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USA vs. Huawei
Flash Poll | 5/17/2019

Who will suffer the most from a US ban on Huawei gear and services?

Light Reading Hall of Fame 2019 Poll
Flash Poll | 4/15/2019

Which of these famous and infamous individuals deserve to be inducted into the Light Reading Hall of Fame in 2019? (Editor's note: This poll provides Light Reading's team with guidance but does not determine the final Hall of Fame selection. You can choose more than one selection.)

Cable's Top Priorities
Flash Poll | 2/5/2019

What do you see as the cable industry's top tech priority this year?

AI's Impact
Flash Poll | 8/28/2018

In what area of telco and enterprise operations will the use of emerging artificial intelligence (AI) tools have the most impact?

Are SD-WAN Services Secure?
Flash Poll | 5/21/2018

Are SD-WAN services secure?

Light Reading Hall of Fame 2018 Poll: Who Stays? Who Goes?
Flash Poll | 4/23/2018

Which of these famous and infamous individuals deserve to be inducted into the Light Reading Hall of Fame in 2018? (Editor's note: This poll provides Light Reading's team with guidance but does not determine the final Hall of Fame selection. You can choose more than one selection.)

Public & Hybrid Clouds
Flash Poll | 4/3/2018

Which cloud model is best suited to the enterprise infrastructure?

Automation's End Goal
Flash Poll | 3/20/2018

What is the principal reason for automating network operations?

What Should Apple Spend Its Billions On?
Flash Poll | 2/7/2018

Apple said last week that -- thanks to tax reform -- it has up to $163 billion to spend on acquisitions, buybacks, and dividends. The company stressed that it would carefully consider its M&A options, but what areas, or companies, do you think Apple should buy into?

My Head Hurts!
Flash Poll | 1/27/2018

What's your biggest headache regarding cloud migration?

Winners in Edge Computing
Flash Poll | 1/4/2018

New Year, new poll.

Should Broadcom Really Be Buying Qualcomm?
Flash Poll | 11/13/2017

Should Broadcom really be trying to buy Qualcomm?

Catalonia & MWC 2018
Flash Poll | 10/31/2017

Are you concerned that the Spanish political upheaval will impact Mobile World Congress 2018?

A T-Mobile/Sprint Merger: Would It Spur Competition?
Flash Poll | 9/22/2017

It seems likely that the long-rumored merger between Sprint and T-Mobile could be announced soon. Do you think this would help promote competition in the already dynamic US mobile market?

Open Wide
Flash Poll | 7/7/2017

What's the role of open source in your organization?

If You Ran Verizon...
Flash Poll | 7/5/2017

So many moving parts, and possibly more to come. What should Verizon do next?

Uber Upside
Flash Poll | 6/7/2017

Uber is trying to transform its culture from the atmosphere of sexual harassment, discrimination and retaliation that define it today. Is the company redeemable?

Blockchain Take
Flash Poll | 5/31/2017

Blockchain is...

Rate Your Vendors!
Flash Poll | 5/1/2017

When it comes to next-generation communications technology, how satisfied are you with the value you currently get from your vendors?

Cloud Timetable
Flash Poll | 4/20/2017

When will your company move everything to the cloud?

Optical's Focus
Flash Poll | 3/24/2017

What's the most important focus area for optical systems vendors in 2017?

Most Wanted
Flash Poll | 3/15/2017

What's the top cloud skill for 2017 on planet cloud?

5G at MWC
Flash Poll | 3/6/2017

What was the most important thing we learnt about the future of 5G at Mobile World Congress this year?

Trump's 'Muslim Ban'
Flash Poll | 1/31/2017

Is President Trump's order to bar citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the US for a period of 90 days a positive or negative move?

Will the Fog Roll In During 2017?
Flash Poll | 1/6/2017

Fog networking/computing (aka the distributed cloud) looks set to become a major strategic topic during 2017, but is it on your radar?

Festive Fun at the FCC
Flash Poll | 12/13/2016

What impact, if any, will a 2-2 split of FCC commissioners have on US telecom regulation?

Is Mobile Edge Computing on Your Radar?
Flash Poll | 9/13/2016

Mobile edge computing (MEC) has been the subject of discussion and technology development for a couple of years, but is it near the top of any operator agendas?

