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Dell'Oro: Open RAN and vRAN growth slowed in 1Q 2023
News Wire Feed | 5/23/2023

Samsung, NEC, and Fujitsu top Open RAN vendors. #pressrelease

Open RAN vendor Airspan gets new funding, new CEO
News Wire Feed | 5/18/2023

Airspan, an equipment vendor in the open RAN space, said it scored new funding from Fortress. Additionally, Glenn Laxdal will replace Eric Stonestrom as the company's CEO.#pressrelease

Cohere, Intel, Mavenir, others team for 'Multi-G' open RAN
News Wire Feed | 4/19/2023

Cohere, Intel, Juniper Networks, Mavenir and VMware announced their new 'Multi-G initiative' to define open RAN frameworks, interfaces, interoperability testing and evaluation criteria. #pressrelease

NTIA begins accepting open RAN funding applications
News Wire Feed | 4/12/2023

The NTIA said it officially launched its Public Wireless Supply Chain Innovation Fund, which will allocate up to $1.5 billion for open RAN projects. #pressrelease

Nokia and AT&T successfully trial Open RAN compliant RAN Intelligent Controller
News Wire Feed | 3/20/2023

Near real-time xApps deliver RAN programmability leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) capabilities hosted on the platform. #pressrelease

Airspan board to explore 'strategic directions'
News Wire Feed | 3/10/2023

Following the sale of its Mimosa Networks business, Airspan said its board of directors is now exploring "strategic directions," which is jargon often referencing an interest in mergers, acquisitions or other corporate transactions. #pressrelease

Mavenir, Radisys, Fujitsu, AT&T among 5G Challenge participants
News Wire Feed | 3/10/2023

The NTIA announced the companies - including Mavenir, Radisys, AT&T, GXC and Fujitsu - that will participate in its 5G Challenge this year. #pressrelease

Deutsche Telekom chooses Mavenir for Open RAN deployment in Europe
News Wire Feed | 2/27/2023

Deutsche Telekom chooses Mavenir for Open RAN deployment in Europe; Mavenir will provide OpenBeam massive MIMO radios as well as 3rd party O-RAN based Radio Units (O-RU) for open Fronthaul. #pressrelease

DISH Wireless expands cloud-native network with Mavenir Open vRAN software
News Wire Feed | 2/23/2023

Mavnenir provided Open vRAN software and is supporting greater than 40,000 radios across the DISH 5G cloud-native Open RAN network. #pressrelease

Mavenir introduces Open vRAN containerized solution
News Wire Feed | 2/22/2023

O-Cloud compliant solution augments Mavenir distributed unit (DU) and centralized unit (CU) RAN offerings. #pressrelease

Mavenir and HP Enterprise expand Open vRAN collaboration
News Wire Feed | 2/21/2023

Mavenir and HP Enterprise expand Open vRAN collaboration. Proven interoperability speeds and simplified Open vRAN network deployment. #pressrelease

Mavenir and Cohere speed the transition to multi gen, Open RAN networks
News Wire Feed | 2/15/2023

Cohere and Mavenir's new Multi-G solution includes spectrum multiplier MIMO solution for 4G, 5G, Open RAN and OTFS. #pressrelease

Mavenir launches Open RAN Intelligent Controller
News Wire Feed | 2/10/2023

Mavenir O-RIC enables the creation of differentiated services through open APIs, which enable customers to optimize network performance, increase cost efficiency, and maximize the user experience. #pressrelease

Mavenir's end-to end cloud native tech powers Paradise Mobile in Bermuda
News Wire Feed | 2/7/2023

Mavenir's solution includes Converged Packet Core, BSS, Open vRAN and OpenBeam radios. #pressrelease

NTIA, DoD put up $7M prize for open RAN tech
News Wire Feed | 2/1/2023

The NTIA and the US Department of Defense said their new 2023 5G Challenge would allocate $7 million for an 'open, interoperable, secure, multi-vendor 5G ecosystem.' #pressrelease

Dell'Oro revises 5-year Open RAN forecast upward
News Wire Feed | 1/27/2023

Open RAN projected to comprise 15% to 20% of global RAN by 2027. #pressrelease

Mavenir demonstrates O-RAN based mMIMO radio integration
News Wire Feed | 12/15/2022

Confirming commercial availability for Mavenir's OpenBeamTM mMIMO 32TRX AAU's. #pressrelease

