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4G: What & When
Nearpoints | 9/28/2006

4G is suddenly hot, but the what and when remain unclear

The Dark Room
Nearpoints | 9/27/2006

I spent most of the weekend locked in one – trying to answer an important question

FCC to Logan: You're Grounded
Nearpoints | 9/22/2006

The big tower tells Boston's airport to take a flying leap

The Auctions Endeth
Nearpoints | 9/20/2006

No big surprises – and no big changes to the wireless landscape

Motorola Gobbles Symbol
Nearpoints | 9/19/2006

And becomes a leader in wireless LANs – just like that

WiMax Success: It's in the Chips
Nearpoints | 9/12/2006

VLSI will determine the boss of the WiMax world

RFID Won't Replace Bar Codes
Nearpoints | 9/11/2006

I continue to hear that RFID will do something that it cannot

Multi is the New Black
Nearpoints | 9/8/2006

Fall marketing themes are out, multi is the word

Certification Fallout
Nearpoints | 9/5/2006

The Wi-Fi Alliance did the right thing, but lots of issues remain

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