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Zayo's Fiber Diet
EuroBlog | 8/1/2013

Having taken a breather from its acquisition spree in the US, Zayo could kick-start some infrastructure consolidation action in Europe

NSN: The Recovery Looks Real
EuroBlog | 7/18/2013

Some good news for its Finnish parent – Nokia Siemens Networks is on a margin roll

Turning Copper into Gold
EuroBlog | 7/17/2013

Telefónica to boost its broadband lines in LatAm with DSL management the from ASSIA

Why Is NSN Only Worth $4.4B?
EuroBlog | 7/1/2013

According to the value of Nokia's takeover deal, Nokia Siemens Networks is worth less than $5B

Is There Any Hope for Europe?
EuroBlog | 6/27/2013

As APAC and North America forge ahead, Europe seems stuck in yesteryear

Shotgun Scenario for Subsea Operators
EuroBlog | 6/24/2013

Submarine network operators are tapped whether they like it or not, suggests report

British Spooks Tap the Global Net
EuroBlog | 6/21/2013

And you thought the NSA was up to no good with Prism?

TiMetra at Heart of AlcaLu's Shift
EuroBlog | 6/20/2013

Would Alcatel-Lucent even have a company to turn around if it hadn't bought TiMetra in 2003?

Is NSN Ready to Be Sold?
EuroBlog | 6/14/2013

Speculation suggests Siemens has been touting its telecom systems joint venture Nokia Siemens Networks to private equity firms

On Your Toes, Coriant!
EuroBlog | 6/13/2013

European optical transport vendor now has a rival vendor for company in TeliaSonera's regional network

Prism in a Big Data World
EuroBlog | 6/10/2013

Debate around the Prism revelations is far-reaching, but how shocking are these developments?

Security Concerns Cling to Huawei
EuroBlog | 6/6/2013

Redacted UK security report raises further concerns about Chinese vendor's perceived state links

Policy Is NFV's Pacesetter
EuroBlog | 5/29/2013

The policy control players are setting the network functions virtualization (NFV) pace and scrambling for kudos

NSN & Intel Get Edgy
EuroBlog | 5/23/2013

A combination of liquid applications and virtualization power could be interesting.

Joyeux Anniversaire Ethernet
EuroBlog | 5/22/2013

Ethernet is 40 years old and some European service provider execs are crashing the party

Telefónica + Samsung: Digital Dream Team?
EuroBlog | 5/17/2013

It's not the end game, but a new accord between Telefónica Digital and Samsung is showing the way for traditional telcos

MW13: What CIOs Really Want
EuroBlog | 5/16/2013

There's a particular application enterprise CIOs would like to see on their comms menu, says Colt exec

EuroBlog | 5/14/2013

Has the Surface Tablet ever been this popular?

MW13: Microsoft's Fab Freebie
EuroBlog | 5/13/2013

Is this the biggest industry event giveaway of all time?

BT's Got Balls
EuroBlog | 5/9/2013

UK incumbent's sports content strategy has all the makings of an 'own goal'

Five 'Nice' Thoughts
EuroBlog | 5/7/2013

Ahead of the annual Management World event in Nice, France, we ask: What would be good to see at the SPIT sector's major jamboree?

Intel Adds to Its SDN Arsenal
EuroBlog | 5/2/2013

The chip giant has gained some seasoned telecom API smarts with a strategic acquisition in Northern Ireland

Breznick's Back on Cable Duty
EuroBlog | 5/1/2013

Former Light Reading Cable editor is back in the hot seat, covering MSO and video developments

Euroblog: Combes Clearout?
EuroBlog | 4/25/2013

Is AlcaLu's new CEO about to start a technology garage sale?

