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Navigating the Private Cellular Maze: When, Where and How?
Information Resources | 1/26/2021

This white paper from STL Partners explores the different opportunities and strategies for enterprises looking to take advantage of the capabilities that private cellular offers.

Maximize Network Performance with Automated Assurance
Information Resources | 1/26/2021

This technology brief explains why network operators need a solution that improves efficiency, empowers their operations staff, increases customer satisfaction and retention, and reduces operational costs.

Building a More Agile Multivendor Network: A Service Provider Success Story
Information Resources | 1/26/2021

This case study shows why to successfully design, deploy and manage a multivendor network, you need advanced solutions that can speed up design and planning processes; expedite pricing and ordering and support smooth integration and data exchange with business and operations systems.

Network Digital Transformation: The Journey to a Cloud-Capable Infrastructure
Information Resources | 1/26/2021

Exciting possibilities emerge as service providers explore digital transformation and what it means for them. When anything is possible, it's smart to start with a simple premise: prioritize projects that create customer value. From digital customer engagements and data-driven insights to productivity innovations, cloud-capable solutions that emphasize value underpin any successful digital transformation.

The Ubiquitous Enterprise
Information Resources | 1/26/2021

This Heavy Reading white paper documents the opportunities for CSPs associated with the adoption of the Ubiquitous Enterprise model, including the impact of satellite access.

5Gs Impact on Edge Infrastructure
Information Resources | 1/22/2021

This Heavy Reading white paper provides an in-depth analysis of the relationship between 5G and edge computing, describing how 5G will drive the edge and how the edge will enable 5G

Get the Whitepaper: Assuring Application Agility in Multi-Cloud Environments
Information Resources | 1/21/2021

This sponsored content is ungated and does not require registration. It will take you off of the Light Reading site.

Video: Building Agile Networks for the Unknown
Information Resources | 1/13/2021

The Future of Deep Packet Inspection: Top Challenges Facing Telecom, Networking & Security Solution Vendors
Information Resources | 1/12/2021

This report presents the results of a survey conducted among high-tech product managers on the role of DPI in networks.

Supporting 5G Service Innovation with Performance Management
Information Resources | 1/7/2021

The performance of the radio network is paramount to 5G. But there are important ancillary technologies beyond NR that are required to support new services. Their performance must be managed to deliver the requisite end-to-end QoE. This report examines how 5G will help to enable edge computing, network slicing and private networks, and what performance challenges are involved in delivering them.

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