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Will OFDMA Replace CDMA?
Nearpoints | 7/28/2006

An argument that’s not just for geeks anymore

Bad for Them; Good for Us
Nearpoints | 7/25/2006

Welcome to the post-PC era

Too Much Throughput?
Nearpoints | 7/21/2006

I'm always amused by statements that contain both 'wireless' and 'too much throughput'

When the Lights Go Out
Nearpoints | 7/18/2006

It looks like metro-scale WiFi may be at a disadvantage in at least one area - reliability during a blackout

The Skinny From Yahoo
Nearpoints | 7/14/2006

It may not be fashionable, but the big portal firm's thin email client is the wave of the future

Qualcomm's .11n Solution
Nearpoints | 7/12/2006

R&D team produces a high-end WiFi-for-the-home system

No Draft-N Specification
Nearpoints | 7/10/2006

The rumors ain't true – the Wi-Fi Alliance is maintaining its hands-off policy for Draft-N

My Notebook Sleeps Around
Nearpoints | 7/7/2006

Well, not mine, but a lot of them do – and they might bring a social disease to your network

Newbies vs. Geeks
Nearpoints | 7/5/2006

The eternal challenge

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