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NSN Gets Aggressive in China
Wireless Bits | 7/19/2013

Undercuts Huawei and ZTE in China Mobile 4G tender

NSN's Learning Curve
Wireless Bits | 7/11/2013

CTO says vendor is seeking insight and inspiration from developer competitions

Reedy Returns to Light Reading
Wireless Bits | 4/18/2013

After a few months away, Sarah Reedy is back on the Light Reading team

NGMN Sets Its Mobile Agenda
Wireless Bits | 3/12/2013

Four new focus areas for NGMN Alliance highlight the key challenges facing mobile network operators in 2013

iPhone 5 Is Top Euro Data Hog
Wireless Bits | 1/14/2013

9:00 AM Smartphones have bigger mobile data appetites than tablets in Europe

Femto Revival Rumblings
Wireless Bits | 1/11/2013

11:20 AM Signs of renewed femtocell momentum raise questions for the public access small-cell market

Europe Needs Mobile Mavericks
Wireless Bits | 1/10/2013

10:00 AM Independent mobile operators needed to bridge Europe's growing data price divide, finds study

UK Kicks Off 4G Auction Process
Wireless Bits | 12/11/2012

2:35 PM Hurrah! 4G auction process gets under way today as regulator Ofcom starts taking applications

Boffins Got Talent
Wireless Bits | 11/23/2012

7:05 AM A potentially significant smartphone design is just one of the winners of a contest to discover the best startups in the UK

LTE Patent Pools: Two's a Crowd
Wireless Bits | 11/5/2012

10:50 AM Can two be better than one when it comes to LTE patent pools?

2012 Leading Lights Finalists: Company of the Year (Private)
Wireless Bits | 11/1/2012

5:00 AM As the countdown to the Leading Lights awards continues, it's time to look at our nine finalists for the private company of the year

Smart Grid Reality Check
Wireless Bits | 10/22/2012

11:25 AM Some utility companies don't want to rely on telcos for communications networks in their smart grids

DT's Best US Exit Bet
Wireless Bits | 10/3/2012

4:40 PM With MetroPCS deal, is Deutsche Telekom finally saying auf wiedersehen to its US investment?

TeliaSonera Abandons VoIP Charge
Wireless Bits | 9/25/2012

10:20 AM Carrier scraps mobile VoIP charge plan, but increases data prices

Huawei's High Hopes for Handsets
Wireless Bits | 9/24/2012

7:30 AM Huawei Device chief predicts big growth, references a Windows 8 handset and hints at a potential new OS

Hope for Some 4G Harmony
Wireless Bits | 9/21/2012

11:00 AM Will Mexico start a wave of 700MHz licensing that leaves the US model stranded?

Diameter Matters
Wireless Bits | 9/17/2012

11:25 AM We're not talking geometry here, but the threat of LTE signaling storms

Will Sharing Ease Spectrum Shortage?
Wireless Bits | 9/4/2012

8:15 AM As EC proposes spectrum-sharing policy, regulators need to get on board

Samsung's 4G Breakthrough
Wireless Bits | 8/28/2012

10:40 AM Vendor adds Europe to its list of LTE conquests

Privately Speaking, Who's the Best?
Wireless Bits | 8/13/2012

8:30 AM Light Reading's Leading Lights Awards is looking for the Private Company of the Year

Will 4G Voice Silence Indie Talk Apps?
Wireless Bits | 8/9/2012

5:00 AM VoLTE could finally allow carriers a way to compete with popular over-the-top voice apps

Here Comes the 4G iPhone
Wireless Bits | 7/31/2012

7:15 AM If the latest speculation is right, Apple will reveal its next iPhone in September

Ruckus Sticks One on Cisco
Wireless Bits | 7/30/2012

11:05 AM 'I'll see you outside...'

HLR Headaches
Wireless Bits | 7/25/2012

7:00 AM Are subscriber database issues going to bedevil mobile operators?