NSN Maintains Momentum
EuroBlog | 4/18/2013

Keeps itself in profit even though Q1 sales are down

Running Down RAN Costs
EuroBlog | 4/11/2013

Sometimes the simple ideas are the best

Might NSN Become NNN?
EuroBlog | 4/4/2013

The next few months will likely see some changes in ownership structure at Nokia Siemens Networks

Farewell Then, Ben
EuroBlog | 3/28/2013

At Alcatel-Lucent, the name plate on the CEO's door is being replaced

This Virtual World
EuroBlog | 3/22/2013

The potential impact of network functions virtualization (NFV) and SDN is a catalyst for technology suppliers and technology thinkers alike

Time for a Change
EuroBlog | 3/21/2013

The telecom sector is transforming – so is Light Reading

How Telcos Can Deal With OTT
EuroBlog | 3/21/2013

Telecom operators shouldn't fight the OTT players, they should make money from them

Euro Operators in the Doghouse
EuroBlog | 3/13/2013

Unfortunately, it's not too surprising that many European enterprises aren't best pleased with their service providers

HP/Autonomy: Nothing to Get Excited About
EuroBlog | 3/12/2013

News of two investigations into Autonomy's financial statements changes nothing, notes analyst

Beyond Cable's Tech Obsession
EuroBlog | 3/5/2013

For cable operators, the next step should be about more than just networks, speeds and screens

John Chambers, Comedian
EuroBlog | 3/1/2013

Cisco CEO reportedly displays a wicked sense of humor in Barcelona

What's NFV All About?
EuroBlog | 3/1/2013

Why all the fuss about network functions virtualization (NFV)? Here is some background, a definition and some references to help focus the debate

MWC: The Network Blinked
EuroBlog | 2/28/2013

Network functions virtualization has been the underground networking trend at this year's Mobile World Congress

The 5G Landgrab
EuroBlog | 2/22/2013

Can we have just one 5G please?

V Is for Virtualization
EuroBlog | 2/21/2013

Network functions virtualization will be a very real topic at Mobile World Congress

Is This the Device of the Year?
EuroBlog | 2/18/2013

Mobile World Congress will be awash with new smartphones and other mobile devices, but can they match the classics for voice communications?

Europe's Broadband Nightmare
EuroBlog | 2/11/2013

The digital dream of EC Commissioner Neelie Kroes has been shattered by clueless political pinheads

Alcatel-Lucent: Don't Blame Ben
EuroBlog | 2/8/2013

AlcaLu's board, not outgoing CEO Ben Verwaayen, is to blame for the vendor's current predicament

Ericsson Retains Its Crown – Barely
EuroBlog | 1/31/2013

A better than expected fourth quarter means the Swede is still telecom's biggest vendor by sales

Is This a Turning Point?
EuroBlog | 1/18/2013

France Telecom suggests it will be compensated by Google for Web giant's traffic volumes

Online Liberty Tested in France
EuroBlog | 1/9/2013

10:10 AM French ISP's ad-blocking strategy could be the start of a struggle between network operators and OTT players

SDN Added to Interop Test
EuroBlog | 1/2/2013

11:00 AM OpenFlow and Path Computation Element (PCE) will be part of EANTC's annual multivendor Carrier Ethernet/MPLS interoperability test

For Sail: Alcatel-Lucent's Subsea Business
EuroBlog | 12/20/2012

12:00 PM Reports suggest the company's cable-laying fleet is on its way to FT

BT's Hot for 4G
EuroBlog | 12/20/2012

6:40 AM But what would it do with LTE?

Wayra Czechs In to Central Europe
EuroBlog | 12/13/2012

10:15 AM Telefónica Digital's Wayra operation is opening a startup incubator in the Czech Republic

What 4G Players Want for Christmas
EuroBlog | 12/12/2012

1:20 PM A stocking full of personalized data plans, it seems…

Kapsch Cries Foul Over Huawei
EuroBlog | 11/30/2012

8:15 AM Austrian vendor is 'not amused' with copied marketing materials

Money Matters at Telefonica Digital
EuroBlog | 11/29/2012

10:50 AM The Spanish telco's Digital division has made another startup investment and furthered its mobile money strategy in Brazil

