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Return of the Suits
BelkBlog | 2/27/2009

Hope you remember how to tie a Double Windsor!

Part II: Cash, Pain & 20%
BelkBlog | 2/3/2009

Putting a percentage on cuts and personal reevaluation

Log On, Tune In & Connect (Or Drop Out)
BelkBlog | 1/21/2009

A tale of two tails at CES

Nintendo Hell
BelkBlog | 11/17/2008

A cautionary tale

Fighting the Last War
BelkBlog | 10/31/2008

The WiMax talking points are behind the times

iPhone Myopia & Google Android Euphoria
BelkBlog | 9/25/2008

Look at the bigger picture

BelkBlog | 8/20/2008

Is the craze for open networks, phones, and access mo beta or no beta?

Traveling Light
BelkBlog | 8/14/2008

With hordes of devices!

Wireless Standards 101
BelkBlog | 7/1/2008

Or, the 32 steps to 4G

WiMax Folks: Open Your Eyes
BelkBlog | 6/10/2008

See the world as it is, not as you pretend it to be

Super-Saturated Cellular?
BelkBlog | 6/2/2008

Why 110% mobile penetration is BS, and 300% is real

Hey Operators, What About Voice?
BelkBlog | 5/21/2008

Remember: It’s a mobile PHONE!

CDMA vs WiMax
BelkBlog | 5/8/2008

Why WiMax wishes it were the new CDMA

Cars & Wireless
BelkBlog | 5/5/2008

A cautionary tale from the past for today's wireless industry

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