Outage Strikes O2 UK
Wireless Bits | 7/12/2012

4:00 AM Loss of services provides O2 UK with a customer relationship challenge

Billing Gets Personal
Wireless Bits | 7/3/2012

9:25 AM If it's Tuesday, this must be billing in Belgium…

Small Cell Spotting in London
Wireless Bits | 6/26/2012

7:10 AM On a fine June day in the UK capital, I looked for small cells on lampposts

RAN Revelations
Wireless Bits | 6/18/2012

12:00 PM Small cells factored big in talks about RAN technology evolution at the 3GPP

Will Vodafone Start a Mobile Coupon Craze?
Wireless Bits | 6/6/2012

9:35 AM Investment in mobile coupon company looks like a good deal for Vodafone

The Two Faces of OTT
Wireless Bits | 5/31/2012

4:00 AM Like them and/or loathe them, OTT services stir up mixed emotions for mobile operators

Pain in Spain Rains on LTE Fest
Wireless Bits | 5/25/2012

8:00 AM It wasn't all doom and gloom at LTE World Summit in Barcelona, but the dire Spanish economy cast its shadow, most notably at the airport

4G: Live in London
Wireless Bits | 5/16/2012

4:00 PM London's first (and only) LTE network gets caught on camera by Light Reading Mobile

Will NSN Play the Wi-Fi Field?
Wireless Bits | 5/8/2012

1:00 PM After a reseller agreement with Ruckus Wireless, will NSN hedge its carrier Wi-Fi bets?

Nokia: How Low Will It Go?
Wireless Bits | 5/2/2012

12:05 PM An analyst forecast for Nokia's smartphone market share looks dire

More IPO Ruckus
Wireless Bits | 5/1/2012

10:25 Ruckus Wireless has reportedly hired banks for an IPO and is poised to announce a partnership with Nokia Siemens

Nokia's Moody's Blues
Wireless Bits | 4/16/2012

5:40 PM The credit rating agency knocks Nokia down to a notch above junk

Nokia's Nightmare Scenario
Wireless Bits | 4/12/2012

12:05 AM Profit warning reveals severity of threat to Nokia's emerging market strongholds

Apple Goes Patently Femto
Wireless Bits | 3/29/2012

6:40 AM What does the iPhone maker want with a femtocell patent?

A 4G Pig's Ear
Wireless Bits | 3/28/2012

7:20 AM The UK's LTE spectrum auction could face yet more delays

Small Change for Windows Phone Apps
Wireless Bits | 3/26/2012

8:05 AM Microsoft and Nokia attempt to entice developers with investments – but is €18M enough?

Britain's Bloomin' LTE
Wireless Bits | 3/14/2012

7:40 AM First green shoots appear for next-gen mobile broadband in UK

Ides of March Looms for LightSquared
Wireless Bits | 3/7/2012

7:00 AM Sprint reportedly poised to pull plug on network share deal on March 15

MWC 2012: Foto Fiesta
Wireless Bits | 3/2/2012

9:45 AM Michelle's unofficial Mobile World Congress slideshow

Looking for lightRadio
Wireless Bits | 3/1/2012

3:00 AM Light Reading Mobile did some small cell spotting here at MWC

Small Cell Forum Drops the 'F' Word
Wireless Bits | 2/15/2012

12:00 PM Goodbye, femtos. Hello, 'small cells'

MWC = Mobile Wi-Fi Congress
Wireless Bits | 2/14/2012

9:15 AM Expect a Wi-Fi renaissance in Barcelona this year

Android Signaling Storm Rises in Japan
Wireless Bits | 1/31/2012

9:40 AM NTT Docomo wants to talk to Google about Android's excessive signaling traffic load

SK Sheds Light on Het Net
Wireless Bits | 1/24/2012

8:15 AM South Korean mobile operator SK Telecom explains its Het Net

Caching In on Mobile Content
Wireless Bits | 1/24/2012

7:55 AM Vendors create federated CDN for mobile networks

LTE iPad Coming Soon?
Wireless Bits | 1/16/2012

9:50 AM That's what Bloomberg reports, but should operators be worried about the impact on their networks?

