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Operators Accept Support Act Role
LR Mobile Column | 7/5/2011

Mobile operators are coming to terms with their supporting role in the mobile apps world

MWC 2011: The End of the RAN as We Know It?
LR Mobile Column | 2/14/2011

Radio access networks are set for radical change

Smart-Phone Users Drive M-Banking Demand
LR Mobile Column | 1/31/2011

After a sluggish start, mobile banking will grow exponentially in the US market through 2015

LTE Devices: Where's the Lust?
LR Mobile Column | 11/30/2010

LTE mobile device sales are expected to reach anywhere from 500,000 to 1M units in 2011

3G's Chinese Puzzle
LR Mobile Column | 11/4/2010

China's ranks of 3G subscribers will more than double this year, reaching 40M units

LTE TDD: In Mobile, Size Matters
LR Mobile Column | 11/1/2010

To keep up with mobile broadband service demands, mobile network operators are deploying LTE TDD technology to end users

Healthy Market for 4G Base Station Antennas
LR Mobile Column | 9/8/2010

Deployment of 4G LTE and WiMax mobile networks will result in strong growth for makers of base station antennas and related products

Healthy Market for 4G Base Station Antennas
LR Mobile Column | 9/8/2010

Deployment of 4G LTE and WiMax mobile networks will result in strong growth for makers of base station antennas and related products

Smartphones: The New Hacker Frontier
LR Mobile Column | 9/3/2010

As mobile phones become basic tools of commerce, the threat of significant theft through hacking is rising

Mobile Money Machines
LR Mobile Column | 7/14/2010

Mobile handsets are on track to become a primary component of basic business transactions worldwide

M2M: Where WiMax Meets Lindsay Lohan
LR Mobile Column | 7/6/2010

The proliferation of machine-to-machine technologies and services is shaping a future where people will carry three to five M2M devices each

Telecom Confronts the Mobile Data Revolution
LR Mobile Column | 6/14/2010

Scott Raynovich ruminates on what the move to 4G will mean for carriers as data traffic surpasses voice traffic on mobile networks

Mobile Handset Makers Struggle to Go Green
LR Mobile Column | 5/28/2010

Makers of mobile handsets are stepping up their efforts to develop and sell products that are more environmentally friendly

It's the Quality, Stupid
LR Mobile Column | 3/26/2010

Mobile network operators are poised to increase their investment in IP service assurance technologies

The Chips Are Up for LTE
LR Mobile Column | 2/17/2010

As more consumers buy smartphones, service providers have been rudely awakened by the growing amount of traffic that has been generated

Apple Accounting iFAQ
LR Mobile Column | 1/26/2010

Really? An iPhone is a service?

Android: The Commodity Phone Killer
LR Mobile Column | 1/13/2010

Or, why Google's entry to the smartphone market should make Motorola, Nokia, and RIM very nervous

Open & Unlocked. So What?
LR Mobile Column | 1/6/2010

Why unlocked phones won't mean so much until networks get more open in the US

3G in China: Backhaul Bonanza
LR Mobile Column | 11/18/2009

The concurrent arrival of 3G and 'beyond 3G' mobile networks, mobile data services, and all-IP networks is putting much higher demand on mobile backhaul in China

Voice Over LTE's Future Cloudy
LR Mobile Column | 10/27/2009

Mobile operators must figure out how best to deliver legacy voice and texting services over LTE networks

Femtos' Hard Cell
LR Mobile Column | 9/30/2009

The femtocell industry has made significant progress toward resolving technological issues, but there is still much work to be done

Fall Into CTIA
LR Mobile Column | 9/3/2009

It shouldn't be hard to find something exciting about the upcoming CTIA IT & Entertainment show

Android: Double-Edged Sword
LR Mobile Column | 8/24/2009

The open nature of Android may result in a loss of individual vendor identity at the handset level

Mobile VoIP Goes Mainstream
LR Mobile Column | 8/10/2009

Mobile VoIP, which began as a voice application, is no longer just a cheap telephone call: It has become a major component of a unified communications mix

