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Huawei & Industry Partners Announce Global 4K UHD Video Industry Cooperation Initiative
UBB Forum News | 9/25/2018

Huawei joined hands with leading parties in the UHD industry to form a new collaboration initiative.

Huawei Releases the Cloud VR Solution White Paper
UBB Forum News | 9/25/2018

At the fifth Ultra-Broadband Forum (UBBF 2018), Huawei released the Cloud VR Solution White Paper, providing an overview of the architecture and detailing the solution from the perspectives of the cloud, pipe, and terminal ecosystems.

Huawei NE9000 Routers Help Idea Cellular Deploy Future-Oriented & Sustainable Ultra-Broadband Networks
UBB Forum News | 9/25/2018

India's telecom service provider Idea Cellular and Huawei recently announced that they had successfully built converged, efficient, future-oriented and sustainable ultra-broadband networks.

IETF Releases 2 ACTN RFCs to Build an Open Northbound Interface Solution
UBB Forum News | 9/25/2018

The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) recently announced the official release of the RFC 8453 Framework for Abstraction and Control of TE Networks (ACTN) and RFC 8454 Information Model for ACTN.

Moving Towards Autonomous Driving Networks
UBB Forum News | 9/12/2018

In a fully connected and intelligent era, autonomous driving is becoming a reality.

Huawei's Continuous Innovation in Ultra-Broadband Transmission
UBB Forum News | 9/3/2018

Since Huawei's 100G solution became commercially available, it has been widely applied on operator networks around the world. Here are some of the success stories.

The Big Bandwidth Question
UBB Forum News | 10/10/2014

Will we ever have enough bandwidth?

Speed Battle Rages in Germany
UBB Forum News | 10/10/2014

Cable and hybrid heat up Germany's broadband battle.

Europe's Fiber Sell-Off
UBB Forum News | 10/10/2014

There's a lot of M&A activity in Europe being driven by demand for fiber assets.

Risky Business for EE
UBB Forum News | 10/9/2014

The UK mobile giant has entered the TV services market to offer a quad play package, but it lacks a key ingredient – exclusive content.

The Promise of Next Generation Metro WDM Access
UBB Forum News | 10/9/2014

Vendors and operators are working on a new optical transport standard for fronthaul and backhaul deployments.

Poll: Mobile Broadband Won't Catch Fixed
UBB Forum News | 10/7/2014

Light readers believe that fiber will always have an edge on wireless when it comes to broadband speeds.

Stuck in the 80s
UBB Forum News | 10/6/2014

Norwegian operator Broadnet believes the broadband sector is hampered by regulation from the 1980s.

Cache or Crash?
UBB Forum News | 10/6/2014

Telcos need to think more strategically about the types of technologies in which they invest, says a Telecom Italia executive.

Money Talks In OTT Discussions
UBB Forum News | 10/3/2014

Revenue sharing is chief barrier to operator-OTT partnerships, finds panel.

Poll: Net Neutrality Rules Unlikely to Deter Investors
UBB Forum News | 10/3/2014

Fiber investments will go ahead no matter what happens with net neutrality regulations, according to the views of the Light Reading community.

TalkTalk's Small Fiber Beginnings
UBB Forum News | 10/2/2014

Are we about to see the start of true fiber-based broadband access competition in the UK?

Can India Take Fiber to the Masses?
UBB Forum News | 10/1/2014

India has an ambitious plan to take high-speed fiber broadband to the country's extensive population, but progress is slow.

The Perennial Need for Speed
UBB Forum News | 9/29/2014

Will connection speed always be the key metric used to measure the attractiveness of a broadband service?

Swisscom's Fiber Feast
UBB Forum News | 9/26/2014

Competitive pressures have forced the Swiss incumbent to develop a broader menu of fiber-based broadband services than most other telcos.

BT Takes a Step Closer to G.fast
UBB Forum News | 9/26/2014

BT has undertaken further trials of G.fast and is opening up a new R&D lab to focus on such developments.

Go With The Flow, Says Arpanet Founder
UBB Forum News | 9/25/2014

One of the 'fathers' of the Internet says the global IP network's transport layer needs an overhaul.

Huawei Calls For Pro-Broadband Policies
UBB Forum News | 9/24/2014

Huawei demands more investment-friendly ultra-broadband regulation from governments around the world.

Poll: Optical Fiber Best for Backhaul
UBB Forum News | 9/23/2014

Almost half of our poll respondents opted for fiber as the best medium for mobile backhaul.

The Evolution, Impact & Future of 4K
UBB Forum News | 9/22/2014

Daniel Tang, CTO of Huawei's Fixed Network Product Line, takes a look at the evolution and future outlook of the global 4K industry.

Fiber Sizzles in Spain as Orange Targets Jazztel
UBB Forum News | 9/18/2014

In Europe, Spain's the broadband market to watch currently.

Municipal Mania: Lessons From Europe
UBB Forum News | 9/17/2014

Municipal fiber networks in Europe have had mixed success.

OTT: Friend or Foe?
UBB Forum News | 9/16/2014

Most broadband operators are on a collision course with OTT players.

Poll: G.fast Yet to Convince
UBB Forum News | 9/12/2014

Brighter Outlook For Dark Fiber in 4G Era
UBB Forum News | 9/11/2014

Backhaul capacity needs have fuelled the dark fiber market once more.

SDN-Enabled IP and Optical Integration
UBB Forum News | 9/10/2014

Virtualization has breathed new life into the IP+optical integration movement.

Google Takes Fiber Fight to AT&T
UBB Forum News | 9/9/2014

The arrival of Google Fiber has shaken up the US fixed broadband market and lit a fire under AT&T.

Eastern Europe's Flourishing Fiber Scene
UBB Forum News | 9/5/2014

Eastern Europe has some of the most advanced fiber broadband markets in the world. But why?

Poll: Vectoring to Play Major Role
UBB Forum News | 9/3/2014

Poll results suggest vectoring will play a significant role in some broadband markets in the coming years.

G.fast: The Dawn of Gigabit Copper?
UBB Forum News | 9/1/2014

Beyond vectoring, there's yet further opportunity to squeeze more broadband life out of copper lines.

Vectoring: Some Va-Va-Voom for VDSL
UBB Forum News | 8/28/2014

There are plenty of ways for operators to squeeze even more life out of their existing copper access networks, including vectoring.

WDM Gets Edgy
UBB Forum News | 8/27/2014

The ultra-broadband era is driving fiber and WDM to the edge of the network.

Fiber Revival at Deutsche Telekom
UBB Forum News | 8/25/2014

Investment in fiber broadband access has helped the German incumbent's domestic operation turn a corner.

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