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Unicom's Inglorious Award
AsiaBlog | 5/31/2013

Staff humiliation strategy goes viral in China

SK Telecom, 4G Trailblazer
AsiaBlog | 4/22/2013

Are you watching, Europe?

China Mobile Terminates Taiwan M&A
AsiaBlog | 4/19/2013

Security concerns scupper China Mobile investment in Taiwanese operator

China Mobile's Capex Blowout
AsiaBlog | 3/15/2013

Major carrier plans a near 50% hike in annual spending, with LTE TDD getting a healthy chunk

ZTE & Huawei in IPR Charm Offensive
AsiaBlog | 3/14/2013

The Chinese vendors hike their intellectual property investments and ask everyone to play nice with patents

Can Huawei Change?
AsiaBlog | 1/4/2013

9:30 AM New year message makes all the right noises, but can it deliver on its stated corporate and cultural aspirations?

Huawei CEO Weighs In on Security
AsiaBlog | 12/20/2012

9:10 Vendor posts blog quoting its CEO as it counters security claims

Bharti's Big-Screen Experience
AsiaBlog | 12/19/2012

6:50 AM Screen envy is the order of the day at Bharti Airtel's Gurgaon operations center

Infinera Boasts 8Tbit/s Pipe
AsiaBlog | 11/28/2012

10:40 AM Vendor has been showing off its super-channels on Japan's non-DWDM-friendly fiber

US vs Huawei/ZTE: The Verdict
AsiaBlog | 10/8/2012

5:00 AM No shock as House Intelligence Committee warns that Chinese companies should not be trusted

New CEO for Subex
AsiaBlog | 10/3/2012

5:30 AM SPIT vendor to name new chief

Transport Trio on India Shortlist
AsiaBlog | 9/14/2012

7:55 AM Three major optical vendors shortlisted for India greenfield network

Huawei, ZTE Get Grilled in US
AsiaBlog | 9/14/2012

4:20 AM Congressional hearing begins, accusations aired, fingers pointed, claims made

Infinera Wins Deal by Default
AsiaBlog | 9/7/2012

10:30 AM In India, Infinera is the only vendor left standing in an optical equipment bid

Huawei Ups Its Security Charm Offensive
AsiaBlog | 9/5/2012

10:00 AM Vendor publishes cyber security white paper, proclaims innocence

Huawei's Latest JV
AsiaBlog | 9/4/2012

10:00 AM Teams up with IT services firm iSoftStone but there's hesitation over the US market

So Who Owns Huawei?
AsiaBlog | 9/3/2012

10:30 AM It's employee-owned but a report questions how

Tough Going for Subex
AsiaBlog | 8/10/2012

5:15 AM Revenue assurance specialist in doldrums

Def Con Hacks Huawei
AsiaBlog | 7/30/2012

9:45 AM Security flaws found in Chinese vendor's smaller routers

South Korea: 4G Nation
AsiaBlog | 7/23/2012

4:45 AM LTE goes mainstream in South Korea

FBI Investigates ZTE
AsiaBlog | 7/13/2012

5:20 AM The feds get on ZTE's case over alleged shipments to Iran

Facebook Invests in Subsea Cable
AsiaBlog | 7/6/2012

4:30 AM Social media giant is one of several backers of Asia/Pacific regional network

India's Mobile Stumble
AsiaBlog | 7/3/2012

9:55 AM Mobile growth trend hit by license upheaval

More Bother for Huawei, ZTE
AsiaBlog | 6/29/2012

9:10 AM Multiple vendors caught up in patents probe

India's $3.5B GPON Goldrush
AsiaBlog | 6/28/2012

9:00 AM A massive project to connect India's rural villages is underway

More Chinese Whispers
AsiaBlog | 6/25/2012

7:40 AM Huawei, ZTE under further scrutiny by US authorities

Mobile Asia Expo: Highlights
AsiaBlog | 6/21/2012

11:00 AM The hot topics from the GSMA's Shanghai event

Alcatel-Lucent's Hot Streak
AsiaBlog | 5/31/2012

1:10 PM Alcatel-Lucent is on fire (not literally) in Asia/Pacific, but it wants the operators to spend a LOT more

Breakthrough in India
AsiaBlog | 5/31/2012

11:35 AM A new telecom policy has been approved at last, paving the way for renewed growth and investment

Huawei's Chip Slip
AsiaBlog | 4/30/2012

Vendor's chips are staying in-house, despite what might have been said

Nokia's Big Trouble in China
AsiaBlog | 4/23/2012

10:00 AM China poses a major challenge to Nokia's smartphone ambitions

China's 1 Billion: Just a Stat
AsiaBlog | 4/5/2012

4:15 AM It's not as big a number as you'd think

India on Brink of 4G
AsiaBlog | 4/4/2012

5:05 PM Bharti Airtel set to launch LTE services this month

Huawei Ban Row Escalates
AsiaBlog | 3/29/2012

6:45 AM Australia's decision to bar Huawei from NBN deals gets political

Huawei Sales Top $32B in 2011
AsiaBlog | 3/28/2012

12:35 PM Huawei executive's comments suggest growth of more than 10%

ZTE Defends Iran Position
AsiaBlog | 3/28/2012

9:00 AM Responds to criticism over Iran business

India Shifts Toward CEM
AsiaBlog | 3/27/2012

9:30 AM Customer experience management is a hot topic in India

Huawei Barred From NBN
AsiaBlog | 3/26/2012

5:00 AM Chinese vendor not allowed to bid for role in Australia's national broadband network