O-RAN Alliance announces successful round of testing
News Wire Feed | 12/14/2022

The O-RAN Alliance – the group developing standards for open RAN – said its members conducted a successful round of testing in locations around the world. #pressrelease

Dell'Oro: Open RAN beats Q3 expectations
News Wire Feed | 12/1/2022

Samsung, Fujitsu, NEC, and Mavenir are the top 4 Open RAN vendors. #pressrelease

DT's Alex Jinsung Choi to head up O-RAN Alliance
News Wire Feed | 11/16/2022

Andre Fuetsch, the previous chairman of the O-RAN Alliance, is leaving his job at AT&T and so Alex Jinsung Choi, SVP Group Technology, Deutsche Telekom, will replace him. #pressrelease

Rakuten Symphony to offer Juniper's RIC for free
News Wire Feed | 11/8/2022

Rakuten Symphony said it teamed with Juniper Networks in order to add Juniper's RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC) in its Symworld Platform at no extra charge. #pressrelease

EdgeQ partners with Vodafone
News Wire Feed | 10/26/2022

Vodafone and EdgeQ said they would work together to develop products for open RAN massive MIMO 5G radios. #pressrelease

Nokia's Single RAN and Cloud RAN pass GSMA's NESAS security audit
News Wire Feed | 10/24/2022

The audit confirms Nokia's portfolio as fully compliant with independent security standards. #pressrelease

TIP launches project group for metaverse
News Wire Feed | 10/19/2022

The Telecom Infra Project said it formed a new group in order to focus on developing metaverse-ready networks. #pressrelease

Triangle Communications and Mavenir launch network for FCC Rip and Replace
News Wire Feed | 10/19/2022

The flagship deployment replaces unsecure equipment and services with American-based network infrastructure. #pressrelease

Mavenir and Northeastern University announce Open RAN simulation platform
News Wire Feed | 10/11/2022

Enables detailed, end-to-end simulation of 5G Radio Access Network (RAN) optimized by O-RAN Near Real-Time RAN Intelligent Controller (Near-RT RIC) over E2. #pressrelease

VMware spurs CSP network modernization
News Wire Feed | 9/29/2022

The new service will enable CSPs to expedite the innovation cycle, deliver new services, reduce operational complexities and achieve substantial TCO savings. #pressrelease

Mavenir announces 2G, 4G, and 5G open RAN radios made in India
News Wire Feed | 9/28/2022

Open RAN radio solutions can be used for a wide range of use cases, including enterprises and public settings across urban or rural environments. #pressrelease

Dish Network's Gen Mobile MVNO launches new pricing
News Wire Feed | 9/14/2022

Gen Mobile, one of the many MVNO brands from Dish Network, introduced new pricing plans starting at $20 per month. #pressrelease

Mavenir to use EdgeQ's chips for small cells
News Wire Feed | 9/13/2022

Mavenir said it plans to incorporate technology from EdgeQ in 4G and 5G small cell products for enterprise customers. #pressrelease

Dell'Oro: Open RAN crushes expectations in first half 2022
News Wire Feed | 9/8/2022

Samsung, Fujitsu, and NEC are the leading vendors. #pressrelease

CableLabs' Kyrio to use Viavi for open RAN tests
News Wire Feed | 8/24/2022

CableLabs' Kyrio subsidiary is handling O-RAN Alliance testing in North America and said it will use equipment from Viavi Solutions to do so. #pressrelease

Rakuten opens lab for Open vRAN
News Wire Feed | 8/24/2022

Rakuten Mobile said its new Mobile Open Innovation Lab offers verification for technologies used in its open RAN network. #pressrelease

Mavenir and NEC deploy massive MIMO in France
News Wire Feed | 8/7/2022

Deployment milestone for Open vRAN mMIMO running over O-RAN Alliance Open Fronthaul Interface. #pressrelease

DoD invests in spectrum sharing, 6G
News Wire Feed | 8/3/2022

The US military, through the Department of Defense (DoD), said it plans to invest in areas including spectrum sharing and 6G development. #pressrelease

Dell'Oro Group revises Open RAN and vRAN forecast upward
News Wire Feed | 7/27/2022

Open RAN revenues to approach $20B. #pressrelease

Nokia and Hill Air Force Base to test radar interference management with O-RAN
News Wire Feed | 7/12/2022

Nokia and Hill Air Force Base extend partnership on existing Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS) testbed to mitigate radar interference with 5G networks. #pressrelease

