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Ready. Set. Innovate
How IOCee It | 10/5/2012

10:00 AM The Metaswitch Forum reminds us that technology isn't really the stumbling block preventing carriers becoming more Internet-centric service providers

Windstream Leaves Rural Roots Behind
How IOCee It | 8/5/2011

9:00 AM Windstream grows beyond its once rural ILEC status.

USF Reform Gains Momentum, Generates Debate
How IOCee It | 8/1/2011

3:05 PM Reform of the Universal Service Fund and inter-carrier compensation system picks up support

CenturyLink's Rise to Tier 1
How IOCee It | 7/14/2011

12:00 PM Its Savvis acquisition has catapulted CenturyLink into the big league, and it's all happened so quickly

Bye Bye, Bresnan
How IOCee It | 5/6/2011

11:55 AM Cablevision retires the Bresnan name

Rural Cable & USF Reform
How IOCee It | 4/13/2011

10:00 AM Small cable players may soon get a piece of the $7B+ funds traditionally used by telcos

Independent Telcos: It's Time to Prepare
How IOCee It | 2/25/2011

12:30 PM Smaller telcos can no longer put off product development, even if the regulatory climate is uncertain

Signs of Momentum With Rural 4G
How IOCee It | 2/7/2011

12:15 PM Rural carriers seem to have learned from their mistakes and are making headway in the race to provide 4G services

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