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FiberLight survey shows 88% of execs are investing in high-bandwidth services
News Wire Feed | 1/30/2023

FiberLight survey reveals demand remains strong for data center, cloud and dedicated Internet access services. #pressrelease

Vision-based tech can improve smart device usage and adoption
News Wire Feed | 1/26/2023

New whitepaper examines the potential of vision-based interfaces and control to revolutionize device interaction. #pressrelease

Verizon Connect AI Dashcam enhances fleet safety
News Wire Feed | 1/18/2023

Verizon Connect AI Dashcam provides more insights into dangerous events for fleet managers and gives drivers real-time, in-cab coaching alerts during high-risk driving behaviors. #pressrelease

CommScope's Ruckus lights up new wireless switch
News Wire Feed | 1/17/2023

The ICX 8200 switch is designed for 'wireless-first', IoT campus networks and 'fiber-to-the-room' connectivity, company says. #pressrelease

Omdia: IoT enterprises are prioritizing blockchain tech
News Wire Feed | 1/17/2023

40% of enterprises surveyed say that blockchain is a "priority for the future" for their IoT deployments. #pressrelease

Far EasTone and Ericsson use 5G network slicing for Smart Patrol Car
News Wire Feed | 1/10/2023

Far EasTone and Ericsson have developed a new Smart Patrol Car use case that taps network slicing capabilities on a 5G standalone network. #pressrelease

CES 2023 highlights importance of ease of use for connected products
News Wire Feed | 1/5/2023

47% of households planning to purchase a smart lock indicate a keypad is a must-have feature. #pressrelease

Verizon Business report: Surging fuel costs, inflation impacting fleets
News Wire Feed | 12/15/2022

Global findings show GPS fleet tracking technology helps fleets meet customer demands, offset rising costs and protect against accidents. #pressrelease

Nokia and Rohde & Schwarz explore feasibility of drone-based network measurement solution
News Wire Feed | 12/13/2022

Nokia, Rohde & Schwarz to deliver first prototype with embedded 4.9G/LTE and 5G network measurement software within an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). #pressrelease

Veterans Health Administration and Verizon test 5G MEC and drones
News Wire Feed | 12/12/2022

The technology will help hospital staff across the U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs Palo Alto Health Care System. #pressrelease

Verizon Connect Fleet earns Canada's ELD certification
News Wire Feed | 12/9/2022

The all-in-one ELD solution now provides customers with the reliability and flexibility needed to simplify compliance with the new hours of service (HOS) regulations in Canada. #pressrelease

AT&T NumberSync for Connected Car in select BMWs
News Wire Feed | 12/8/2022

AT&T NumberSync(R) for Connected Car in select BMWs. The plan syncs the BMW owner's smartphone number to use mobile data for hands free US calls - even if their smartphone isn't with them. #pressrelease

AT&T to connect Polaris off-road vehicles in North America
News Wire Feed | 12/8/2022

Polaris has chosen AT&T to connect select off-road 2023 models in North America through the RIDE COMMAND+ Plug-In Accessory device. #pressrelease

VinFast chooses T-Mobile as exclusive global connectivity provider for electric vehicles
News Wire Feed | 12/8/2022

This long-term, multi-million-dollar deal will deliver more personalized in-car experiences and the ability to leverage near real-time telemetry data. #pressrelease

67% of security system owners are interested in a warranty service
News Wire Feed | 12/8/2022

New whitepaper in partnership with Assurant addresses new opportunities for device protection and data privacy services among home security providers. #pressrelease

Aeris to acquire IoT business from Ericsson
News Wire Feed | 12/7/2022

Ericsson's IoT Accelerator and Connected Vehicle Cloud businesses and related assets to be transferred to Aeris. #pressrelease

How smart home ecosystems impact energy management solutions
News Wire Feed | 11/23/2022

Nearly one-third of US internet households report intentions to purchase a smart energy device in next six months. #pressrelease

T-Mobile launches IoT Developer Kit
News Wire Feed | 11/21/2022

The kit is now available through T‑Mobile DevEdge, the company's developer platform. #pressrelease

