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Build Consistent Security throughout NFV Evolution
Information Resources | 10/30/2018

Security risks are increasing as operators balance NFV and 5G evolutions to support IoT and other services. The Palo Alto Networks Security Operating Platform minimizes business risk and provides the strongest security throughout network evolutions.

SD-WAN Strategies Survey Report
Information Resources | 10/29/2018

Network operators have big plans and high expectations for SD-WANs, but many vital decisions remain to be made. This global survey, jointly conducted by Light Reading/Heavy Reading and MEF, offers an in-depth perspective on this critical technology.

Solving the TDM-to-Packet Migration Challenge
Information Resources | 10/25/2018

Service providers have a networking challenge and opportunity. They must evolve away from their outdated Time Division Multiplexer (TDM) networks, which are no longer sustainable, and migrate to modern systems that use packet-networking technologies. Fortunately, the transition can be smooth and convenient for a service provider. Ultimately, when the end customer migrates to an Ethernet service, the migration is much simpler.

Network Based Security for the IoT Value Chain
Information Resources | 10/15/2018

IoT-connected devices represent profound changes in network security requirements for service providers. Palo Alto Networks security operating platform enables service providers can grow their IoT market while protecting their own networks.

Look What’s Riding your Network
Information Resources | 10/12/2018

As the digital experience moves to mobile, so do the cyber activities of malicious actors. Mobile threats continue to grow as devices escalate, IoT expands, and mobile traffic grows. Read this report to learn more about growing threats on mobile networks.

Maximizing the Value of Edge Cloud
Information Resources | 10/10/2018

As service providers are transforming their edge infrastructure to support 5G, many realize the edge can - and should - be used to deliver more than 5G. Learn how to maximize the value of edge cloud in this Heavy Reading white paper.

Juniper & Ericsson – How can 5G live up to its potential?
Information Resources | 10/10/2018

5G will be a game changer for mobile transport. The complete end-to-end transport solution from Juniper Networks and Ericsson helps to ensure that 5G lives up to its potential.

Defining the Edge: An Essential Part of 5G Transformation
Information Resources | 10/10/2018

Virtualizing the edge infrastructure and operating it on an edge cloud is going to be fundamental to how 5G gets rolled out. Learn how to unleash the enormous potential of the edge with Juniper's Contrail Edge Cloud solution.

Security & Connectivity in the Future of the Internet of Things
Information Resources | 10/1/2018

The Internet of Things is here. Are you ready (and secure)? Ten years from now, it will be hard for us to remember a world where everything wasn't connected to the internet in a way or another. Even today, we don't really care to know which technology will be used; things will be simply either connected or will be a problem (and your kids, customers or business partners will chase you until you get everything connected back).

IoT in Focus
Information Resources | 10/1/2018

Does your IoT strategy have a connection problem? You've heard it everywhere: IoT is a game-changer, a disrupter and a gigantic business opportunity for everyone. That's all well and good. However, the reality is that many companies have eyes bigger than their stomachs when it comes to the Internet of Things-and are biting off more than they can chew.

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