SK Heralds 100Mbit/s Het Net
Wireless Bits | 1/11/2012

Hold on to your hats as the Het Net gets even hotter

iPhone 4S Has a Big Appetite
Wireless Bits | 1/6/2012

9:25 AM A smartphone usage study finds that extreme data users are exposed, identifying the iPhone 4S as the data-hungriest device of the lot

Windows Phone Exec Shake-up
Wireless Bits | 12/13/2011

7:00 AM Microsoft appoints new Windows Phone leader

EC Hints at Smartphone Patent Probe
Wireless Bits | 11/23/2011

6:00 AM The European Commission's antitrust regulator isn't happy about the strategies behind smartphone patent litigation

Nokia Tablet Due in June 2012?
Wireless Bits | 11/16/2011

6:45 AM Latest speculation has it that Nokia will launch a Windows 8 tablet in June next year

Backhaulin' LTE in London
Wireless Bits | 11/14/2011

12:40 PM O2's LTE trial network in London makes some points about point-to-multipoint wireless backhaul systems

Steely Neelie Cracks Spectrum Whip
Wireless Bits | 10/31/2011

8:30 AM European Commission's new spectrum policy is closer to reality

Nokia Has to Rock Its World
Wireless Bits | 10/25/2011

6:20 PM Whatever it does tomorrow at Nokia World, it just has to be good

Vodafone Ditches 360
Wireless Bits | 10/19/2011

2:35 PM UK operator comes down from the mobile cloud, for now

Brussels Sprouts LTE Auction Plans
Wireless Bits | 10/19/2011

6:10 AM Five companies prepare for Belgium's auction of FDD and TDD LTE spectrum

Nortel Patent Sale Under Scrutiny
Wireless Bits | 10/18/2011

7:10 AM The US Department of Justice is reportedly still reviewing Nortel's $4.5B patents sale

Leading Lights Finalists: Private Company of the Year
Wireless Bits | 10/17/2011

7:40 AM Here's why these eight companies made the cut for this year's award

US Blocks Huawei LTE Bid
Wireless Bits | 10/12/2011

7:30 AM Now the Chinese vendor wants some answers

LTE Patent Pool: No Diving!
Wireless Bits | 10/3/2011

7:50 AM An effective LTE patent pool looks increasingly unlikely

RIM Revved on Icahn Rumor
Wireless Bits | 9/28/2011

10:00 AM The specter of Carl Icahn causes some excitement

Hola, LTE
Wireless Bits | 9/14/2011

10:45 AM Telefónica kicks off LTE services in Spain

Apple Rains on Japan's LTE Tab Parade
Wireless Bits | 9/8/2011

9:00 AM Apple takes Samsung to court in Tokyo

AT&T Could Still Have Options in T-Mobile Bid
Wireless Bits | 9/7/2011

10:15 AM AT&T is reportedly able to lower its bid for T-Mobile

Mobily Preps LTE TDD Launch
Wireless Bits | 9/6/2011

7:00 AM Saudi operator looks on course for the first mass-market LTE TDD launch

Sprint's iPhone Opportunity
Wireless Bits | 8/24/2011

10:15 AM How many Apple smartphones could Sprint sell?