Sisvel launches patent pool for LTE-M and NB-IoT
News Wire Feed | 11/9/2022

Sisvel said it will operate a patent pool for cellular Internet of things (IoT) technologies including LTE-M and NB-IoT. #pressrelease

Over one-third of smart home device owners had tech issues in 2022
News Wire Feed | 10/31/2022

New whitepaper addresses the impact of self-service tools on the user experience and provider support costs. #pressrelease

Nokia and Nedaa to explore 5G network slicing for smart city and public safety use
News Wire Feed | 10/31/2022

Using 5G, Nedaa will be able to enhance support for first responders, connected and automated vehicles, and IoT applications. #pressrelease

7-9% of US internet households own a smart garage door opener
News Wire Feed | 10/25/2022

New market assessment addresses consumer and industry trends in smart garage door opener market #pressrelease

22% of US internet households use wearables for safety purposes
News Wire Feed | 10/21/2022

Market assessment addresses consumer and industry trends in smart watch market. #pressrelease

Omdia: 500 million connected cars are new media opportunity
News Wire Feed | 10/11/2022

The market will be comparable in scale to that of pay TV set-top boxes by 2025, according to Omdia's latest research. #pressrelease

T‑Mobile launches Advanced Industry Solutions suite
News Wire Feed | 9/28/2022

New 5G Advanced Network Solutions help make "smart" retail, cities, manufacturing, and logistics more accessible. #pressrelease

Sequans inks big 5G licensing agreement with unnamed partner
News Wire Feed | 8/31/2022

Sequans inked a 5G licensing agreement for its Taurus platform with an unnamed partner that the company said would generate more than $50 million in three years. #pressrelease

Omdia: Global installed base of smart home devices exceeds 2B in 2022
News Wire Feed | 8/15/2022

The global smart home market is expected to experience consecutive years of softening growth starting in 2021 before an upward trajectory resumes in 202. #pressrelease

Semtech to acquire Sierra Wireless for $1.2B
News Wire Feed | 8/3/2022

Semtech confirmed it plans to acquire Sierra Wireless, which makes IoT modules, in an all-cash transaction worth$1.2 billion. #pressrelease

Verizon to offer financial tech platform SumUp
News Wire Feed | 7/19/2022

Merchants will have the ability to accept payments through a Bluetooth connection paired with any Verizon smartphone or tablet. #pressrelease

Omdia: Enterprises turning to 5G for their IoT needs
News Wire Feed | 7/14/2022

According to a new survey, IoT projects are meeting or exceeding return on investment. #pressrelease

Spoke chooses T IoT from T-Mobile and Deutsche Telekom for safer cycling
News Wire Feed | 7/13/2022

The system uses a unique hardware and software system that digitally connects bicyclists and motorists to improve awareness and safety on the road. #pressrelease

FirstNet helps LAPD take critical step in safety innovation
News Wire Feed | 7/8/2022

Officers will get new tools and gain better access to safety information. #pressrelease

Retail experiences key for smart home shoppers
News Wire Feed | 7/7/2022

New research highlights interest in smart appliances and consumer shopping behaviors for smart home solutions. #pressrelease

Charter pitches AI-powered 'Security Shield' to Wi-Fi subs
News Wire Feed | 7/6/2022

Security offering for operator's 'advanced' Wi-Fi customers detects and blocks malicious web sites, phishing scams and Internet-oriented attacks. #pressrelease

EchoStar Mobile launches satellite-based LoRa across Europe
News Wire Feed | 7/5/2022

EchoStar Mobile said its LoRa-enabled Internet of Things (IoT) network, working from its EchoStar XXI satellite, is now available across Europe. #pressrelease

Ericsson: 5G to top 570 million subscriptions in Southeast Asia and Oceania in 2027
News Wire Feed | 6/30/2022

60% of global mobile network data traffic expected to be over 5G networks by 2027. #pressrelease

Verizon Frontline debuts connected police cruiser prototype
News Wire Feed | 6/29/2022

The car uses Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband (UW), along with additional applications and advanced computing solutions for first responders. #pressrelease

Comcast's MachineQ releases multi-sensor enterprise IoT device
News Wire Feed | 6/27/2022