COMSovereign touts 5G open RAN order
News Wire Feed | 6/23/2022

COMSovereign said the NIST Shared Spectrum Metrology Group ordered $199,400 worth of 5G open RAN equipment from the company. #pressrelease

EdgeQ samples open RAN acceleration card for 5G
News Wire Feed | 6/15/2022

Startup EdgeQ said it is now sampling an all-in-one 4G and 5G small cell PCIe acceleration card that adheres to open RAN specifications. #pressrelease

DISH's Smart 5G wireless network now available to over 20% of US
News Wire Feed | 6/15/2022

More than 120 cities across the country are now connected to the DISH 5G network. #pressrelease

stc announces the successful deployment of multi-layer 4G and 5G NSA network with Mavenir
News Wire Feed | 6/14/2022

The deployment was achieved with 4G-3CC Carrier Aggregation and 5G-NSA capable O-RAN Mobile Infrastructure. #pressrelease

Zain completes open RAN trial in Kuwait
News Wire Feed | 6/14/2022

Open interface and software-based RAN technology will encourage Zain to capitalize on cloud infrastructure offerings. #pressrelease

A5G Networks gets more funding
News Wire Feed | 5/24/2022

A5G Networks said it scored an investment by Bharat Innovation Fund, a venture capital fund in India, though it did not disclose the amount. #pressrelease

Mavenir, Fujitsu, Radisys, others selected for NTIA's open RAN program
News Wire Feed | 5/23/2022

The NTIA selected equipment from vendors including Mavenir, Fujitsu, Radisys for its 5G Challenge program, which is intended to foster open RAN equipment for the US military. #pressrelease

Dell'Oro reports open RAN revenue surged in 1Q 2022
News Wire Feed | 5/20/2022

Short-term open RAN and vRAN forecast revised upward. #pressrelease

Viettel teams with Qualcomm for 5G RU with massive MIMO and open RAN
News Wire Feed | 5/11/2022

Viettel in Vietnam said it will work with Qualcomm on a 5G Radio Unit (RU) with massive MIMO capabilities running open RAN specifications. #pressrelease

Dish to use Ceragon for 5G microwave, mmWave backhaul
News Wire Feed | 5/2/2022

Ceragon Networks will supply wireless microwave and millimeter wave backhaul transport products to Dish Network for 5G. #pressrelease

Rakuten wins 5G Challenge early bird award from NTIA, DoD
News Wire Feed | 4/26/2022

Rakuten's Central Unit (CU) and Distributed Unit (DU) will be tested by CableLabs under the 5G Challenge program from the NTIA and Defense Department.

Samsung touts new role in O-RAN Alliance
News Wire Feed | 4/25/2022

Samsung Electronics announced that it is now an official member of the Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) within the O-RAN Alliance. #pressrelease

HPE gets into open RAN automation, orchestration
News Wire Feed | 4/21/2022

HPE said it will now start selling radio access network (RAN) management and orchestration software to mobile network operators that adheres to open RAN specifications. #pressrelease

NTIA puts up $3M for DoD's open 5G networks
News Wire Feed | 4/6/2022

The US Department of Defense wants to develop an open 5G ecosystem and so the NTIA is offering a $3 million prize for such equipment.

FreedomFi raises $9.5M
News Wire Feed | 3/15/2022

Blueyard Capital, Qualcomm Ventures and SamsungNext participated in a $9.5 million Series A round of funding in startup FreedomFi.

Rakuten Symphony adds former FCC chief Pai to board
News Wire Feed | 3/2/2022

Ajit Pai, the head of the FCC under former President Trump, joined the board of directors of Rakuten Symphony.

CableLabs to test open RAN gear for US government
News Wire Feed | 3/2/2022

CableLabs said it will be the host lab for the NTIA's '5G Challenge' that will in part test open RAN equipment for the US Department of Defense.

DoCoMo opens up labs for open RAN verifications
News Wire Feed | 2/28/2022

Docomo said its Shared Open Lab in Yokosuka is open to other operators for virtualized radio access networks (vRAN) verifications, part of Docomo's investments into open RAN technologies.

Anuta Networks announces SA 5G deal covering 50,000 cell sites
News Wire Feed | 2/28/2022

Anuta Networks said it inked an agreement with an unnamed North American mobile network operator for standalone (SA) 5G covering 50,000 cell sites running open RAN.