What Do You Want From the iPhone 7?
Flash Poll | 8/31/2016

The new Apple iPhone 7 is expected to be unveiled on September 7. What feature would you like most?

Up in ARMs
Flash Poll | 7/21/2016

SoftBank is set to buy chip designer ARM for about $32 billion, citing the expected growth of the IoT tech market as a catalyst. Is this a good move by SoftBank?

Brexit Fallout
Flash Poll | 6/30/2016

Light Reading believes the Brexit decision will negatively impact the UK's communications market. What do you think?

The Test & Measurement Menu
Flash Poll | 6/7/2016

What defines test & measurement in the 21st century communications networking market?

Making Money From NFV
Flash Poll | 5/16/2016

Every vendor has a network functions virtualization (NFV) story, but how will those vendors generate profitable NFV-related revenues?

Light Reading Hall of Fame 2016
Flash Poll | 4/13/2016

Which of these individuals deserves to be inducted into the Light Reading Hall of Fame in 2016? (Please note: This poll provides Light Reading's team with guidance but does not determine the final Hall of Fame selection. And you can choose more than one name.)

Help LR Name Its New Network Model
Flash Poll | 3/25/2016

Light Reading has defined a new 4-layer reference architecture for 21st century networks. But we're having trouble thinking of a cool name for it. Can you help? Choose from the list below or tell us your own suggestion on the boards.

Where Is Cable Heading?
Flash Poll | 3/7/2016

What next-gen technology or service should be the cable industry's biggest priority this year?

Hot Training Topics for 2016
Flash Poll | 1/26/2016

Light Reading is launching an online university in March. Which topics are you most interested in learning about?

What's the Best NFV Strategy for CSPs?
Flash Poll | 1/19/2016

What's the safest way for communications service providers to deploy NFV in 2016?

What Are Cisco & Ericsson Cooking Up?
Flash Poll | 1/7/2016

Cisco and Ericsson are co-developing new products, Light Reading has learned. What do you think Ciscosson is working on?

Hot Stuff @CES 2016
Flash Poll | 1/4/2016

The annual Vegas CES crush is underway – what will be THE hot topic this year?

HP's Brand Stand
Flash Poll | 12/1/2015

Hewlett Packard Enterprise is now officially a thing. Does this new brand make it easier or harder for it to sell to communications service providers?

Will 'Ciscosson' Be a Success?
Flash Poll | 11/11/2015

Cisco and Ericsson have forged a global strategic partnership that, they believe, will drive incremental revenues and give them an advantage over their main rivals. Is the 'Ciscosson' model one that will work?

Getting More Women Into STEM
Flash Poll | 11/4/2015

What do we, as an industry, need to do to recruit more female talent?

Is Dell Buying a Telco Ticket?
Flash Poll | 10/16/2015

Will Dell's acquisition of EMC and VMware improve its chances of selling solutions to communications service providers (CSPs)?

Apple Seeds
Flash Poll | 9/18/2015

Will the new Apple TV disrupt the cable/satellite provider industry? Or is it still floundering in the wake of Roku and others?

What's in a Name?
Flash Poll | 8/5/2015

Is the term 'telco' dead?

Smells Like Earnings Season
Flash Poll | 7/21/2015

What will operators be highlighting – or dodging the most questions on – when they report their next quarterly earnings in the coming weeks?

CRAN in LTE-Advanced
Flash Poll | 7/1/2015

Operators are looking to build centralized RAN architectures as part of their LTE-Advanced deployments for a number of reasons, but which is the most important?

New IP Procurement
Flash Poll | 6/9/2015

What are the key criteria network operators should consider when selecting vendors for their next gen networks? You can select more than one option.

Light Reading Hall of Fame 2015
Flash Poll | 5/29/2015

Which of these individuals deserve to be inducted into the Light Reading Hall of Fame in 2015? You can select more than one name.

The Need for Speed (Or Not)
Flash Poll | 5/14/2015

Does anyone need Gigabit broadband?

The Trouble With Drones...
Flash Poll | 5/5/2015

Not everyone's convinced drones are going to be the answer to all our connectivity needs.

IoT Tech Options
Flash Poll | 4/15/2015

Will Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) technology be deployed in IoT/M2M infrastructure rollouts, or will the sector wait for LTE-M?

5G Challenges
Flash Poll | 4/1/2015

5G is still years away, but there are many speed bumps standing between the wireless operators and the next-generation networks they are envisioning.

