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Content posted in August 2013
The Greening of the US Sports Ecosystem
Column  | 
8/30/2013  |  11 comments
Money makes the sports world go around, leading to glut of choices and lower value for all but most avid fans.
Decoding WebRTC's Promise & Challenges
Column  | 
8/30/2013  |  9 comments
WebRTC holds a lot of promise for communications, but it could be derailed by signaling issues.
Why Pay for Free TV?
Column  | 
8/29/2013  |  14 comments
Broadcast TV retransmission consent rules just punish cable subscribers now.
What OTT Can Learn From Big Telecom
Column  | 
8/29/2013  |  14 comments
Hey, it goes both ways!
What’s Next for Cable Tech?
Column  | 
8/28/2013  |  12 comments
From DOCSIS 3.0, to CCAP, to DOCSIS 3.1, cable engineers keep finding new lives for coax.
Forecasting the NFV Opportunity
Column  | 
8/28/2013  |  8 comments
Network functions virtualization has the potential to transform the way telecom networks are built and operated.
Putting OpenFlow to the Test
Column  | 
8/26/2013  |  4 comments
Why conformance testing for OpenFlow products matters.
TDM Replacement: Slow and (Hopefully) Steady
Column  | 
8/23/2013  |  8 comments
The industry needs to sort out its strategy on the replacement of circuit-switched TDM local end offices. Quickly.
The Price Isn't Right With EU Roaming Rules
Column  | 
8/23/2013  |  2 comments
A new pricing model is needed to let people use their phones whether at home or abroad.
Why SDN Matters
Column  | 
8/22/2013  |  5 comments
Software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV) have the potential to solve a lot of service provider issues.
iOS 7: The Next-Gen Hotspot Game Changer
Column  | 
8/22/2013  |  1 comment
Apple’s iOS 7 supports Hotspot 2.0, which could fuel faster, more widespread next-gen hotspot adoption.
Organizing for Data Excellence
Column  | 
8/21/2013  |  4 comments
Telcos need to adapt to a 'DataCo' model to operate efficiently and effectively in a world dominated by video and data traffic.
The 400Gbit/s Demonstrator
Column  | 
8/21/2013  |  6 comments
400Gbit/s bandwidth granularity is not only feasible, but already useful today.
Is Open Data Going Big?
Column  | 
8/20/2013  |  2 comments
When Open Data becomes standard, it will become big-data, a multi-billion, multi-sector opportunity.
Shaping Tomorrow's Healthcare Network
Column  | 
8/20/2013  |  1 comment
Most healthcare infrastructure is ill-equipped to keep up with the scale of data collection and analytics.
BlackBerry: Is There Still Value?
Column  | 
8/19/2013  |  3 comments
Seth Schachner finds that BlackBerry could still squeeze value out of emerging markets, its enterprise network, and patent portfolio, but faces some daunting challenges ahead.
Go Global or Source Local?
Column  | 
8/19/2013  |  3 comments
Orange Business Services encourages its customers to use global suppliers, but there's value in staying close to home.
Taking the Fear Out of IPv6
Column  | 
8/19/2013  |  7 comments
The move to IPv6 isn't an easy one, but those sticking with IPv4 are on board a sinking ship.
Open Spectrum Auctions Open Door to Growth
Column  | 
8/16/2013  |  2 comments
Competition in a truly open auction should determine the winners and losers, not the FCC.
Making TV Apps Count
Column  | 
8/16/2013  |  7 comments
In the growing universe of TV apps, how do you get yours to stand out?
The Good, the Bad & the Distinctly Unwelcome
Column  | 
8/14/2013  |  6 comments
Where did it all go wrong? And what's going to happen in the next 10 years?
A View of SDN From the DukeNet Sandbox
Column  | 
8/14/2013  |  11 comments
DukeNet is exploring how SDN can revamp its service assurance, traffic analysis and provision new services

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