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Reality Bites: 802.11n Edition
Nearpoints | 5/30/2006

A new record for the IEEE standards process, and something else beyond the obvious for high-speed WiFi

An Interesting Integrity Challenge
Nearpoints | 5/22/2006

Strange conversations are a hallmark of wireless. So today we ask: What happens if wireless goes bang?

Microsoft Wins Again
Nearpoints | 5/16/2006

The battle for the mobile OS is over – and the winner, unfortunately, is Redmond

Secrets of the Mesh, Part II
Nearpoints | 5/11/2006

I know more than I did last night, but still not enough.

Secrets of the Mesh
Nearpoints | 5/10/2006

I am reminded of Animal House where the Dean puts our heroes on 'Double Secret Probation'

The Enterprise Goes Wireless
Nearpoints | 5/9/2006

It's inevitable.

No, I'm Not Happy
Nearpoints | 5/4/2006

The recent vote on the IEEE 802.11n draft is no cause for celebration, and it shouldn’t be.

What Analysts Do
Nearpoints | 5/3/2006

Well, duh, we analyze. But events sometimes remind us that we really should disclose to everyone how we do it

The First Enterprise-Class MIMO AP
Nearpoints | 5/1/2006

Bluesocket has a new 'enterprise class' MIMO-based access point. Are things getting faster in the office?

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