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Draft What?
Nearpoints | 4/26/2006

Early 802.11n benchmarks indicate there's still a long way to go for standardized MIMO.

The Content Question
Nearpoints | 4/24/2006

Content is indeed king, but the king is going to need a lot of costumes.

What's Wrong With Big Dumb Pipes?
Nearpoints | 4/18/2006

I sense a certain aggravation with telecom operators, especially the wireless guys.

Location & Security
Nearpoints | 4/14/2006

I’m beginning to think that there is no longer any such thing as privacy – and wireless is making the situation worse.

The Missing Link
Nearpoints | 4/10/2006

How come carriers are still dragging their feet on Bluetooth?

Beyond Security – Integrity
Nearpoints | 4/3/2006

The two terms are often confused, but they have very different parameters and consequences

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