Governments Squeeze Operators for LTE Spectrum
Wireless Bits | 8/4/2011

7:00 AM European governments are getting greedy with LTE auctions

Nokia Windows Phone to Launch This Month?
Wireless Bits | 8/2/2011

Probably not, as latest report douses speculation about a smartphone launch

New Ways to Pay for Mobile Data
Wireless Bits | 7/26/2011

9:30 AM Operators start app-based charging, finds new mobile data study from Allot

Apple, Google Seek Patent Shields
Wireless Bits | 7/25/2011

2:40 PM Tech giants vie for patent prowess and protection

ZTE Hits the UK High Street
Wireless Bits | 7/14/2011

6:50 AM Chinese vendor steps up branding efforts in the UK

Vodafone UK 'Hacked via Femto'
Wireless Bits | 7/14/2011

6:30 AM Hacker's Choice raises security issue with Vodafone femtocell

Done Deal for Nortel Patents?
Wireless Bits | 7/12/2011

8:35 AM Courts approve sale to Rockstar group, but the DoJ has been asked to step in

States Demand Merger Data
Wireless Bits | 7/12/2011

6:55 AM AT&T and T-Mobile merger faces deeper scrutiny at state level

Apple Guns for GetJar
Wireless Bits | 7/11/2011

6:50 AM Apple's 'app store' trademark spat sparks grassroots open-apps movement

Brother, Can You Spare a Femto?
Wireless Bits | 6/22/2011

12:25 PM US rural operator struggles to get femto devices for its AWS spectrum

Angry Birds Flock to China
Wireless Bits | 6/8/2011

4:15 PM And mobile gaming is only the beginning

Upsetting Apple's IPR Cart
Wireless Bits | 6/6/2011

1:25 PM The DoJ is reportedly concerned about Apple's interest in Nortel's patents

Why Mobile Operators Like Skype
Wireless Bits | 5/10/2011

11:40 AM For now, it's all about acquiring more smartphone users

Microsoft + Skype + Nokia?
Wireless Bits | 5/10/2011

7:00 AM If Microsoft splashes $8B on Skype, how will that affect Nokia?

Telefonica's Tablet Fever
Wireless Bits | 5/6/2011

1:30 PM With tablets like ZTE's new Light Pro, this could be contagious

Ericsson's M2M Ambitions
Wireless Bits | 4/19/2011

12:25 PM Swedish vendor marches towards 50B connections

TeliaSonera v. Tele2
Wireless Bits | 4/19/2011

10:05 AM Mobile data growth and aggressive pricing round out a tale of two Swedes

Vodafone Shares Rise on AT&T/T-Mobile Deal
Wireless Bits | 3/21/2011

1:05 PM Good news ripple-effect from M&A action in the US reaches Vodafone across The Pond

Mobile App Store Spat
Wireless Bits | 3/9/2011

10:30 AM Opera hits a sour note with GetJar and gets itself banned from app store

Hold On for LTE-Advanced
Wireless Bits | 2/22/2011

1:15 PM Specs are on track, but don't get too excited just yet

MWC 2011: WACky Times in Barcelona
Wireless Bits | 2/15/2011

4:20 AM How many CEOs does it take to hold a press conference? Ask WAC

Nokia's 'Burning Platform' Memo
Wireless Bits | 2/9/2011

9:50 AM Nokia CEO Stephen Elop shares brutal analysis of company with employees (and everyone else)

Get Hip to the HetNet
Wireless Bits | 2/8/2011

1:25 PM All base stations great and small, carriers could have them all

Honey, I Shrunk the Femto
Wireless Bits | 1/26/2011

8:30 PM It's a teeny-tiny femto for your iPhone

Apple's Sour Note
Wireless Bits | 1/19/2011

7:00 AM Its Q1 numbers are great, but there's trouble ahead in Europe

Vodafone's Femto Empire
Wireless Bits | 1/17/2011

6:30 AM Six markets and counting for Vodafone's femtocell services

Happy Birthday, LTE!
Wireless Bits | 12/14/2010

2:00 PM World's first LTE network launched a year ago today

Going WiMax to LTE Down Under
Wireless Bits | 12/1/2010

4:30 AM Australian WiMax operator tests LTE TDD

Will Ericsson Buy Networks?
Wireless Bits | 11/23/2010

6:40 AM What's the next step for the managed services giant?

Huawei, ZTE Spook Sprint?
Wireless Bits | 11/8/2010

9:20 AM Operator reportedly rejects Chinese vendors over security fears

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