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'Thanks guys, great quarter'
Column | 8/12/2022

A list of Light Reading's coverage of Q2 2022 earnings calls, and whether or not women participated on each one.

Getting the whole office connected to private 5G networks
Column | 5/14/2021

The interest in deploying private 5G networks is at an all-time high, writes West Gate Networks President Andrew Froehlich. Service providers need to make sure their customers understand how to stay connected when most devices are WiFi-only.

5G trends to watch in 2021
Column | 12/30/2020

Omdia's Chris Nicoll provides an overview of how changes in the core of the mobile network will help 5G networks advance and new services emerge.

COVID-19, network reuse contribute to strong PON market
Column | 12/7/2020

Omdia's Julie Kunstler outlines why the broadband equipment market uptick will keep on going in 2021.

Why 2021 should be the year uCPE (finally) makes its mark
Column | 12/2/2020

Omdia expects uCPE revenues to more than triple to reach $93.5 million in 2021 and then $1.78 billion by 2024. Enterprise SD-WAN is a key driver of all that growth.

Openet acquisition, customer cloud migrations boost revenue for Amdocs
Column | 11/11/2020

Predictably solid results are sweetened by an AWS deal expansion, making the cloud giant the preferred provider for Amdocs' internal IT transformation.

Managed Wi-Fi: Why it's never been more important
Column | 10/28/2020

With many more people working from home because of COVID-19 and Wi-Fi 6 rolling out, service providers need a good managed Wi-Fi solution to keep customers satisfied.

Why Apple put 5G skin in the game
Column | 10/23/2020

Why would Apple, a company famously focused on the user experience, make such a big deal about what's going on in the cellular network?

COVID-19 slams cable next-gen network upgrades
Column | 10/7/2020

Spending on major architectural overhauls has declined this year because of the pandemic as many cablecos have defaulted to performing quick network upgrades and meeting urgent bandwidth capacity demands.

Coping with COVID-19: What businesses can do
Column | 10/5/2020

In this blog post, Broadband Success Partners' Davis Strauss discusses how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the commercial market and how businesses can cope.

Local broadcast: The underdog of the streaming wars
Column | 9/28/2020

Here's why local broadcasters could emerge as major players in the video streaming content market, thanks to the new ATSC 3.0 broadcast TV standard now being rolled out throughout the US.

Why AVoDs could lose the video streaming wars
Column | 9/25/2020

If they don't solve mobile stream abandonment, AVoDs may blow their big market opportunity during the COVID-19 pandemic.

5G vs. cable: Hitting the millimeter-wave wall
Column | 9/14/2020

Broadband Success Partners' Jack Burton argues that 5G is not the competitive threat to cable that many once thought it would be.

Telefónica CTIO: 5G will rely on open networks
Column | 8/24/2020

5G networks will be built upon many different software components by multiple vendors. The whole industry must work together to make it a reality.

Why do telco software companies have such lame valuation multiples?
Column | 8/20/2020

Many cloud software companies in the telecom sector look more like services companies than developers of products.

COVID-19: What's next for the communications industry
Column | 6/23/2020

CSPs must start planning for what comes next and the role they can play in helping societies and economies recover in the pandemic's aftermath.

On-demand TV: From also-ran to number one
Column | 6/8/2020

The COVID-19 pandemic may have changed how Americans define television and what they think of as their primary source of entertainment.

Cable broadband access equipment market will rebound, eventually
Column | 5/26/2020

But, thanks partly to the current COVID-19 hit, the market won't approach its previous heights until at least the middle of the decade when next-gen access technologies finally kick in.

Cable and edge computing: The rest of the story
Column | 5/18/2020

In this followup blog, Broadband Success Partners' David Strauss reveals more about cable operators' plans to leverage edge compute technology.

Why telcos need open core surgery
Column | 5/8/2020

Industry analyst Patrick Lopez on why telcos and their suppliers need to adopt processes that will help increase competition and allow a more flexible sourcing strategy.

