeting them requires a departure from the traditional means of selecting, configuring, assembling, operating and maintaining these systems.

DPI and 5G: Network visibility and real-time application awareness
Information Resources | 10/9/2019

This whitepaper looks at the network- and service-level enhancements brought about by 5G and determines the need for application awareness provided by deep packet inspection at various points throughout the network.

WISPs Round Table Discussion: The Role of High-Band Millimeter Wave Systems (E- and V-Band) in Fixed, Gigabit Wireless Access Networks
Information Resources | 10/7/2019

On the occasion of the WISPALOOZA 2019 event in Las Vegas, October 14-18, 2019, Siklu sat down with WISPs from Mexico, the UK and US to discuss their current and upcoming GWA activities.

Overcoming the 5G Challenges of Monitoring, Assurance, and Automation
Information Resources | 10/7/2019

While the use cases for 5G are compelling, implementing such a groundbreaking technology presents challenges. Mobile operators need to provide network engineering and operations with the tools they need to manage the implementation to ensure 5G is a success.

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