Alvarion: A WiMax Gift
LR Mobile Column | 8/3/2009

Alvarion may be facing some troubles now, but global growth in WiMax could make it an M&A target in 2010

The New Wave of Mobile Backhaul
LR Mobile Column | 7/21/2009

Mobile operators will need a lot more cellular backhaul capacity to handle data traffic, especially when voice becomes packetized

Nokia Lays an Egg & Scrambles It Too!
LR Mobile Column | 7/16/2009

Phone giant's results weren't sunny-side up

Passing the LTE Test
LR Mobile Column | 6/8/2009

Long Term Evolution (LTE) is quickly gaining momentum as the next world telecom standard, with most estimates placing commercial release in early to mid 2010

'Smartbooks': A Dumb Idea
LR Mobile Column | 6/5/2009

Get ready for even smaller 'computers'

P-Day May Hold Surprises
LR Mobile Column | 5/29/2009

Palm fans are looking to the Pre smartphone as the company's savior, but can it build enough of them?

Is Nokia's Ovi Finnish'd?
LR Mobile Column | 5/14/2009

Capping investment in Ovi signals that Nokia isn't as sold on services as it once was – and that compounds its competitive issues

Outsourcing Mobile Infrastructure
LR Mobile Column | 5/12/2009

What Do Nokia’s Results Portend?
LR Mobile Column | 4/17/2009

Maybe a better future for the handset business but more 'vicious competition' for a smaller infrastructure pie

Mobility Key to UC Success
LR Mobile Column | 4/8/2009

The ability to have one number, one email address, and access many desktop features from a wireless device is now vital to the workforce

A Future in Noise
LR Mobile Column | 4/7/2009

What Skype, 4G, and voice-over-IP might mean for mobile chatter in the future

The Make-or-Break WiMax Deal
LR Mobile Column | 3/17/2009

A BNSL WiMax contract in India could be crucial for technology players such as Alvarion or Telsima, but Huawei is looming...

Prey for the iPhone?
LR Mobile Column | 3/11/2009

Palm's play for its new smartphone

Mobility Drives Commerce
LR Mobile Column | 3/10/2009

With consumer-driven businesses scrambling to make their products and services more appealing, the possibilities of mobile commerce are beckoning

Netbook Realities
LR Mobile Column | 3/6/2009

Get ready for third phase of mobile computing

Ready for a Nokia Laptop?
LR Mobile Column | 2/27/2009

Why Nokia should concentrate on building a better smartphone and leave the low-margin laptops to Dell and HP

Beware of Femtos
LR Mobile Column | 2/19/2009

Femtocells are a scam you don’t need, and the very existence of the T-Mobile [email protected] solution shouts that loud and clear

The Downside of Diversity
LR Mobile Column | 2/13/2009

The mobile OS market's biggest problem is fragmentation, which will get worse before it gets better

A $6/mo. Global iPhone
LR Mobile Column | 2/9/2009

A cheaper touch worldwide

Motorola Is on Life Support
LR Mobile Column | 2/3/2009

Last call for the Mobile Devices unit?

Live by the Sword! Fall on Your Sword!
LR Mobile Column | 2/2/2009

Digging into Qualcomm's Q4 'Earnings Quality'

Energy-Efficient Technologies Wanted
LR Mobile Column | 1/28/2009

CTOs have made it clear to suppliers that they want more energy-efficient technologies without a significant rise in cost

Huawei: 4G or Not 4G?
LR Mobile Column | 1/28/2009

That is the question... or, why Huawei and TeliaSonera can't really call their LTE network plans '4G'

Chaos in the Wireless World
LR Mobile Column | 1/23/2009

In 2009, every cloud has a lead lining, except for companies lucky enough to have a hit smartphone

Battle of the Smartphones
LR Mobile Column | 1/14/2009

Less jaw-jaw, more war-war as Palm rejoins the smartphone fray taking on Apple, Nokia, and RIM

Malware Mobilizes
LR Mobile Column | 12/29/2008

Smartphone emergence and popularity has created a new medium that will eventually begin to entice hackers, causing mobile malware