Telecommuting surge will raise new technical challenges
Column | 4/13/2020

Recent moves by many companies to encourage, and in some cases mandate, remote working could create big headaches for corporate IT managers

How home connectivity has been a lifeline during COVID-19
Column | 4/6/2020

As the world moves to contain the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, home containment has been our biggest weapon to 'flatten the curve.'

6GHz should be allocated for both licensed and unlicensed applications
Column | 3/19/2020

The FCC is considering exactly what to do with the 6GHz band. Given the amount of spectrum already allocated to unlicensed applications, the agency would do well to consider licensing it.

'Sub-nevers' will alter streaming market with new viewing habits
Column | 3/16/2020

This emerging group of consumers who have never subscribed to a pay service will have a sweeping impact on the streaming market in the long term.

Is 5G industrial intervention needed?
Column | 3/13/2020

The case for governmental involvement in the 5G sector remains unconvincing.

Cable operators and edge computing: Where and why?
Column | 2/26/2020

Cable providers need to ask themselves some basic questions about edge computing so they can start developing strategies for leveraging this critical technology.

Why all the fuss about Disney+?
Column | 2/13/2020

Disney's shift to a more personalized, direct-to-consumer model isn't just about hauling in more video revenues as the traditional pay-TV industry struggles: it's about supercharging the rest of Disney's business.

Next-Generation Coherent Optics Lead to New Market Dynamics
Column | 1/23/2020

As coherent optics development moves away from a one-size-fits-all approach, the market will favor vertically integrated suppliers and companies that were once suppliers will be competitors, writes industry veteran Serge Melle.

NFV Deployments Still on the Rise – Ovum Survey
Column | 1/7/2020

Communications service providers are accelerating the adoption of NFV and virtual networking in 2020-21, according to the results of an Ovum survey.

What's Bright, Shiny & Not GEM?
Column | 12/30/2019

Cable operators are expanding their business services reach well beyond the traditional government, education and medical sectors to take in verticals like hospitality, agribusiness and even e-gaming.

Why gaming is a promising 5G market
Column | 12/26/2019

For network operators with the right combination of assets, strategy and courage, gaming provides an interesting 5G avenue to explore.

An Insider's View of the T-Mobile/Sprint Trial
Column | 12/24/2019

For ten days in New York City, lawyers waged a final, all-out battle around the proposed merger of Sprint and T-Mobile. A veteran court journalist was there for the whole thing. Here's what he saw.

Why the Rise of SVOD Could Boost Pay-TV
Column | 12/23/2019

Service providers have a great chance to take advantage of the OTT video phenomenon by melding streaming video services into their pay-TV packages and offering greater choice, convenience and navigation to consumers.

The Road to Containerized Network Functions
Column | 12/20/2019

Virtual machines and containers can coexist in service provider networks, argues ADVA's Prayson Pate.

Are MEF's SD-WAN Specs Enough?
Column | 10/22/2019

The MEF 70 service attribute standard for the SD-WAN industry is good... but is it enough?

Post-ECOC 2019: Optical Networking Beyond the Thunderdome
Column | 10/14/2019

It's like Mad Max in the optical networking space, with every group of participants – optical transceiver vendors, chip manufacturers, systems OEMs and even end customers – all fighting their own war.

The LiDAR at the End of the Tunnel
Column | 10/8/2019

An analyst firm is at odds with industry execs on how quickly the market for LiDAR applications will take off. Several companies that supply the telco industry are making bets that LiDAR will pay off soon.

Telcos Must Get More Enterprising in 5G
Column | 10/4/2019

A new study from BearingPoint shows that CSPs have a lot of work ahead of them if they are to appeal to enterprise customers.

ECOC 2019 Preview: Beware of the Irish Goodbye
Column | 9/11/2019

The optical networking industry has seen its fair share of customers show up to the party and then leave without warning. One analyst ponders what's going to be different in the next 12 months.