The 'Is Billing Dead?' Debate
EuroBlog | 11/22/2012

8:00 AM Does post-paid billing have a future? The debate is intensifying…

If We're Giving Thanks…
EuroBlog | 11/21/2012

10:15 AM Ahead of Thanksgiving, some pics from my recent visit to New York starring some of Light Reading's illustrious crew

Ericsson Defends Iran Position
EuroBlog | 11/20/2012

9:25 AM Vendor responds to report focusing on its ongoing business in controversial Middle East market

Europe's Telco Services Suffer Shrinkage
EuroBlog | 11/19/2012

10:30 AM The region's comms services market shrunk in 2011 and is set to do so again this year – can it recover? Where are the new sources of revenue?

New CDN Twist for Twiss
EuroBlog | 11/15/2012

6:50 AM Traffic management specialist is now tackling next-gen content delivery networks (CDNs)

How Not to Do 4G, EE-Style
EuroBlog | 11/14/2012

10:25 AM London journalist is positive about EE's LTE service, but regular punters slam the operator's customer service efforts

How Europe Can Hit Its Next-Gen Broadband Targets
EuroBlog | 11/14/2012

8:20 AM Report identifies key measures, but can anyone act on them?

Interoute's Silver Lining
EuroBlog | 11/8/2012

9:00 AM Positive correlation between cloud demand and sales growth for European network operator

The Impact of Broadband
EuroBlog | 11/1/2012

3:25 PM Does high-speed broadband boost economic growth?

2012 Leading Lights Finalists: Best Deal Maker
EuroBlog | 10/31/2012

11:20 AM Continuing our look at this year's shortlisted entries, it's time to check out the companies that excelled in mergers and acquisitions

2012 Leading Lights Finalists: Best New Service or Application (Telecom)
EuroBlog | 10/29/2012

4:00 AM Continuing our look at this year's shortlisted entries, it's time to examine the best services or applications in the fixed line world

Dante's SDH Inferno
EuroBlog | 10/25/2012

11:40 AM SDH has been torched in the pan-European research network run by Dante

AlcaLu Job Cuts to Hit 5,500
EuroBlog | 10/18/2012

9:00 AM Many Alcatel-Lucent jobs to go in France as restructuring details are released

Why 9.2 Is the Magic Number
EuroBlog | 10/4/2012

2:20 PM That's €9.2B earmarked for broadband stimulus investment

M&A Realities
EuroBlog | 9/27/2012

6:30 AM When you're buying a business with a network, post-M&A integration can take a long time – just ask Vodafone

Intune Waxes Lyrical
EuroBlog | 9/20/2012

3:00 AM After years of trying, the Irish packet-optical systems vendor looks to have cracked the telco market with a major operator

ECOC 2012: Go Faster!
EuroBlog | 9/17/2012

5:00 PM I'll see your 100Gbit/s and raise you a terabit

Software-Defined Optical Networks
EuroBlog | 9/13/2012

10:45 AM Next week's European Conference on Optical Communications (ECOC) has caught the SDN bug, but plenty of other subjects are on tap

Skype's Big Billing Break
EuroBlog | 9/5/2012

8:15 AM Landmark moment as carriers get chance to bill for Skype services

What to See at IBC
EuroBlog | 9/5/2012

6:15 AM It's going to be a video frenzy in Amsterdam

Seeking the New Silicon Valley
EuroBlog | 9/4/2012

7:35 AM Good news for startups as Telefónica ups its investment game

Is NSN Close to BSS Sale?
EuroBlog | 8/30/2012

5:45 AM Report suggests NSN's latest asset sale could be close

Telefónica: A New Breed of Telco
EuroBlog | 8/23/2012

By directing energy toward startups, partners and new IT ideas, the Spanish giant is showing it's possible for a Tier 1 to reinvent itself

Swiss Bank on Unification
EuroBlog | 8/16/2012

2:00 AM Swisscom hopes to reap the benefits of unifying networks and IT

IT's Tough in Managed Services
EuroBlog | 8/6/2012

7:50 AM Competition is even tougher for the major vendors in the IT outsourcing services space

Matchmaking NSN
EuroBlog | 8/2/2012

7:05 AM Forget Alcatel-Lucent – NEC could be the best bet to merge with Nokia Siemens Networks

Pressure's On in Paris
EuroBlog | 7/26/2012

2:35 PM Alcatel-Lucent CEO admits mistakes – will he be allowed to make more?

