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DCI Boxes Aren't Just for Metros Anymore
DOS Attack | 9/23/2015

Ciena and ADVA separately show off the ability for their new data center interconnect gear to address a variety of distance needs.

Powerful Attraction: Utilities Still Love TDM
DOS Attack | 8/28/2015

The utility industry is keeping TDM alive, but maybe not for much longer.

The Pay's the Thing
DOS Attack | 8/24/2015

Vendor CEOs make a lot of money, but we have a list of those who made more than most.

A Critical Time for Critical Infrastructure
DOS Attack | 8/13/2015

Growing security threats are set to drive critical infrastructure operators to new investment and upgrades of their internal networks.

Farewell to Longtime Tellabs Chief Birck
DOS Attack | 7/13/2015

Mike Birck guided Tellabs for more than 30 years over a span of five decades.

What's Next for White Boxes in a Post-Chambers World?
DOS Attack | 6/26/2015

Pica8 and others keep pressing the argument for white box deployment.

BTE 2015: DCI's Here; Where's It Going Next?
DOS Attack | 6/5/2015

Join Heavy reading's Sterling Perrin for an discussion on the future of data center interconnect.

A Guide to Optical's Summer of Love
DOS Attack | 4/29/2015

Who's buying and who's selling as optical sector consolidation takes off?

ViaWest Lives Off the Edge
DOS Attack | 4/16/2015

Data center operator has been succeeding in second-tier markets away from the coastal big cities, but it's hungry for expansion.

Optical Feels the Facebook Effect
DOS Attack | 4/3/2015

Facebook's considerable sphere of influence is growing to include the optical networking sector.

Chip M&A: What's Next for MACOM?
DOS Attack | 3/16/2015

Semiconductor firm MACOM has been an acquirer in recent years, but will that continue as sector consolidation persists?

IP & Optical Take Different Roads Toward Integration
DOS Attack | 2/18/2015

IP and optical have been moving toward a physical convergence for years, but software layer integration is the new hot topic.

Optical Transport Month in Review
DOS Attack | 1/31/2015

Optical Transport Month at Light Reading has come to an end, but stay tuned for much more optical coverage.

Poll: Metro Apps Top of Mind for Optical
DOS Attack | 1/30/2015

Light Reading readers have confirmed the metro is where it's at for optical in 2015.

Comlink Jumps Into 100G
DOS Attack | 1/29/2015

Michigan operator Comlink explains how and why it just joined the 100G race.

Metro 100G: Get Excited, but Not Too Excited
DOS Attack | 1/28/2015

Heavy Reading senior analyst Sterling Perrin takes stock of the metro 100G movement percolating in the optical sector.

PTC Sails On Without Us
DOS Attack | 1/21/2015

We weren't at PTC 2015, but our press release-issuing friends were.

Some Abbreviated Thoughts on Acronyms
DOS Attack | 12/31/2014

VNF, DevOps, IaaS and FTTdp are among the technology acronyms that came into increasingly common usage in 2014.

Ciena Seen as Verizon 100G Metro Favorite
DOS Attack | 12/29/2014

Analysts suggest existing Verizon supplier Ciena is favorite to win a 100G metro spot at Verizon, but several vendors are in the running.

Top 5 Optical Trends for 2015
DOS Attack | 12/24/2014

Software programmability, IP and optical integration, metro 100G and other key trends are worth watching in the transport sector in the coming year.

Verizon Reminds Us That 200G Exists
DOS Attack | 12/22/2014

Verizon quietly rolls out 200G on a single route, meeting its timetable and highlighting the next step beyond 100G.

Should Optical Suppliers Court Enterprises?
DOS Attack | 10/30/2014

The emergence of an industrial enterprise customer for Infinera revives a long-standing question.

Optical Vendors Optimistic Despite Shrinking Market
DOS Attack | 8/26/2014

Optical transport vendors are finding growing business opportunities with web content firms even as their overall market shrinks.

Intel ARMs Itself for IoT, SDN Opportunities
DOS Attack | 8/18/2014

Intel buys ARM processor assets to make it better equipped for the future of mobile equipment and SDN-enabled data center gear.

SDN's Progress Is Worth Debating
DOS Attack | 8/4/2014

A Juniper Networks poll finds a little more than half the companies surveyed have SDN deployment plans, while the rest have none.