Chinese Capex to Hit How Much?
AsiaBlog | 2/7/2012

10:15 AM Fixed broadband and 3G set for big bucks investment in China – but just how much is another matter

Angry Shoppers Attack Apple Store
AsiaBlog | 1/13/2012

6:35 AM Beijing store pelted with eggs as shoppers denied the iPhone 4S

India's Shock Numbers
AsiaBlog | 1/10/2012

2:45 PM Has India's mobile sector imploded? No ...

No Need for Cloud Rush
AsiaBlog | 11/23/2011

6:10 AM Reliance Comm's CIO suggests a measured approach to cloud services

LTE TDD: Asia's Hot Tech
AsiaBlog | 11/16/2011

12:00 PM There's no doubt that Asia/Pacific is the center of LTE TDD developments just now

Huawei Buys Out Symantec
AsiaBlog | 11/15/2011

4:45 AM Chinese vendor bolsters its enterprise strategy by taking total control of joint venture

Globe Gets Customer-Centric
AsiaBlog | 11/11/2011

9:25 AM Globe Telecom has customer experience management (CEM) advances at the forefront of its mobile transformation program, with Amdocs as its key partner

Vodafone's Australian Angst
AsiaBlog | 11/9/2011

Service revenues drop Down Under following Vodafone's network problems late last year

Should Huawei Do Business in Iran?
AsiaBlog | 11/2/2011

8:00 AM Pressure group seeks vendor's withdrawal from Middle East market

Skype's Latest Telco Friend
AsiaBlog | 11/1/2011

8:20 AM Indonesian operator will charge monthly fee for unlimited Skype use on smartphones

Huawei Eyes Cloud Acquisitions
AsiaBlog | 11/1/2011

6:45 AM Chinese vendor is scouting for acquisition targets and partnership opportunities to bolster its cloud capabilities

China Mobile's 10M iPhones
AsiaBlog | 10/25/2011

10:10 AM Operator says again that Apple promises a TD-LTE iPhone

Nokia's Bright Spot
AsiaBlog | 10/21/2011

12:50 PM Nokia CEO is happy with progress in India

Ericsson, Huawei Dragged Into Bribery Case
AsiaBlog | 10/11/2011

11:25 AM Ericsson distances itself from court case in China

Ericsson Lands LTE Coup in India
AsiaBlog | 10/11/2011

6:45 AM Awarded India's first official LTE TDD network deal

Has ZTE Struck LTE Gold in India?
AsiaBlog | 10/3/2011

11:25 AM Reports suggest ZTE has landed a key role with India's largest mobile operator

Huawei Linked to Major LTE TDD Deal
AsiaBlog | 9/23/2011

9:45 AM Reports put Huawei at the center of a sizeable LTE TDD rollout by Japan's Softbank

Axis Borrows Big for Growth
AsiaBlog | 9/9/2011

2:00 PM Indonesian operator has taken some big loans to build its network with Huawei and Ericsson

Huawei's Manila MoU
AsiaBlog | 9/5/2011

12:00 PM Strikes agreement for potential business in the Philippines

Tension Builds in India
AsiaBlog | 9/5/2011

9:30 AM It's crunch time in India as key LTE infrastructure announcements, a new national policy and corruption court rulings draw nearer

India's First LTE Deals
AsiaBlog | 9/1/2011

9:20 AM Sources say the first LTE supply decisions have been made

SK Bags Prized Spectrum
AsiaBlog | 8/30/2011

5:10 AM SK Telecom beats KT to South Korea's 1.8GHz block

Bharti Aims for Femto Gain
AsiaBlog | 8/25/2011

11:00 PM India's largest operator deploys femtocells to extend its 3G coverage, the operator's Network Services head tells Light Reading India

Bharti Bridges Networks & IT
AsiaBlog | 8/25/2011

10:00 PM India's biggest operator Bridges the Chasm with 'Netit' team

Quigley's NBN Revamp
AsiaBlog | 8/25/2011

4:10 AM Mike Quigley restructures his top team at Australia's NBN

Idea Plans Backhaul Expansion
AsiaBlog | 8/19/2011

9:30 AM Idea explores options to offload its growing data by laying down fiber

Clearwire's LTE Move Good for China Mobile
AsiaBlog | 8/8/2011

11:50 AM US WiMax operator boosts global adoption of LTE TDD standard

Huawei Hikes Device Sales
AsiaBlog | 8/3/2011

11:45 AM Ships 72M mobile and fixed consumer devices in H1, unveils Vision smartphone

Death Sentence for China Mobile Bribes Exec
AsiaBlog | 7/25/2011

4:30 AM Former deputy general manager of China Mobile is handed suspended death sentence for bribery