Multi-use 'MQflex' is equipped with sensors measuring temperature, humidity, water leak, push-button activity, door/window activity, pressure and acceleration via a single battery. #pressrelease

Ericsson Mobility Report: 5G to top 1 billion subscriptions in 2022 and 4.4 billion in 2027
News Wire Feed | 6/21/2022

60% of global mobile network data traffic expected to be over 5G networks by 2027. #pressrelease

Over 12 million US Internet households own a smart door lock
News Wire Feed | 6/9/2022

New whitepaper developed in partnership with PassiveBolt addresses IoT edge solutions in smart spaces. #pressrelease

Smart home companies add brand equity and new tech in Q1 via acquisitions
News Wire Feed | 6/7/2022

Smart Home Tracker highlights industry news and activities of key players in smart home market #pressrelease

Videotron teams with Emnify on enterprise IoT
News Wire Feed | 6/1/2022

Deal enables Videotron to deliver IoT services across multiple network types, including LTE-M and NB-IoT. #pressrelease

Ligado partners with Sony Semiconductor Israel for chips
News Wire Feed | 6/1/2022

Ligado Networks said Sony Semiconductor Israel would develop chipsets for its planned 5G mobile satellite network for the Internet of Things. #pressrelease

Comcast's MachineQ launches Real-Time Location Tracking System (RTLS) product
News Wire Feed | 5/19/2022

MachineQ for Asset Management provides a real-time view into the location of indoor inventory, equipment and moveable assets. #pressrelease

Smart speaker revolution ending in North America, but global growth promises brighter future
News Wire Feed | 5/18/2022

Growth elsewhere in the world suggests new use cases elsewhere. #pressrelease

Parks Associates report shows 34% MDU property managers offer IoT devices
News Wire Feed | 5/18/2022

New whitepaper developed in partnership with Technicolor addresses IoT edge solutions in smart spaces. #pressrelease

Battle Motors selects T-Mobile for IoT
News Wire Feed | 5/9/2022

Battle Motors said it will use T-Mobile's network to connect its RevolutionOS EV software for electric vehicles. #pressrelease

Airties contributes Wi-Fi EasyMesh tech to RDK
News Wire Feed | 5/9/2022

Says contribution, as an RDK-B component, will streamline Wi-Fi EasyMesh deployments. #pressrelease

Prospective MDU residents say smart home devices important in selecting a home
News Wire Feed | 5/3/2022

Almost two-thirds of prospective multi-dwelling unit (MDU) residents report that pre-installation of smart home devices is an important factor when selecting a new home. #pressrelease

EchoStar promises LoRa IoT connections from space
News Wire Feed | 5/3/2022

EchoStar Mobile said it will launch an early adopter program for its pan-European satellite-based LoRa Internet of Things (IoT) service. #pressrelease

Lucid Drone to use T-Mobile's network
News Wire Feed | 4/25/2022

T-Mobile's network will be used to connect Lucid Drone's fleet of industrial spraying drones. #pressrelease

Senet goes global with Helium
News Wire Feed | 4/21/2022

Senet said its deal with Helium for LoRa IoT services has been expanded to include Helium-compatible locations globally. #pressrelease

Sierra Wireless sells offender monitoring business for $37.6M
News Wire Feed | 4/18/2022

IoT company Sierra Wireless said its Omnilink business sells 4G ankle bracelets to track offenders, and that it sold the business for $37.6 million to Bison Capital Asset Management. #pressrelease

Boingo Wireless hires Rebecca Gray to lead military business
News Wire Feed | 4/6/2022

Gray succeeds Boingo's current senior vice president and general manager of military, Bruce Crair.

Verizon, Cisco collab on autonomous car tech
News Wire Feed | 3/29/2022

Two companies aim to show "autonomous driving solutions without the use of costly physical Roadside Units to extend radio signals."

Rogers claims Canada’s first commercially available 5G SA network
News Wire Feed | 3/28/2022

Rogers 5G SA is built to "scale massively" and "support the unprecedented growth of IoT devices in the years to come."

Airties expands Wi-Fi deal with Telstra
News Wire Feed | 3/24/2022

Airties extends support to Telstra's Wi-Fi 6 modem and 'SmartFix' capabilities.

