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Disaggregating the Broadband Access Network
News from Huawei | 3/26/2018

Work to disaggregate the BNG is on the right track and aligns well with network operator goals.

Mobile Communications Help Create Virtuous Circle in Africa
News from Huawei | 3/20/2018

Closing the digital divide in Africa is a primary goal for stakeholders from operators to governments to NGOs.

Wanted: New Approaches to Indoor 5G
News from Huawei | 3/19/2018

The good news is there are lots of interesting propositions.

Digital Transformation Will Propel Growth in Emerging Markets
News from Huawei | 3/19/2018

Digital transformation will drive change across the telecom sector around the world.

The Challenge & Opportunity for Mobile Services in Africa
News from Huawei | 3/19/2018

With more than 1 billion people, Africa represents a market opportunity too large to ignore

An Indoor Battle Strategy for 5G
News from Huawei | 3/14/2018

For mobile operators, the struggle to provide adequate service indoors becomes a full-on battle as they ramp up 5G networks.

Transforming the Telecom Ecosystem in Emerging Markets
News from Huawei | 3/13/2018

With growth in mature markets flat at best, many across the telecom ecosystem are looking to emerging markets to provide the next area of growth.

Can China Steal a Lead in Intelligent Transport Systems?
News from Huawei | 3/12/2018

The Government is starting with small projects and, as successes mount, it intends to scale them nationally while being active in international standards development, so as to be a major global provider.

Mobile IoT Set to Move From Deployment to Monetization in 2018
News from Huawei | 3/12/2018

How will operators efficiently monetize the likes of LTE-M and NB-IoT?

Build a Fully Connected, Intelligent Emerging Market
News from Huawei | 3/1/2018

Due to the lack of infrastructure and strong business foundation in emerging markets, developing ICT sectors face challenges.

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