Smokey & the NFV Bandit
Column | 9/6/2019

NFV has many naysayers, but it's alive, kicking and thriving, with SD-WAN as a significant catalyst.

What Might the Demand Be for 5G in Manufacturing?
Column | 8/29/2019

Industrial IoT is often cited as a demand driver for 5G, but, asks William Webb, will many companies actually need 5G to meet their needs?

Fiber, 5G or Cable? The Battle for the Enterprise Branch Office
Column | 7/29/2019

Fresh survey results show that the distributed enterprise market is up for grabs as cable operators, traditional telcos and wireless providers vie for advantage.

The Right Strategy for Modernizing Cable
Column | 7/19/2019

Operators are challenged with finding a tech-agnostic approach and a data-driven upgrade strategy that will stand the test of time.

Untapping the Opportunity in Sports OTT
Column | 7/15/2019

While sports content piracy is growing at an alarming rate, hurting the industry and dampening down the value of sports TV rights, solutions are available.

New Route to New Revenue: Detect & Respond to Credentials Sharing
Column | 7/12/2019

Rather than ignoring password sharing or solely seeking ways to prevent it, service providers are now in position to monetize it thanks to advances in behavioral analytics and machine learning.

Protecting Enterprises From State-Sponsored Hackers
Column | 6/28/2019

Cloud service providers and network operators have the scale and talent to help protect enterprises from state-sponsored hacking attempts.

Telcos: Security Is Not In Your DNA
Column | 6/25/2019

Telcos are in denial if they think they are security experts, says outspoken industry analyst Patrick Donegan.

5G Could Usher in New Era of Mobile Cloud
Column | 6/21/2019

Telecom operators need to take control of the customer experience to really benefit from 5G.

Would a 5G Delay Really Be So Terrible for CSPs?
Column | 6/11/2019

A delay to the launch of 5G networks might be just what telcos need.

Service Providers Can Take Control of IoT Security
Column | 5/17/2019

As 5G networks begin to roll out, it is worth looking at how service providers can deliver high-value, high-margin security services in a way that no one else in the IoT ecosystem can match.

Avoiding the Prepaid Death Spiral
Column | 4/8/2019

Operators that mainly serve prepaid customers must figure out a strategy for tackling churn.

In Search of Optical Networking's 'Holy Grail'
Column | 3/25/2019

The optical networking industry is at another inflection point, writes James Kisner, and the chalice some companies drink from next could point the way to everlasting revenue growth.

Optical Networking Gets the Football Pulled Away Again
Column | 3/13/2019

Like Lucy always does to Charlie Brown, 5G is likely another new technology that teased optical networking vendors with massive, sustained spending, then quickly yanked back expectations.

Optical M&A: OFC 2019 Is a Couples Retreat, Not a Singles Cruise
Column | 3/6/2019

More acquisition activity in the optical space is inevitable, but it might not happen for a while until some newly coupled companies get to know each other just a little bit more.

Why Cable Operators Need DAA
Column | 3/4/2019

Cablecos must go beyond platform upgrades like DOCSIS 3.1 to stay truly competitive with the growing number of FTTH offerings from rival providers.

How Sports TV Viewership Is Changing
Column | 2/11/2019

And how these changes offer fresh opportunities for video providers to engage sports fans in meaningful new ways.

CPU Selection for uCPE Is About More Than Architecture
Column | 2/5/2019

ADVA's Prayson Pate looks at the key considerations when selecting the compute foundations for universal CPE.

Extreme Launches 'Stadium-Caliber' WiFi 6
Column | 1/25/2019

Sports stadiums are demanding WiFi environments, and equipment built for their needs can be useful in education, retail, healthcare and more.

Tick-Tock, or Why 5G Must Happen Soon in the US
Column | 1/18/2019

The reason for timely deployment of 5G and new spectrum is perfectly simple – LTE is expected to start to hit a wall around 2022 or so.

