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vCPE Services Business Case: Payback Potentially Billions of Dollars for Operators
Information Resources | 10/30/2015

Virtual Customer Premises Equipment (vCPE) for enterprise customers is one of the most popular use cases emerging in the NFV domain. NFV enables operators to introduce new services to their enterprise customers without the hardware costs or operational expenses incurred for many traditional services. Amdocs commissioned research with Analysis Mason analyzing potential revenue and cost reductions associated with vCPE - download it now.

Thomson-Networks View of UltraHD
Information Resources | 10/30/2015

How Cisco's NFVi Was Put to the Test
Information Resources | 10/27/2015

Why should service providers care about the recent evaluation of Cisco's NFV infrastructure (NFVi) by independent test lab EANTC? Because the focus was on four key areas - performance, reliability, use cases and integrated management.

Taking advantage of SDN services to intelligently automate network security: How to monitor and mitigate application and volumetric attacks with software driven policies
Information Resources | 10/21/2015

The threatening shadow is the increasing number of high profile, sophisticated attacks on carriers' networks. Carriers are on guard for DDoS attacks at the network layer. The second shadow is the pressure to move your software-defined networking (SDN) strategy from the white board to proof-of-concept trials to commercialization. The good news is there's a solution.

End of the Section 215 Bulk Telephony Metadata Program
Information Resources | 10/20/2015

The USA FREEDOM ACT was passed into law to balance security and privacy needs and preserving the existing intelligence and law enforcement capabilities. This included the bulk collection of telephony metadata by the NSA. The new law requires telephony metadata be retained by CSPs, with judicial authorization required for government access to the data. This paper provides up-to-date information on the new approach, the specific challenges for CSPs, and BAE Systems' interpretation.

Managing Latency and Business Critical Applications in Telecom
Information Resources | 10/19/2015

If there is one thing that telcos agree on, it is that they should use their data assets more effectively. Download this white paper to read a foreword from Ovum analyst Clare McCarthy on Active/Active database replication and the benefits of VoltDB for telecom. Then read about how VoltDB client Openet puts the database to work - meeting an SLA standard of 50ms for billing authentication 99% of the time.

Validating Cisco’s NFV Infrastructure Part I & II
Information Resources | 10/15/2015

Earlier this year, Light Reading asked the EANTC team to visit the San Jose, Calif. labs of Cisco Systems to conduct a series of validation and verification exercises on a number of Cisco cloud, software-defined networking. To follow up that successful project, Light Reading asked the EANTC team to return to San Jose in late September to evaluate Cisco's NFVi.

Scaling to Huge: Load Testing a Million Virtual Machines in the Cloud with Spirent Hyperscale
Information Resources | 10/7/2015

How does a data center perform when running thousands or even millions of virtual machines? If you don't measure the end-to-end data center stack, you don't know how it will perform in the real world. Here's how you measure a cloud-scale platform.

The Future of Network Appliances by Heavy Reading
Information Resources | 10/5/2015

This custom research report, conducted on behalf of Napatech, presents and analyzes the results of a major survey addressing the evolution of network appliances.

Architecting the New Metro Network for the Cloud Era – by Heavy Reading
Information Resources | 10/5/2015

In the age of cloud applications, the old way of building networks and delivering services breaks down because the characteristics of the static and proprietary telecom networks don't match the requirements of cloud services delivery. After struggling with this challenge for several years, operators have come to the realization that the best way to adapt their networks to the requirements of the cloud is to adopt the very same technologies that have made cloud possible.

New economics for Digital: A streamlined platform for delivering Digital Services
Information Resources | 10/1/2015

Today's Digital natives expect the consumer journey, from sign-up to in-life usage, to be simple, immediate and highly efficient. But traditional BSS relies on sign-up through retail stores and support through call centers. These systems force business compromises for CSPs, but there is a new alternative.

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