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Don’t Let Communications Tax Compliance Challenges Halt Innovation: Automation Keeps You Competitive
Information Resources | 1/31/2017

The communications industry is in a state of extreme change, both in services offered and the way they are delivered. This Aberdeen Group white paper, sponsored by Avalara, uncovers how top-performing communications organizations are utilizing technology to ensure tax compliance, while still enabling the business to remain agile and competitive.

The Tax Challenges of Accurately Identifying Customer Locations: For Communications Service Providers, There’s a Lot On the Line
Information Resources | 1/31/2017

All communications service providers (CSPs) face a wide array of taxation challenges: regulatory fees to track, nexus requirements to determine, tax on tax calculations to get right. This whitepaper, sponsored by Avalara for Communications, examines five methods and outlines how CSPs can resolve common location errors.

How Cable Operators Can Save Energy Through Virtualization
Information Resources | 1/30/2017

This white paper examines the various factors that cable operators should consider when deploying a virtualized network solution, with an emphasis on the energy ramifications of such virtualization moves.

Making 5G NR a reality
Information Resources | 1/23/2017

5G New Radio (a.k.a. 5G NR) is the name for the new air interface being developed to enable advanced 5G services. Download this whitepaper to explore the key features of 5G NR as understood at this stage of development.

Voice Security on the Rise
Information Resources | 1/23/2017

With the steep increase in using voice for interfacing with our world, voice biometric authentication is also on the rise. Ensuring the security of this authentication method is paramount to protecting consumers.

Integration of IoT & Communications
Information Resources | 1/20/2017

Authored by Dean Bubley from Disruptive Analysis, this paper explores emerging intersections between IoT and real-time communications. It frames and segments the use cases, and examines the opportunity for telecom-type services, especially where enabled by NFV and cloud-based IoT services platforms.

EANTC Performance and Functionality Tests of the Virtualized Metaswich Perimeta SBC
Information Resources | 1/20/2017

EANTC was commissioned by Intel under the Intel Network Builders program to perform independent tests of the Metaswitch Perimeta SBC Solution. This document details the testing methodology, the results of those tests and their applicability to VoLTE.

Lower Deployment and Operational Costs with Virtualized IMS Using NFV
Information Resources | 1/20/2017

This white paper describes how CoSPs can address these challenges with a network functions virtualization (NFV)-based virtualized IP Multimedia Subsystem (vIMS) from Dell, Intel Metaswitch and Red Hat, that increases agility and lowers deployment and operational costs compared to traditional IMS solutions without NFV platforms.

Telco-Grade Services from an IT-Grade Cloud
Information Resources | 1/20/2017

How can telco-grade availability be achieved if we move this software into a cloud computing environment that offers, at best, 99.97% availability? That is the question that this white paper sets out to answer.

Monarch LTE Platform
Information Resources | 1/12/2017

Monarch is the world's first and most highly-optimized LTE-M (Cat M1) and NB-IoT (Cat NB1) chip. It is purpose-built for the Release 13 narrowband LTE standard. Monarch comprises baseband, RF, power management, and RAM in a single package and supports PSM and eDRX for 10 year plus battery life.

Wi-Fi Credential Provisioning, Authentication and Management
Information Resources | 1/9/2017

This white paper discusses the challenges and opportunities associated with Wi-Fi credential provisioning, authentication and management. The paper addresses the benefits and limitations of Hotspot 2.0, as well as the merits of a client-assisted approach to Wi-Fi credential provisioning and management.

Blockchain and Data Integrity eBook
Information Resources | 1/6/2017

Download the eBook, and understand how blockchains can bring integrity assurance to the Internet of Things.

How to Master the Digital Economy
Information Resources | 1/6/2017

The message is clear: today's businesses require a data center that's built for the digital economy. Our eBook guides you from the goal to the solution and the final result - this is the journey to winning with cloud.

Working in the Cloud – Infographic
Information Resources | 1/6/2017

Learn more about what US decision makers and business users really think about the cloud by downloading the infographic "Working in the Cloud".

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