Rakuten, Qualcomm team for Massive MIMO in open RAN
News Wire Feed | 2/24/2022

Rakuten Symphony and Qualcomm said they will work together to develop Massive MIMO products using open RAN specifications in configurations of up to 64T64R.

MaxLinear launches 'Sierra' SoC for 5G open RAN radios
News Wire Feed | 2/23/2022

New platform combines silicon and software for radio unit designers.

Dish adds ServiceNow to 5G vendor roster
News Wire Feed | 2/23/2022

Dish Network said it will use the ServiceNow Platform in its forthcoming 5G network.

Mavenir shows off OpenBeam-branded open RAN radios
News Wire Feed | 2/23/2022

Mavenir said it is now selling micro, macro, millimeter wave (mmWave) and massive MIMO open RAN radios under its OpenBeam brand.

KDDI uses Wind River Studio for O-RAN-compliant 5G virtualized base station
News Wire Feed | 2/22/2022

Wind River Studio has been launched in KDDI's commercial network.

KDDI boasts of commercial open RAN deployment with Fujitsu, Samsung
News Wire Feed | 2/18/2022

KDDI in Japan said it worked with Samsung and Fujitsu to deploy a commercial 5G standalone open RAN cell site.

Qualcomm, HPE team for open RAN distributed units
News Wire Feed | 2/17/2022

Qualcomm's silicon will power Hewlett Packard Enterprise's 5G distributed units running open RAN specifications, the companies announced.

Ericsson, Qualcomm, Rakuten, others plan MWC open RAN demos
News Wire Feed | 2/14/2022

The O-RAN Alliance said it expects to show off open RAN technology demonstrations from the likes of Ericsson, Qualcomm, Rakuten and others.

AMD closes Xilinx acquisition
News Wire Feed | 2/14/2022

Deal was originally announced in October 2020.

AMD nets approvals for Xilinx acquisition
News Wire Feed | 2/10/2022

Deal is expected to close on or about February 14, 2022.

Parallel Wireless plans open RAN demos at MWC
News Wire Feed | 2/8/2022

Open RAN vendor Parallel Wireless said it will show off a number of new technologies at the upcoming MWC trade show in Barcelona, Spain.

Dish to use Verica for network reliability
News Wire Feed | 1/25/2022

Dish Network said it will use the Verica Continuous Verification Platform (CVP) for Kubernetes and Kafka.

O-RAN Alliance plans meeting at MWC
News Wire Feed | 1/25/2022

The O-RAN Alliance said it plans to hold a meeting in conjunction with the upcoming MWC Barcelona trade show next month.

Airspan touts 5G open RAN deployment with Gogo
News Wire Feed | 1/20/2022

Gogo said it has deployed seven sites of 5G open RAN equipment with vendor Airspan.

Baicells to support FreedomFi Gateway
News Wire Feed | 1/13/2022

Baicells Technologies said its basestations would be able to connect to the FreedomFi Gateway under a new partnership between the two companies.

Dish puts Swieringa in charge of wireless
News Wire Feed | 1/5/2022

Longtime Dish Network executive John Swieringa is now in charge of the company's entire wireless business, including its 5G network and its retail operation.

Dish Network announces pilot program with FreedomFi
News Wire Feed | 12/16/2021

Dish Network said it will conduct a pilot program with FreedomFi focusing on CBRS spectrum.

Amarillo to build fixed wireless network with Airspan
News Wire Feed | 12/13/2021

The Texas city of Amarillo disclosed plans to cover 50 square miles with Airspan's Mimosa fixed wireless services by this summer.

Dish to use Equinix interconnections for 5G
News Wire Feed | 11/18/2021

Dish Network said it will use Equinix's interconnection infrastructure for its forthcoming 5G network.

Ericsson shows off non-real-time RAN controller for open RAN
News Wire Feed | 11/16/2021

Ericsson said its new Intelligent Automation Platform includes support for a non-real-time RAN intelligent controller (Non-RT-RIC) for open RAN.

Northeastern University demos AI-based O-RAN at MWC LA
News Wire Feed | 10/26/2021

Research institute on wireless 5G and 6G networks touts demo combining AI, O-RAN and cloud-native virtualized wireless networks at MWC LA.

PAWR program shows off RAN slicing with open RAN
News Wire Feed | 10/26/2021

Demo provided by Salt Lake City testbed researchers is part of the National Science Foundation-funded Platforms for Advanced Wireless Research (PAWR) program.

