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The Linux Option
Nearpoints | 1/31/2007

And it may be a popular one at that

Geeks: A Bright Future
Nearpoints | 1/29/2007

A problem that is only occasionally solved

Don't Talk 'n' Drive
Nearpoints | 1/25/2007

Time to get serious about restricting cellphone use in cars

Other People’s Wires
Nearpoints | 1/23/2007

Does powerline play?

And What About the Browser?
Nearpoints | 1/19/2007

Going on a Safari

Thoughts on Thick
Nearpoints | 1/16/2007

An OS with some junk in the trunk

The iPhone Arriveth
Nearpoints | 1/11/2007

And it's surprisingly business-like

The Power Question
Nearpoints | 1/10/2007

With really, really big implications

The Three Cs of Convergence
Nearpoints | 1/4/2007

Success boils down to three key elements

What Did You Get for Christmas?
Nearpoints | 1/2/2007

I’ll bet it wasn’t $60K cell phone

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