Comcast's MachineQ connects with unit of Georgia-Pacific
News Wire Feed | 3/18/2022

GP Pro will deliver its 'KOLO' smart monitoring system using MachineQ's IoT platform.

Cox expands 'Prosight' platform for hospitals
News Wire Feed | 3/14/2022

Offering now features hand hygiene monitoring capabilities underpinned by real-time location services and IoT.

AT&T puts HBO Max into connected cars
News Wire Feed | 3/3/2022

AT&T said it will bundle the HBO Max streaming video service with its Unlimited In-car Wi-Fi service plan for connected cars.

SCTE seeks papers for Cable-Tec Expo 2022
News Wire Feed | 2/8/2022

Organization is seeking papers across 13 categories. Abstracts are due April 1, 2022.

Qualcomm nabs deal with Ferrari
News Wire Feed | 2/8/2022

Qualcomm said it will now serve as Ferrari's systems solutions provider for its upcoming Ferrari road cars under a new deal between the two companies.

EMnify gets $57M for cellular IoT
News Wire Feed | 1/20/2022

EMnify, a startup targeting the cellular IoT arena, said it raised $57 million in a Series B investment from One Peak.

AWS joins prpl Foundation board
News Wire Feed | 1/4/2022

Joins group to help standardize orchestration of CPE software with the cloud.

EchoStar gets Sequans to support satellite/terrestrial network
News Wire Feed | 12/21/2021

Sequans said it will make chips that support EchoStar Mobile's plans to deploy a converged S-band satellite and terrestrial end-to-end network.

Comcast's MachineQ and CoreKinect launch outdoor asset tracker
News Wire Feed | 12/16/2021

LoRaWAN-based product is focused on inventory management.

Comcast launches $120 video doorbell
News Wire Feed | 12/16/2021

Or Xfinity Home customers can purchase the device for $5 per month over 24 months.

Senet boasts of new coverage map with Helium
News Wire Feed | 12/15/2021

Following an agreement between the two companies, Senet introduced new coverage and mapping tools to show Helium's LoRa network.

IEEE group works on blockchain-based identity for IoT devices
News Wire Feed | 12/15/2021

A group within the IEEE standards body is working on blockchain-based decentralized identity (DID) for IoT devices.

HomeGrid Forum forms task forces focused on G.hn
News Wire Feed | 12/6/2021

New chairs have been appointed to lead the Home Networking, GiGAWire, LiFi, Smart Grid and Industrial IoT Task Forces, the organization said.

1NCE hires Ivo Rook
News Wire Feed | 11/30/2021

IoT company 1NCE said it hired Ivo Rook, a former Sprint and T-Mobile executive, as its new chief operating officer.

Safran Aircraft Engines uses Smart Tracking IoT service by Orange Business Services
News Wire Feed | 11/17/2021

Using data from the trackers, Safran Aircraft Engines teams can remotely locate and manage all their tools and equipment in real time.

Juniper Networks adds AI-driven Wi-Fi 6E access points and IoT assurance
News Wire Feed | 11/3/2021

Enhancements to the Juniper wireless access portfolio further the company's 'experience-first networking mission,' it says here.

Wi-Fi Alliance launches cert program for HaLow
News Wire Feed | 11/2/2021

HaLow, a long-range, low-power technology, operates in the sub-1GHz band.

Northeastern University demos AI-based O-RAN at MWC LA
News Wire Feed | 10/26/2021

Research institute on wireless 5G and 6G networks touts demo combining AI, O-RAN and cloud-native virtualized wireless networks at MWC LA.

Ericsson announces time-critical communications tech
News Wire Feed | 10/25/2021

Ericsson said its new Time-Critical Communication technology can support connections with ultra low latencies.

RCA aims to help cable operators cut power costs
News Wire Feed | 10/21/2021

Robert Cruickshank Associates (RCA) launches national, standards-based Optimum Load Shaping signals that boost efficiency of electric grids and microgrids.

AT&T to sell Notecard from Ray Ozzie's Blues Wireless
News Wire Feed | 10/13/2021

AT&T said it will sell IoT services using the Notecard offering from Blues Wireless, a startup founded by former Microsoft CTO Ray Ozzie.

