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So Long, & Good Luck With That
From the Founder | 9/14/2018

After almost two decades at Light Reading, it's time for a different optical adventure.

Tackling Transition: Q&A With John Chambers
From the Founder | 5/22/2018

John Chambers is still as passionate about business and innovation as he ever was at Cisco, finds Steve Saunders.

Advancing the Telco Cloud: Q&A With VMware's Shekar Ayyar
From the Founder | 4/13/2018

Light Reading founder Steve Saunders talks with VMware's Shekar Ayyar, who explains why cloud architectures are becoming more distributed, what that means for workloads, and why telcos can still be significant cloud services players.

8 Things We Didn't Know About Telecom Automation Until Last Week
From the Founder | 4/10/2018

Light Reading's recent Automation Everywhere conference provided invaluable guidance and insights for network operators figuring out their automation strategies.

Ngena Fits Network Form to NFV Function
From the Founder | 3/20/2018

Ngena's global 'network of networks' solves a problem that the telecom vendors promised us would never exist. That doesn't mean its new service isn't a really good idea.

Cisco Goes Back to School With Tetration
From the Founder | 3/5/2018

Light Reading founder Steve Saunders recently visited the University of North Carolina Charlotte (UNCC) where Cisco's Tetration application is providing data center analytics, simplifying SDN, helping with cloud migration and overseeing white-list security policy.

21st Century Networking? Welcome to the Lock-In
From the Founder | 2/20/2018

The world of virtualization is struggling to wrench itself away from the claws of vendor lock-in, which runs counter to everything that NFV stands for.

The Anatomy of Automation: Q&A With Cisco's Roland Acra
From the Founder | 12/7/2017

Light Reading founder Steve Saunders grills Cisco's Roland Acra on how he's bringing automation to life inside the data center.

The Revolution Will Be Automated
From the Founder | 10/10/2017

Light Reading is spending much of this year digging into the details of how automation technology will impact the comms market, but let's take a moment to also look at how automation is set to overturn the current world order by the middle of the century.

Q&A: How RIFT.io Takes Automation Carrier-Grade
From the Founder | 10/3/2017

Steve Saunders sits down with RIFT.io CTO Matt Harper to learn how a bunch of telecom veterans are tackling the core issues behind NFV.

The Autonomous Network Is the Endgame for Telecom
From the Founder | 8/31/2017

The 'gleaming city on a hill,' Steve Saunders calls it. But who is going to take us from today's NFV componentry to the grand future of a self-driving network? Here's a look at the vendors hoping to make it happen.

The Hidden (Human) Cost of Automation
From the Founder | 7/26/2017

NFV's promises of automation and virtualization are intriguing, but what really excites service providers is the massive amount of money they could save.

Together, We Can Build the Telecom 'App Store'
From the Founder | 5/1/2017

The time has come for a telecom app store to save the industry.

Time for a Telecom Reboot
From the Founder | 4/19/2017

Either we perform a complete 'factory reset' on the way the telecom industry creates and deploys virtualization, or we face the consequences.

Light Reading Beyond
From the Founder | 7/28/2016

Light Reading today starts a new voyage as part of a larger Enterprise.

Juniper & vCPE – Keeping It Simple
From the Founder | 6/30/2016

The more things change, the more they stay the same for Juniper's next-gen comms solutions, and that's a good thing.

Nokia Nails Our NFV Performance Tests
From the Founder | 5/16/2016

The independent evaluation of Nokia's key virtual network functions (VNFs) was a defining moment for the Finnish giant.

NFV: Coming, Ready or Not!
From the Founder | 4/19/2016

Download our complete guide to de-risking NFV deployment in 2016, including: - An eight-step strategy to deploying NFV safely, based on input from the companies that have already started virtualizing their production networks. - Interviews with leading executives at Colt, AT&T, Deutsche Telekom, Cisco, Nokia, ZTE, Ericsson and Heavy Reading.

Join Light Reading's New Model Army
From the Founder | 3/25/2016

Still using that old seven-layer OSI model as the reference architecture for your network?

Saunders of Arabia
From the Founder | 12/11/2015

My journey to uncover the comms secrets of the KSA.

Testing Times for Our Industry
From the Founder | 11/3/2015

Cisco has once again set the bar and challenged the New IP networking sector by opening its doors and welcoming independent testing, something more vendors should be doing.

Incumbents: Do or Die
From the Founder | 10/20/2015

The communications industry is being turned on its head and not everyone will survive.

Opening Up the White Box Network
From the Founder | 10/12/2015

Light Reading's conference in November will attempt to answer all of the big questions around white box networks. No pressure...

Industry Rallies to NFV Interoperability Effort
From the Founder | 9/30/2015

The comms industry is rallying to the cause of open, independent interoperability testing.

Huawei Opens Back Door Into US
From the Founder | 8/21/2015

Against the odds, Huawei is growing its telecoms networking equipment business in the US -- that should be ringing some alarm bells for domestic vendors.

Things That Make You Sigh on a Wednesday
From the Founder | 8/12/2015

Men's rights activists have recently filed a lawsuit against a startup that runs events for female entrepreneurs. Is Women in Comms next? We don't think so.

Arista's CloudVision
From the Founder | 7/20/2015

Anshul Sadana answers questions from Steve Saunders, Light Reading's founder and CEO, about Arista's CloudVision, a global cloud network controller for workload orchestration and workflow automation delivering a turnkey solution for cloud networking.

Nuage Networks on Operationalizing SDN
From the Founder | 7/15/2015

Nuage Networks CEO Sunil Khandekar talks to Steve Saunders, Light Reading's founder and CEO, about the need for management tools that correlate the SDN overlays and IP fabric underlays to improve the operation of SDN.

Mellanox & the 100GigE Revolution
From the Founder | 7/13/2015

Mellanox has shaken up the data center market with a new range of Ethernet switching products that are ready to meet customers' open source needs.

Choosing a Technology Supplier? Consider Changing Your Selection Criteria
From the Founder | 6/5/2015

Network architects aiming to upgrade their networks to support agile, open, virtualized services in the 21st century need to consider new criteria when choosing between technology suppliers.

Are You Ready to Rock?
From the Founder | 5/1/2015

Then pick up your axe, put on your spandex trousers and get yourself down to Light Reading's Big Telecom Event (BTE). Kerrang!!!

My Ericsson Epiphany
From the Founder | 4/8/2015

The Swedish vendor has undergone a significant transformation during the past few years, adjusting to the demands of next-generation communications companies.

Think Outside the White Box
From the Founder | 3/16/2015

Networks of the future will rely on "white box" switches and servers rather than proprietary hardware and that's going to alter the shape of the communications industry. Who says so? John Chambers.

New IP: Bigger, Better
From the Founder | 2/23/2015

The New IP is actually bigger even than business. Like another hugely important tech that Light Reading is digging into right now, the New IP has the potential to change the world by fundamentally advancing what it is possible for people to achieve with communications.

I'm Having a Party – and You're Invited
From the Founder | 2/19/2015

This year's Big Telecom Event (BTE) is going to be even bigger and better than our 2014 blockbuster debut. And there won't be an olde worlde boothe in sight.

My Moment of Telecom Clarity
From the Founder | 10/6/2014

It's clear to me that the communications industry is divided into two types of people, and only one is living in the real world.

Introducing 'the New IP'
From the Founder | 9/11/2014

Is your network built on 'the Old IP,' or are you part of 'the New IP' revolution?

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