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A Security Blanket?
Nearpoints | 8/28/2006

WiFi security is a good thing, but far from sufficient

Still More on the CrackBerry
Nearpoints | 8/25/2006

Wow, this is worse than I thought

Drafting 'N' Solution
Nearpoints | 8/24/2006

Repositioning may be the answer in the short term

Pull, Not Push
Nearpoints | 8/23/2006

A simple plan for dealing with BlackBerry addiction

Blessing Draft N
Nearpoints | 8/16/2006

The Draft N crowd has two problems, and one will be easy to fix

A Tale of Two Throughputs
Nearpoints | 8/14/2006

Or, why the marketing department needs more engineers

Undue Influence?
Nearpoints | 8/10/2006

Is Intel buying the success of WiMax? And does it matter if it is?

Sprint Drops the WiMax Shoe
Nearpoints | 8/9/2006

OK, I’m nowhere near as skeptical about WiMax as I was Monday

Does WiFi Still Matter?
Nearpoints | 8/3/2006

Look for the logo – it might not be there

Centrino & the Mac
Nearpoints | 8/1/2006

Two unstoppable forces drive the inevitable enterprise wireless future

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