O2's Payback
EuroBlog | 7/19/2012

2:05 PM The operator is ready to say it's sorry for the recent outage, offering compensation that might total more than £220M

EC's FTTX Gamble
EuroBlog | 7/13/2012

3:15 PM Now the EC's Neelie Kroes needs incumbent operators to step up and invest more in fiber

In Russia, LTE Licenses Command No Fee
EuroBlog | 7/13/2012

10:00 AM Governments of the world, take note

Now What, O2?
EuroBlog | 7/12/2012

11:55 AM With its service restored, the UK operator's customer experience management strategy will now be put to the test

CDN: Build or Buy?
EuroBlog | 7/5/2012

9:10 AM Tough choice for operators with content delivery network (CDN) needs

Ericsson Gets IT
EuroBlog | 7/4/2012

6:40 AM Managed services deal in Portugal shows off vendor's SPIT smarts

Telcos: The New VCs?
EuroBlog | 6/28/2012

1:10 PM Digital startups are getting more and more backing from carriers

Alarm Bells for AlcaLu, Nokia
EuroBlog | 6/25/2012

1:05 PM As the euro crisis deepens, investors flee struggling vendors. Can they turn their fortunes around?

Now the Dutch Do 400G
EuroBlog | 6/21/2012

1:45 PM KPN cranks up to 400Gbit/s with Huawei

ADVA's 100G Appeal
EuroBlog | 6/19/2012

7:15 AM Customer praise and a Finisar nugget

Interoute's SDN Dream
EuroBlog | 6/14/2012

2:15 PM One carrier CTO can't wait for software-defined networking

LTE: The Vendor's Worst Friend?
EuroBlog | 6/7/2012

1:35 PM More network sharing means long term erosion (LTE) of carrier capex

EC Nixes Pure Net Neutrality
EuroBlog | 5/30/2012

8:30 AM Transparency and choice is the best way to deal with online service restrictions, reckons the EC's digital watchdog Neelie Kroes

Samsung Galaxy S III Hits EMEA
EuroBlog | 5/29/2012

5:45 AM The smartphone hailed as the big rival to the iPhone arrives in Europe, the Middle East and Africa

NSN Sticks It to Huawei
EuroBlog | 5/23/2012

1:35 PM NSN accuses rival Huawei of practicing the sincerest form of flattery...

Look Out Europe…
EuroBlog | 5/14/2012

6:30 AM Will AsiaInfo-Linkage be the Huawei of BSS?

Nice Return for TMF Show?
EuroBlog | 5/11/2012

9:25 AM Is the TM Forum's annual Management World show heading back to its spiritual home on the French Riviera?

Slim's Dutch Drama
EuroBlog | 5/10/2012

2:30 PM Is this a good time to invest in European telecom? And does anyone remember KPN Qwest et al?

Huawei Denied German Bid
EuroBlog | 5/10/2012

10:45 AM Germany is the latest market where Huawei has been given the cold shoulder because of perceived security concerns

Italians Rage at NSN
EuroBlog | 5/4/2012

3:40 PM Union urges government intervention over planned Nokia Siemens Networks layoffs

Alcatel-Lucent: Fiber's on Fire!
EuroBlog | 4/26/2012

2:40 PM Though not literally, notes CEO Ben Verwaayen, as he addresses fiber demand in Europe following some optimistic political talk

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