Cash, Risk & Pain
LR Mobile Column | 12/18/2008

Taking a sober look at the economic downturn and what it means for tech startups and venture capital

The Perfect Power Storm: Wireless Tower Power Savings & Sustainability
LR Mobile Column | 12/12/2008

A new, more intense focus on power-efficient tower sites is driving vendors to create new technologies to lower power consumption

Clearwire Crunched!
LR Mobile Column | 12/3/2008

But the WiMax provider still might prove to be a better investment bet than it appears to be right now

Sanjay Jha Makes His Mark at Moto
LR Mobile Column | 10/30/2008

But the changes Dr. Jha discussed on the Q3 conference call raised more than a few eyebrows

Multi-Standard Radio Systems
LR Mobile Column | 10/24/2008

Software-defined radio is at the core of equipment vendors' efforts to deliver multi-standard radio systems

The iPhone Quarter
LR Mobile Column | 10/23/2008

It was huge one for Apple's cash cow

‘No Sale’ for RIM!
LR Mobile Column | 10/15/2008

Research In Motion is unlikely to be acquired by Microsoft

Freescale Fantasy
LR Mobile Column | 10/8/2008

Private equity firms have demonstrated with the recent Freescale 'transformation' that their understanding of the semiconductor market is limited at best

The Credit Crisis & Wireless
LR Mobile Column | 10/7/2008

How the global financial crisis will influence the wireless market over the coming years

Clear Talk
LR Mobile Column | 9/22/2008

It's debate season: my debate with Clearwire

Nokia’s Emerging Problems
LR Mobile Column | 9/16/2008

Folks surprised by Nokia’s recent market share warning just haven’t been paying attention

Apple, Operator War Averted (for now)
LR Mobile Column | 9/12/2008

Microphone still missing from the iPod Touch

WiMax Providers: Get Moving!
LR Mobile Column | 9/8/2008

The mobile WiMax market shows positive signs of growth on a worldwide level, partially due to lower technology costs

1 + 1 + 1 Does Not Equal 3
LR Mobile Column | 9/2/2008

Being bloated does not make one a 'world leader'

Does Apple Bite?
LR Mobile Column | 8/27/2008

The iPhone 3G could have some huge problems on the horizon, as we learn from the story of Handset X

Qualcomm Wins at China Telecom
LR Mobile Column | 8/25/2008

Is Wireless Worth the Risk?
LR Mobile Column | 8/22/2008

What has driven the move from wired Ethernet to WiFi?

Dark Times at Sprint Nextel?
LR Mobile Column | 8/13/2008

Heavy Reading senior analyst compares Sprint Nextel to a misguided retailer

BT Suffers as Ofcom Delays 2.6GHz Auctions
LR Mobile Column | 8/11/2008

Rolling out a nationwide WiMax network has been a key strategic objective of BT's for some time – all it needs is a license at 2.6GHz

4G's Inside Story
LR Mobile Column | 7/31/2008

Embedded technologies will play a far larger role in the upcoming era of ubiquitous broadband mobile connectivity than they have in WiFi and 3G

Did Qualcomm Really Win?
LR Mobile Column | 7/30/2008

The Dangers of Stealing WiFi
LR Mobile Column | 7/23/2008

Internet Evolution unveils the results of a readers' poll on 'WiFi piggybacking'

GSM Switch-Off From 2012?
LR Mobile Column | 7/11/2008

Counter to conventional wisdom, the first cellular operators may actually start dismantling their GSM networks in 2012

Ethernet Microwave Starts to Sizzle
LR Mobile Column | 6/30/2008

Ethernet microwave has lingered in the background for years, but lately mobile operators have begun to sit up and take notice

Open Season on Bugging Cellphones
LR Mobile Column | 6/24/2008

Be careful what you say: You may be talking on a bugged cellphone

Could a Smartphone Solve the Notebook Security Problem?
LR Mobile Column | 6/20/2008