UScellular to sell Kajeet's services to schools
News Wire Feed | 9/30/2021

UScellular agreed to sell Kajeet's various services and devices for K-12 education customers.

City of San Jose to install 20 Helium transmitters
News Wire Feed | 9/30/2021

The mayor of San Jose said the city would install 20 Helium transmitters and use the resulting money to finance broadband Internet access for low-income residents.

IoT provider 1NCE nets $50M from Deutsche Telekom, SoftBank, others
News Wire Feed | 9/29/2021

IoT provider 1NCE said it obtained $50 million in financing from investors, including Deutsche Telekom, SoftBank and others.

AT&T, Cisco team for 5G IoT
News Wire Feed | 8/26/2021

AT&T and Cisco said they will offer businesses the ability to manage their Internet of Things (IoT) services on AT&T's 5G network.

MaxLinear releases G.hn evaluation platform
News Wire Feed | 8/26/2021

The DMI920 combines MaxLinear's G.hn technology with its USB, Ethernet and serial communications products.

Minim expands retail reach for Motorola-branded home networking products
News Wire Feed | 8/6/2021

HSN, Home Depot, Lowes, Sam's Club and BJ's Wholesale join list of retailers to carry Motorola DOCSIS devices and other home networking products.

Wiliot raises $200M for IoT tracking
News Wire Feed | 7/27/2021

Wiliot, which makes products for asset tracking via Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, said it raised $200 million in a Series C funding round led by SoftBank Vision Fund 2.

Cox IoT unit scores more smart city business with Henderson, Nevada
News Wire Feed | 7/22/2021

City will use Cox2M's platform to connect and enhance its water and parking management systems.

Sierra Wireless gets a new CEO
News Wire Feed | 7/12/2021

Phil Brace will be the new president and CEO of Sierra Wireless, replacing Kent Thexton.

Former Liberty Global exec joins Airties
News Wire Feed | 7/8/2021

Nicolas Fortineau has been named chief marketing officer of the managed Wi-Fi specialist.

Half of streaming device buyers will be first-time owners
News Wire Feed | 6/30/2021

New streaming device research from Interpret reveals continued near-term growth potential in 2021.

Comcast's MachineQ adds IoT partner
News Wire Feed | 6/14/2021

Team up with Eddy Solutions is focused on intelligent leak protection for commercial and residential properties in the US and Canada.

Technicolor touts RDK-B milestone
News Wire Feed | 6/9/2021

Vendor says it has deployed more than 20 million broadband gateways equipped with RDK-B open source software.

Leading Lights Awards early-bird pricing ends on June 1
News Wire Feed | 5/26/2021

Light Reading today announced that early-bird pricing for entries to Light Reading's Leading Lights awards program will be ending soon.

AT&T touts biosensor that remotely tracks COVID-19 symptoms
News Wire Feed | 5/4/2021

AT&T said it's working with Cherish Health on a connected, wearable biosensor that can monitors a patient's respiration, oxygen levels, temperature and heart rate.

Starry hires CFO
News Wire Feed | 4/27/2021

Komal Misra, late of IPsoft and Cognizant, is joining as Starry enters its 'next critical phase of growth,' CEO says.

HomeGrid Forum elects new president
News Wire Feed | 4/26/2021

Livia Rosu succeeds Dr. Leonard Dauphine as head of G.hn-focused organization.

AT&T touts 5G data on FirstNet
News Wire Feed | 4/1/2021

Carrier said first responders maintain voice communications with priority and preemption on LTE, with data being routed to either 5G or LTE, depending on the network's capabilities.

Plume's 'WorkPass' targets SMBs
News Wire Feed | 3/31/2021

Network tech and services company expands into a new market.

IoT player KORE to go public via SPAC
News Wire Feed | 3/16/2021

KORE Wireless Group said it will become a public company through a special purpose acquisition company affiliated with Cerberus Capital Management.

Las Vegas teams with Cox2M on IoT-based traffic management pilot
News Wire Feed | 3/4/2021

Agreement focused on trial of a smart curbside management system from Cox2M designed to reduce downtown traffic congestion.

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