Huawei Debuts AI-Powered Data Center Switch for AI Applications
Column | 1/14/2019

Huawei's new CloudEngine 16800 feeds the bandwidth needs of data-hungry AI.

5G Will (Almost) Make Smart Cities Possible
Column | 12/28/2018

The reliability of 5G networks is critical to the success of smart cities applications. This puts network testing back into the communications technology spotlight.

Digital Transformation: Telcos Face the Future
Column | 12/27/2018

How MEF's work impacts telco businesses, SD-WAN and digital transformation, from the perspectives of AT&T, PCCW and Verizon.

Digital Transformation: Telecom Executives Sound Off
Column | 12/26/2018

Thought leaders from AT&T, PCCW and Verizon Partner Solutions talk with MEF about their priorities for now and the coming year.

Arista Extends Its Reach Into Containers
Column | 12/14/2018

Networking containerized environments is tough; Arista wants to help.

We Need to Talk About Prepaid
Column | 12/4/2018

The emergence of the eSIM will make it easier for customers to change operators and force the industry to have a proper conversation about the largely overlooked prepaid side of the business.

5 Ways AWS Is Reinventing Itself
Column | 12/4/2018

AWS is transforming to reach beyond its hardcore developer base, says analyst Zeus Kerravala.

Closing the Cybersecurity Talent Gap
Column | 11/28/2018

The security industry has an incredible opportunity to move forward and close the talent gap by thinking outside of the norm and taking a chance on technology-savvy women with translatable skills.

VMs, Containers & the Lumpy Cloud Evolution
Column | 11/12/2018

Network operators will each take their own unique journey to becoming more cloud-native. This heterogeneous, 'lumpy' universe will be with us for quite a while.

New Website Promotes Automation, Announces First Partnership
Column | 11/7/2018

Recognizing that service providers are heeding the hue and cry to automate or die, Light Reading has created a new online marketplace, Automation Exchange.

How CSPs Can Thrive in the 'Digital Darwinism' Era
Column | 11/5/2018

Why CSPs should adopt an omni-channel approach to improve the customer experience and regain their competitive advantage

MEF Addressing SD-WAN Challenges to Accelerate Enterprise Digital Transformation
Column | 10/25/2018

MEF is creating an SD-WAN service definition to describe the core, baseline capabilities to help buyers and sellers of SD-WAN services.

How Cablecos Can Turn From Victims to Victors
Column | 10/8/2018

In this last of a three-blog series, we will explore the potential for cable operators and other broadband providers to work with their OTT and access rivals.

How Cable Has Fueled OTT
Column | 10/3/2018

In the second part of this three-part series, Burton explores the rise of OTT, as well as its impact on cable operators and other broadband service providers.

Comcast Business Positions Itself 'Beyond Fast'
Column | 9/26/2018

At analyst event in Philadelphia, Comcast's business unit launches new branding strategy to promote SD-WAN and other services that go beyond high data speeds.

Future State for MSOs: Ready or Not?
Column | 9/25/2018

OTT has changed everything and now 5G is on the way. How can cable operators stay ahead?

Battling Startup Video Buffering
Column | 9/24/2018

How to solve mobile video's worst problem.

Will Coherent DSP Control Reshape the Optical Vendor Landscape?
Column | 9/20/2018

Coherent DSPs for 400Gbit/s and beyond could be the catalyst for a re-shaping of the optical vendor landscape, believes Serge Melle.

A Clear Path to Blockchain in Telecom
Column | 9/4/2018

Using blockchain to speed the automation of one of the trickiest areas in telecom - inter-carrier settlements - seems to be showing promise as startups emerge to lead the way.

AI Takes On Telecom Customer Service
Column | 8/27/2018

AI-driven solutions are being used in telecommunications to support various elements of the customer experience that most CRM systems just can't handle.