Will 25G Effort Prove Valuable?
DOS Attack | 7/7/2014

The 25G Gigabit Ethernet Consortium looks like a case of companies moving to establish a default standard where the standards process has failed so far.

BTE Bits: A Packet-Optical Review
DOS Attack | 7/1/2014

Light Reading's Big Telecom Event featured plenty of packet-optical activity and discussion.

Leading Lights Finalists 2014: Best Telecom Product, Part 2
DOS Attack | 5/30/2014

Check out the second batch of Leading Lights contenders in this category.

Leading Lights Finalists 2014: Best Telecom Product (Part 1)
DOS Attack | 5/29/2014

Presenting the first six of 12 finalists for the Leading Lights Best Telecom Product award.

Huawei Names US Lead, Reminds Us It's Still Here
DOS Attack | 5/21/2014

Huawei names Ming He to lead its US operations, such as they are...

Businesses Face 'Fiber Gap': Report
DOS Attack | 4/9/2014

While fiber-connected businesses are increasing in numbers, they're still isolated islands.

100G Inside? Data Centers Will Get It
DOS Attack | 4/7/2014

A new industry alliance is aiming to quickly produce a specification for 100G to be used inside data centers.

Lessons From the All-IP Transition
DOS Attack | 3/18/2014

Network equipment providers (NEPs) should take a close look at what they've learned from the transition to all-IP networks as they adapt to a world that's embracing SDN and NFV.

Controller Freak
DOS Attack | 3/7/2014

Cisco is consolidating its controllers, but not in favor of OpenDaylight's.

Cisco Tweaks Enterprise Marketing Model
DOS Attack | 3/6/2014

As it tussles with financial drama and SDN issues, Cisco's answer to both could be a marketing and pricing revamp for enterprise products.

SDN: A Particular Set of Skills Much in Demand
DOS Attack | 2/11/2014

A rapidly growing number of SDN technologists are changing office addresses.

Is SoftBank Ready to Reunite With Legere?
DOS Attack | 1/27/2014

A SoftBank/T-Mobile deal would bring John Legere back in touch with SoftBank and another past acquaintance - himself.

Is 2014 the Year of Carrier Ethernet 2.0?
DOS Attack | 1/3/2014

Once called "the new Ethernet," Carrier Ethernet 2.0 still hasn't been widely adopted.

Silence of the ISPs
DOS Attack | 12/9/2013

As the IT and web giants raise questions about personal data collection, communications service providers stay silent.

Tellabs: To Be Continued
DOS Attack | 12/6/2013

Its acquisition by Marlin Equity Partners may be complete, but the Tellabs story doesn't look over yet.

Cisco Highlights Tire-Kicking Caution
DOS Attack | 11/15/2013

Cisco's poor quarterly report and negative outlook call attention to an issue that bears watching -- slower than expected customer evaluations of new SDN platforms.

Insieme Is Imminent
DOS Attack | 11/4/2013

The datacenter sector awaits the detailing of Cisco's plans for Insieme this week, as Cisco's datacenter rivals position their own strategies.

Healthcare.gov Outage Scars Verizon Terremark
DOS Attack | 10/29/2013

An outage at a Verizon Terremark datacenter causes more problems from Healthcare.gov, while embarrassing Verizon in the datacenter market.

TWTR Sends TWTC on Roller Coaster Ride
DOS Attack | 10/11/2013

Sudden investor interest in tw telecom Thursday wasn't all due to the fact it recently won a Leading Lights award.

Don't Believe the SDN Under-Hype
DOS Attack | 10/7/2013

The under-hyping of SDN could send a technology trend that was being viewed with some logic right over a hype cliff.

Back to School for Carrier Ethernet Competition
DOS Attack | 8/30/2013

Carriers and vendors should think about the potential competitive value of the MEF's Carrier Ethenet Certified Professional program.

Another Day, Another Domestic Spying Revelation
DOS Attack | 8/21/2013

A Wall Street Journal report says the NSA can collect emails between US citizens, reaching 75 percent of domestic Internet traffic.

Level 3: 'Size Matters' Isn't Enough
DOS Attack | 8/16/2013

Does Level 3's new leadership understand what the old guard didn't – that acquisitions and bandwidth band-aids won't heal its financial wounds?

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