AlcaLu's Malay Malaise
AsiaBlog | 7/20/2011

1:40 PM Vendor dogged by bribery scandal in Malaysia

Huawei's 3G Reveal
AsiaBlog | 7/20/2011

7:10 AM ABI Research uncovers another Huawei line of attack on mobile incumbents

Bharti's Emerging Data Plan
AsiaBlog | 7/7/2011

1:45 PM Bharti Airtel's sticking its global data pipes in emerging markets

Huawei Ups Smartphone Target
AsiaBlog | 7/6/2011

6:05 AM Now has 20 million sales in sight for this year

Korea's LTE Lift-Off
AsiaBlog | 7/4/2011

11:25 AM SK Telecom and U+ go head-to-head with LTE in South Korea

More Security Woes for Huawei
AsiaBlog | 7/1/2011

6:40 AM Now Taiwan is imposing restrictions on Huawei gear

Waking Up to the Power of SPIT
AsiaBlog | 6/23/2011

10:35 AM Mobile operators are waking up to the worth of analytics, says one vendor exec

Singapore's Landmark Week
AsiaBlog | 6/22/2011

3:10 AM Milestones for the island state's mobile data sector

Huawei's MediaPad Unveiled
AsiaBlog | 6/20/2011

12:25 PM Huawei has uncovered its new Android tablet at CommunicAsia

Quigley Dragged Into Costa Rica Scandal
AsiaBlog | 5/17/2011

11:00 AM -- Former AlcaLu exec Mike Quigley linked to Costa Rica bribery affair

ZTE Jabs Back at Huawei
AsiaBlog | 5/12/2011

9:15 AM ZTE retaliates following injunction

Police Raid Google Offices
AsiaBlog | 5/3/2011

6:05 AM Privacy concerns prompt South Korean police to raid Google offices

Huawei's New Strategy Challenge
AsiaBlog | 4/29/2011

11:30 AM Heavy Reading considers the challenges Huawei faces with its new enterprise- and mobile-device-driven growth strategy

Is Growth Slowing at Huawei?
AsiaBlog | 4/29/2011

9:15 AM Heavy Reading Senior Analyst Sterling Perrin is surprised by Huawei's growth expectations for 2011

Huawei vs. ZTE – FIGHT!!
AsiaBlog | 4/28/2011

1:40 PM When will the writs end?

Merger Signals End to Price War
AsiaBlog | 4/8/2011

4:50 AM A major merger has boosted telecom stock prices in the Philippines

Another WiMax Operator Converts to LTE
AsiaBlog | 4/7/2011

5:15 PM Malaysia's P1 plans to migrate to LTE TDD – is its new investor behind the move?

Japan Quake Hits Mobile Access
AsiaBlog | 3/11/2011

9:20 AM Mobile access affected in wake of massive earthquake

iPhone for LTE TDD?
AsiaBlog | 3/4/2011

7:10 AM China Mobile sows the seed – again

Classic Chasm Conundrum
AsiaBlog | 2/21/2011

11:25 AM OpenCloud's problem is an industry problem

Huawei Acquisition Under US Review
AsiaBlog | 1/31/2011

9:55 AM Committee on Foreign Investment probes Huawei purchase of virtualization specialist

Telecom NZ Takes Back Its SPIT
AsiaBlog | 1/24/2011

9:30 AM Operator brings service provider IT (SPIT) management back in-house as outsourcing deal with HP ends

ZTE Blasts US Discrimination
AsiaBlog | 1/19/2011

9:50 AM Chinese vendor says it's not treated fairly

AlcaLu's Singapore Sting
AsiaBlog | 1/19/2011

9:20 AM Reports suggest Alcatel-Lucent is set to be slung out of its SPIT gig at Singapore's NBN

China Clamps Down on VoIP
AsiaBlog | 12/30/2010

1:50 PM Only telco VoIP services get the all-clear from Chinese authorities

Bharti Delays 3G Launch
AsiaBlog | 12/29/2010

7:15 AM Bharti Airtel has delayed the launch of 3G services in India

India 'Scandal' Update
AsiaBlog | 12/23/2010

7:00 AM The latest on the 2G spectrum affair

Indian Operators Face Bill Shock
AsiaBlog | 12/20/2010

10:05 AM Nine Indian mobile operators face retrospective bills for 2G spectrum previously awarded for free

A Blow to India's 3G Vanguard
AsiaBlog | 12/15/2010

9:50 AM India's authorities have dealt a blow to the country's early 3G movers by banning certain services, including video calls

India Telecom 2010: Power to the Broadband
AsiaBlog | 12/10/2010

6:15 AM In New Delhi the show floor is dominated by talk of mobile broadband and stands of power systems

India Telecom 2010: In the Shadow of Scandal
AsiaBlog | 12/9/2010

4:45 AM India's telecom trade show has opened under a cloud

Australia Clears NBN Hurdle
AsiaBlog | 11/24/2010

1:40 PM National Broadband Network plan gains critical political support

Thailand in Turmoil
AsiaBlog | 11/24/2010

4:30 AM -- 3G and national broadband plans up in air

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