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Solution Overview: The Network Fabric for Distributed Cloud and 5G
Information Resources | 1/31/2019

Learn how Pluribus Networks simplifies the networking of multiple edge compute locations through an open networking fabric based on distributed SDN intelligence and VXLAN virtualization, implemented on white box switches.

Why You Need Scanner-based Testing for NB-IoT Coverage Measurement
Information Resources | 1/21/2019

Operators deploying NB-IoT must ensure connectivity, have visibility of active cells and verify their correct function. Download this Application Card to learn how to use scanners to measure coverage, performance and correct operation of NB-IoT.

Unlock The Promise of 5G
Information Resources | 1/18/2019

It will be critical to follow three key imperatives to succeed in your complex and expensive transition to 5G: Optimize Your Network, Monetize New Solutions, and Protect your 5G network at massive scale at every layer and for multiple threats. This eBook examines ways service providers can address these three imperatives, and successfully transition to 5G.

Killer Use Cases for 5G Monetization
Information Resources | 1/17/2019

5G will offer improved speed, increased capacity and greater flexibility. Read the eBook to discover the killer use cases that will attract customers and justify this significant investment.

Converged Packet Transport for 5G
Information Resources | 1/16/2019

As 5G New Radio ( NR) standardization progresses, operators are increasingly understanding that transport networks must be upgraded and re-architected to support 5G applications at scale. This white paper addresses 5G evolution from a transport network perspective, emphasizing the role of a converged packet network capable of addressing all 5G use cases, as well as diverse mobile and fixed services. Such a converged packet network is critical for making the 5G business case work.

Defining the Transport Network for 5G
Information Resources | 1/14/2019

This white paper, written by Heavy Reading Principal Analyst Sterling Perrin, addresses the transport network evolution that is required to support large-scale 5G rollouts. Download it now to learn how to create the efficient transport your 5G network needs.

Heavy Reading’s 2018 Open RAN Operator Survey
Information Resources | 1/11/2019

In this report we present the results of a Heavy Reading operator survey, conducted in the autumn of 2018, on the outlook for open radio access networks (RANs). We defined "Open RAN" as the ability to integrate, deploy and operate radio access networks using components, subsystems and software sourced from multiple suppliers. The survey was open to employees of communications service providers only.

Overcoming the Challenges of Scaling Next-Generation Fiber Services
Information Resources | 1/8/2019

This white paper delves into the findings from the comprehensive online survey of 154 cable and fixed-line executives- complemented by one-on-one interviews of service providers in North America, Europe and Asia conducted by Heavy Reading- to dissect the challenges that providers face in scaling fiber-based services and examine the impact that deploying IP-based services over fiber will have on back-office systems.

Next Leap into Cloud Networking
Information Resources | 1/4/2019

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