Maybe instead of looking at them as a new problem, we should consider smartphones as a potential security solution

Mining the Wisdom of Wireless Crowds
LR Mobile Column | 6/18/2008

Groups of cellphone users can collaboratively monitor a variety of things and make the data available on the Internet

Satellite Radio: Dead Companies Walking
LR Mobile Column | 6/16/2008

How mobile WiMax and LTE will spell the beginning of the end for satellite radio

Apple's 3G iPhone Tease
LR Mobile Column | 6/10/2008

InformationWeek analyzes the iPhone 3G announcement and the two big surprises therein

What Mobile Web?
LR Mobile Column | 6/4/2008

We'll need faster networks, greater processing power, and more memory and storage before we have a true mobile Web

The Battle Rages Over 'White Space'
LR Mobile Column | 5/27/2008

What will become of the unused analog television frequencies?

Vodafone's Blazin' 3G Upgrade
LR Mobile Column | 5/21/2008

Gabriel Brown reviews Vodafone's high-speed HSPA service and discovers that faster 3G is a thrill

Mobile WiMax: Limited Horizons
LR Mobile Column | 5/15/2008

Despite the best efforts of WiMax advocates, good old W-CDMA is still more than holding its own in the global mobile broadband market

Preparing for a Voice-Optional Cellular World
LR Mobile Column | 5/15/2008

Rapid growth in wireless data usage shows it could eventually replace voice as a primary feature in cellular phone service

The Fastest 3G Yet
LR Mobile Column | 5/8/2008

A user report on Vodafone's self-proclaimed 'Fastest Mobile Broadband in the Galaxy'

Mobile Network Power Struggles
LR Mobile Column | 5/6/2008

As energy costs continue to soar, operators in all markets will be looking to shave opex with greener equipment

Open Season on Mobile Networks
LR Mobile Column | 5/2/2008

The basic concept underlying mobile open access seems simple enough, but the devil, as usual, lurks in the details

Who's Driving the Handset Business?
LR Mobile Column | 5/1/2008

While handset makers in the US and Europe face a tough earnings season, there's no sign of slowdown in China or India

Huawei Brings the Heat
LR Mobile Column | 4/30/2008

Huawei's annual analyst summit provided a sneak peek into the vendor's ambitions for the future

Good Times for 3G
LR Mobile Column | 4/11/2008

The mobile broadband era has not only arrived, it's here in style

Motorola Eulogy
LR Mobile Column | 4/1/2008

Moto's recently announced restructuring seems little more than an admission of failure

Femtocells: The Wireline Killer?
LR Mobile Column | 3/27/2008

If femtocells become mainstream, wireline network operators could face serious revenue erosion

Will the 700 MHz Auction Create as Much Effect as Fanfare?
LR Mobile Column | 3/24/2008

How much will the 700 MHz auctions really change the wireless landscape in the US?

Lessons From Nextel
LR Mobile Column | 3/13/2008

The churning of the tide

Mobile Video: Slo-Mo(mentum)
LR Mobile Column | 2/27/2008

Despite progress in settling on a single standard, the format issue is still roiling the mobile video market

Handsets Accelerating in Emerging Markets
LR Mobile Column | 2/25/2008

Penetration moving from major cities and into the rural areas of emerging regions is driving worldwide cellphone growth

Ethernet Base Stations Are Go
LR Mobile Column | 1/16/2008

Ethernet and IP RAN capability will emerge as critical to mobile base station purchasing decisions in 2008.

Open Mobile Networks: A Gateway to the Internet
LR Mobile Column | 12/11/2007

An emerging category of equipment known as mobile Internet gateways could help operators both improve services and manage networks more efficiently.

3G LTE: How Far? How Fast?
LR Mobile Column | 11/7/2007

The 3GPP's Long-Term Evolution (LTE) standard has emerged as the leading candidate technology for next-generation wireless networks.

The 700MHz Impact
LR Mobile Column | 9/28/2007

As the first major nation to allocate 700MHz spectrum, the U.S. could establish global leadership in next-generation wireless networks.

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