Talkin' 'Bout Next Generation
Flash Poll | 3/17/2015

Which next-gen technology or service should be the biggest priority for the cable industry this year?

MWC: What Is It Good For?
Flash Poll | 3/9/2015

For those who work in the mobile/wireless sector, is attending Mobile World Congress essential?

Hola, MWC#15
Flash Poll | 2/19/2015

What will be the biggest discussion topics, themes and hyped technologies at the year's mobile extravaganza?

Putting the SP in the IoT
Flash Poll | 1/27/2015

Applications and devices for the Internet of Things generate a lot of buzz – but what role will service providers play, and what are the top priorities they must address to be players?

Optical Priorities 2015
Flash Poll | 1/9/2015

What is the most important optical networking development for 2015?

Stick It to 'Em
Flash Poll | 12/1/2014

Now that Google, Roku and Amazon have introduced HDMI streaming sticks that take the place of set-top boxes, which US pay-TV provider will be the first to try the new form factor?

Data Analytics in a Virtual World
Flash Poll | 11/3/2014

How is the move to SDN and NFV affecting data analytics? Or is it too soon to say?

Is LTE-Advanced Having an Impact?
Flash Poll | 10/1/2014

LTE-Advanced: Should we believe the hype?

Data Center Imperative
Flash Poll | 8/21/2014

Data centers: Should carriers go there?

Claure's To-Do List
Flash Poll | 8/12/2014

It's all a question of priorities for Marcelo.

Net Neutrality
Flash Poll | 7/7/2014

It'll be resolved by Christmas. But which Christmas?

IoT Impact
Flash Poll | 6/3/2014

We know that it means white goods may get ideas above their station but what will the Internet of Things mean for service providers?

Light Reading Hall of Fame 2014
Flash Poll | 5/8/2014

Which of these individuals deserve to be inducted into the Light Reading Hall of Fame in 2014?

Taking the OTT Plunge
Flash Poll | 4/22/2014

Which traditional pay-TV provider will be the first to go over-the-top?

Cable's All-IP Shift
Flash Poll | 3/24/2014

How soon will most North American cable operators upgrade to all-IP service delivery?

Do We Need 400G?
Flash Poll | 3/7/2014

With 100G deployments ramping up and work already underway on 1Tbit/s capabilities, is there really any need for 400G?

Small Cells in the City
Flash Poll | 2/5/2014

What is the biggest challenge standing in the way of public-access small cell deployments?

Analyzing Big Data
Flash Poll | 1/23/2014

Big data – what is it good for?

Net Neutrality Health Check
Flash Poll | 1/15/2014

Is Net Neutrality a dead issue in the US following the federal appeals court ruling of January 14?

CES Expectations
Flash Poll | 1/2/2014

What new innovation are you most excited to see at this year's gadget extravaganza?

2014 Headlines
Flash Poll | 12/18/2013

What stories do you think will headline telecom news in 2014?

Giving Thanks for Tom Wheeler?
Flash Poll | 11/22/2013

Are you grateful to have Tom Wheeler as the new head of the FCC?

Cable's Commercial Challenges
Flash Poll | 11/13/2013

What's the single greatest challenge for US cable operators seeking to enlist mid-size and larger firms as commercial customers?

Mobile Security on LTE
Flash Poll | 11/5/2013

The move to LTE opens up networks to new security threats. What's your biggest concern?

Sandy: One Year On
Flash Poll | 10/29/2013

It's one year on from Superstorm Sandy. Do you feel that networks have been updated to better handle another massive storm?

IPTV: Boom or Bust?
Flash Poll | 10/22/2013

Carrier SDN Barriers
Flash Poll | 10/1/2013

What is the biggest barrier to the widespread deployment of SDN capabilities in telco networks?

Light Reading's Hall of Fame
Flash Poll | 9/17/2013

Who deserves to be ushered into Light Reading's Hall of Fame this year?

Apple's $99 iPhone 5C: You Buying?
Flash Poll | 9/10/2013

Apple unveiled Tuesday the cheapest handset it has yet launched - the iPhone 5C - a full-featured smartphone with a plastic case, at $99 for the 16GB model with a contract. You buying?

Cable's New No. 3 Vendor
Flash Poll | 8/26/2013

Is NFV Just Wishful Thinking?
Flash Poll | 8/15/2013

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