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4.5G Evolution – Where Technology Meets Business Growth
News from Huawei | 2/28/2017

More than 100 carriers have deployed 4.5G commercial or trial networks around the globe.

Let's Get 5G Up & Running
News from Huawei | 2/28/2017

Together, we need to actively embrace new technology, new business modes, and new applications to fully prepare for the arrival of the 5G era.

Pushing the Limits of Spectrum to Unleash Network Potential
News from Huawei | 2/28/2017

Huawei's 'All Cloud' mobile network strategy receives widespread industry recognition.

Huawei Launches Next-Gen Indoor Mobile Broadband Solution, LampSite 3.0
News from Huawei | 2/28/2017

New indoor coverage solution accelerates digital transformation and unleashes the potential of indoor digital economy.

NFV to NFC: Operators Must Prepare a Future-Ready Cloud
News from Huawei | 2/28/2017

Huawei is committed to the introduction of cloud technology and extension to the basic network of various fields.

Huawei All-Flash Storage, Accelerating Mission Critical Business for Carriers
News from Huawei | 2/28/2017

Flash memory used to be considered a differentiated competitive advantage, but now it is a must-have in cloud data centers.

Huawei Completes First Commercial Use of Its Butterfly Site, a Rural Mobile Network Solution
News from Huawei | 2/24/2017

Cost-effective butterfly sites bring connections to unconnected rural areas.

Huawei X Labs, Born for Innovative Wireless Applications
News from Huawei | 2/23/2017

X Labs has been created to be a center for cooperation and innovation in the wireless applications community.

As Video Becomes a Basic Service, Telecom Carriers Must Redefine Their Networks
News from Huawei | 2/23/2017

Networks built for video deliver the best video experience, explains Ryan Ding, Executive Director of the Board and President of Products and Solutions at Huawei Technologies.

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