Dell releases more products for telecom
News Wire Feed | 10/13/2021

Dell Technologies released its Bare Metal Orchestrator and Respond and Restore for Telecom offerings, and announced partnerships with Mavenir and Wind River.

STL launches Accellus lineup for open RAN 5G
News Wire Feed | 9/22/2021

STL said its new lineup of Accellus products - ranging from radios to RICs - are designed for 5G networks using open RAN specifications.

Dish to use 10x People to manage phone numbers
News Wire Feed | 9/21/2021

Dish Network said it will use 10x People, LLC to manage its telephone number inventory.

Parallel Wireless to open new R&D centers for open RAN
News Wire Feed | 9/14/2021

Parallel Wireless said it will open new open RAN research and development centers in the UK and Israel.

Dell'Oro raises open RAN forecast on 'healthy traction'
News Wire Feed | 9/3/2021

Research and consulting firm Dell'Oro Group said it increased its high-end estimate for cumulative open RAN revenues from $10 billion to $15 billion between 2020 and 2025.

Ligado teams with Mavenir for basestations
News Wire Feed | 8/19/2021

Ligado Networks said it would work with Mavenir to develop basestations for a 5G mobile satellite network.

EdgeQ starts sampling 5G chips
News Wire Feed | 8/18/2021

Startup EdgeQ said it is now sampling its 5G 'basestation-on-a-chip' to what it said were tier-one customers.

O-RAN Alliance operator membership swells past 30
News Wire Feed | 8/16/2021

The O-RAN Alliance said 1&1 is its newest operator member, and that it is making progress toward improving open RAN standards.

STL to make 5G radios with Evenstar
News Wire Feed | 8/3/2021

STL announced a collaboration with Facebook Connectivity to design and develop 4G and 5G radio products as part of the Evenstar program.

Qualcomm shows off open RAN chip for small cells
News Wire Feed | 6/28/2021

Qaulcomm said its new FSM200xx supports open RAN on small cells for 5G.

Mavenir teams with Qualcomm
News Wire Feed | 6/24/2021

Mavenir said it will work with Qualcomm on indoor and outdoor products for open RAN.

Mavenir shows off open RAN with Dallas network
News Wire Feed | 6/16/2021

Mavenir announced an open RAN 4G/5G network in Dallas running in the 3.5GHz CBRS spectrum.

OpenAirX-Labs launched by public-private partnership
News Wire Feed | 6/3/2021

OpenAirX-Labs (OAX) launched for open source 5G, with funding and support from several US government agencies and private and public US companies.

COMSovereign boasts of $10M injection
News Wire Feed | 5/28/2021

COMSovereign Holding Corp. said it inked a funding agreement worth $10 million with an investment entity managed by The Lind Partners.

Parallel Wireless touts urban open RAN
News Wire Feed | 5/5/2021

Parallel Wireless said its technology is now supporting open RAN deployments in urban areas in addition to rural areas.

Vodafone, Qualcomm team for 5G open RAN reference designs
News Wire Feed | 4/29/2021

Vodafone and Qualcomm said they would work together to develop open RAN reference designs for 5G equipment in order to encourage more suppliers to build such gear.

VMware moves into the virtualized RAN
News Wire Feed | 4/27/2021

VMware said its new Telco Cloud Platform RAN allows network operators to virtualize radio access network (RAN) functions and implement an open RAN architecture.

FreedomFi teams with Helium for 5G
News Wire Feed | 4/27/2021

Helium said its new partnership with FreedomFi could expand 5G coverage.

FreedomFi, AccessParks team for 5G in CBRS spectrum
News Wire Feed | 4/6/2021

AccessParks said it plans to build hundreds of new 5G cell sites running in CBRS spectrum in national parks across the US in partnership with FreedomFi.

Etisalat signs on to Rakuten Communications Platform
News Wire Feed | 3/25/2021

Rakuten Mobile said Abu Dhabi-based Etisalat will 'explore and co-develop a mobile network reference design' using its Rakuten Communications Platform (RCP).

Samsung to supply Docomo with 5G
News Wire Feed | 3/22/2021

Japan's Docomo will buy O-RAN-compliant 5G products from vendor Samsung.

Dish Network joins O-RAN Alliance board
News Wire Feed | 3/18/2021

Sidd Chenumolu, Dish Network's vice president of technology development, said the company looks forward to working with the O-RAN Alliance.

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