The AI-Driven Telecom Network Is Near & Necessary
Column | 8/20/2018

By 2021, telecom networks will see a turning point where AI-driven technologies will be necessary to deploy, run and manage 5G services and leverage comprehensive network automation solutions.

The US May Yet Catch Its Global Peers in 4G Speeds
Column | 8/17/2018

The US could start a steady climb back up the global rankings if more cities practice intensive spectrum management and make new LTE-Advanced upgrades.

What's the Plan for Command & Control of 5G Networks?
Column | 8/15/2018

Operators will need full control over network and application performance if 5G services are to thrive.

Automation Makes Network Security a Much Bigger Priority
Column | 8/15/2018

Automation will help companies meet customer demand and stay competitive, but it also makes the security stakes that much higher. Here are some key ingredients for a comprehensive network security approach.

Why Do You Need a 5G Cloud-Native Core?
Column | 8/9/2018

To deliver the new services promised by 5G, your existing 4G core will not be enough.

The Cloud Can Prevent Machine-Learning Failures
Column | 8/8/2018

The cloud gives enterprises an express lane to machine learning.

Lessons From the App Store: The Benefits of Standardizing VNF Onboarding
Column | 8/7/2018

The telecom industry can learn from Apple in its efforts to make virtual network function (VNF) deployment quicker and easier.

Roam Like at Home: The Impact After One Year
Column | 7/24/2018

What has been the effect of the EC's decision to abolish roaming charges for customers traveling outside their domestic markets?

Coherent Optics Get Close to the Edge
Column | 7/17/2018

Why it makes sense for cable operators to distribute coherent packet-optical technology to the cable network edge.

Get Ready for Streaming Video Downloads
Column | 7/16/2018

How subscription streaming video downloads will keep mobile video viewers even more engaged.

5G Will Transform the Enterprise Cloud
Column | 7/10/2018

5G's speed, latency and improved connectivity will bring a quantum leap to enterprise cloud capabilities for mobile users.

Locking It Down: Securing Multicloud IT Across Industries
Column | 7/9/2018

As healthcare, financial services, and education move to multicloud they face different security requirements.

Blocking China Mobile: Trump Team Is Missing a Trick
Column | 7/3/2018

Donald Trump's administration is denying China Mobile a US comms license on security grounds, but there's a much better reason to deny the giant Chinese operator access to the US market.

Looking for 5G's Killer Apps? Make a Start Here
Column | 7/3/2018

Connected cars and industry will help drive 5G's first wave of 'killer' applications.

Qualcomm Q&A: Dr. Max Welling on How AI Will Impact the World
Column | 7/3/2018

'I think as we get better at learning from distributed data sources, it becomes less and less important that all of that data is located in a central place. It could live in many different places as long as we can easily train models in a distributive way.'

Why 3GPP Contributions Do Not Indicate 5G Leadership
Column | 6/30/2018

Leadership is not a math game. Contribution counting is a flawed practice that does not paint the complete picture of a company's 5G leadership. Here's why...

Why SD-WAN Is Taking Off Now
Column | 6/22/2018

It's clear that SD-WAN is now seen as the enterprise networking architecture of the future, which is why this market will reach billions of dollars.

The Telco Debt Binge May End Badly
Column | 6/15/2018

There is nothing wrong with large amounts of debt if you methodically expand a business, but what are these guys doing?

Falling Fiber Gap Further Supports FCC's BDS Decision
Column | 6/15/2018

Market forces are working well in the business data services (BDS) market in the US, argues Bruce Mehlman, co-chairman of the Internet Innovation Alliance.

Even for Virtualized Networks, Hardware Vendor Choice Matters
Column | 6/15/2018

Mobile operators moving to virtualized networking for 5G infrastructure need to carefully consider the motivations behind the move and make the right choices at every step along the way.

Is the Sprint & T-Mobile Merger Too Risky?
Column | 6/14/2018

Cheenu Seshadri, the managing partner at Three Horizon Advisors, looks at the market concentration risks of letting T-Mobile and Sprint merge.

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