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Automating Defenses Against Increasingly Sophisticated DDoS Attacks – by Heavy Reading
Information Resources | 1/28/2015

The distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) landscape has rapidly evolved in the last few years, and attackers have become much more sophisticated. The executive summary table (in this whitepaper) summarizes the findings in this paper regarding the changing landscape from volumetric to application-focused attacks, as well as the need for a fast and fine-grained automatic mitigation solution.

Encoding.com 2015 Global Media Format Report
Information Resources | 1/23/2015

Encoding.com has collected a massive media processing data set across 2000+ video publishers. This comprehensive report provides insights and analysis of the following mission critical media information.

Achieving Carrier-Grade OpenStack for NFV - by Heavy Reading
Information Resources | 1/20/2015

This white paper introduces the concepts of open source as a key component of NFV platforms, discusses the efforts being undertaken in order to make open source solutions viable in a service provider environment, and shows how HP's integrated NFV platform, built on carrier-grade components, can help service providers confidently transform their networks to support NFV.

Expanded Test Capabilities: Suddenlink™ and DOCSIS® 3.0 Case Study
Information Resources | 1/14/2015

This case study looks at Suddenlink's deployment of DOCSIS 3.0. Suddenlink began launching DOCSIS 3.0-based services in 2008, migrating to DOCSIS 3.0-capable test and measurement (T&M) equipment two years later. In doing so, it seized the opportunity to expand capabilities, opting for a platform that simplified multiple testing requirements, interfaced with workforce management systems, enabled several communication paths and leveraged server-based efficiencies.

vCPE-Based Business Services
Information Resources | 1/6/2015

Total Real-Time Visibility of Network Health
Information Resources | 1/6/2015

Performance Assured vCPE Solutions
Information Resources | 1/5/2015

The virtual CPE is a real, tangible approach to simplifying business services deployment, cutting costly CapEx and OpEx, and eliminating unnecessary equipment at the customer premise. This white paper explores the vCPE - what it is, the components that make it work, and practical deployment options.

Orchestrated Solutions for Performance-Optimized SDN
Information Resources | 1/5/2015

Accedian Networks' integrated solutions orchestrate dynamic performance optimization and networking as a foundation for telecom software defined networks (SDNs).

Network Performance Assurance Solution Components
Information Resources | 1/5/2015

Accedian is the Performance Assurance Solution specialist, with a complete range of components covering service turn-up and monitoring from core-to-edge. With open automation and visualization platforms, Accedian's programmable hardware and virtualized instrumentation bring actionable, real-time QoS reporting to your network operations.

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