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Goring the Box
Nearpoints | 6/28/2006

What happens when you want your MTV, or whatever, but your carrier would rather you watch something completely different?

How to Offer Free WiFi
Nearpoints | 6/26/2006

There may be no such thing as a free lunch, but there is a way to offer free WiFi without too much pain

Security 101
Nearpoints | 6/19/2006

Every day there's another announcement of personal data stolen from a notebook computer and I know what to do about it

We Built It, Now Don't Come?
Nearpoints | 6/12/2006

Telling a college student not to use the Internet is just like telling a Red Sox fan not to watch baseball

Analyst Makes Good
Nearpoints | 6/8/2006

Why my competitors are my friends

Secrets of the Mesh, Part III
Nearpoints | 6/7/2006

The real promise of customer premises kit

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