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Chunghwa Telecom and Ericsson ink MoU for 5G and beyond
News Wire Feed | 3/1/2023

Chunghwa Telecom and Ericsson ink MoU for 5G and beyond. The collaboration will propel network evolution to 5G-Advanced and 6G. #pressrelease

Nokia introduces its first Wi-Fi 6E gateway for a multi-gigabit world
News Wire Feed | 2/28/2023

The Beacon 10 is a true tri-band device which can provide Wi-Fi throughput of 10Gbit/s. #pressrelease

Nokia Bell Labs showcases lunar network research and 6G
News Wire Feed | 2/27/2023

Future 6G networks will act as a form of 'radar', sensing objects, people and movements (while preserving privacy). That situational awareness will imbue people with a digital 6th sense. #pressrelease

Nokia and partners make two key 6G advances
News Wire Feed | 2/15/2023

Nokia, partners, hit two key 6G milestones: The implementation of AI and machine learning into the radio air interface and the utilization of new sub-terahertz spectrum to dramatically boost network capacity. #pressrelease

EU project DETERMINISTIC6G to work on next gen 6G networks
News Wire Feed | 2/6/2023

EU project DETERMINISTIC6G aims to solve a key 6G network challenge, predictable end-to-end connections between users, processes, and digital representations in cyber world. #pressrelease

Dell'Oro: Record 3Q 2022 Wireless LAN revenues defy ongoing supply problems
News Wire Feed | 12/13/2022

A tsunami of shipments expected over the next three quarters. #pressrelease

Statement from the USA, Australia, Canada, and the UK on telecommunications supplier diversity
News Wire Feed | 12/12/2022

USA, Australia, Canada, and the UK committed to ensuring the security and resilience of our telecommunications networks, fostering a diverse supply chain, and influencing the development of future telecommunications technologies such as 6G. #pressrelease

ETSI launches standards group for 6G
News Wire Feed | 12/12/2022

ETSI announced it formed the new Industry Specification Group on Terahertz (ISG THz) for 6G, and that the group held its first meeting. #pressrelease

New investments in PAWR program strengthen US commitment to 5G and 6G
News Wire Feed | 12/5/2022

The new funding will expand researcher access to sophisticated and adaptive network testing environments. #pressrelease

NSF allocates another $2.8M for advanced wireless research
News Wire Feed | 12/1/2022

The Platforms for Advanced Wireless Research (PAWR) Project Office said it received $2.8 million in new funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF) for wireless research. #pressrelease

Nokia to open 5G and 6G R&D center in Portugal
News Wire Feed | 11/28/2022

Nokia's new center to develop tech to power 5G communications and lay the foundations for 6G networks. #pressrelease

Ericsson in multi-million GBP 6G research program investment in the UK
News Wire Feed | 11/22/2022

Ten-year Ericsson investment initiative set to boost UK research capabilities and drive global development of 6G future communications and standards. #pressrelease

Nokia to lead KOMSENS-6G
News Wire Feed | 11/15/2022

KOMSENS-6G to expand the scope of wireless networks by integrating sensing capabilities. #pressrelease

Mavenir and Northeastern University announce Open RAN simulation platform
News Wire Feed | 10/11/2022

Enables detailed, end-to-end simulation of 5G Radio Access Network (RAN) optimized by O-RAN Near Real-Time RAN Intelligent Controller (Near-RT RIC) over E2. #pressrelease

Nokia to lead the next phase of Europe's 6G flagship project
News Wire Feed | 10/7/2022

The new phase, Hexa-X-II, will create a pre-standardized platform and overall system view. #pressrelease

Verizon to deploy Extreme Networks solutions at Liverpool Anfield Stadium
News Wire Feed | 10/6/2022

The deployment includes Extreme Wi-Fi 6 access points which will provide mobile ticketing, cash free concessions, shopping at the team store, video streaming, and new digital immersive experiences. #pressrelease

Nokia and Vodafone New Zealand team up to accelerate network innovation with 5G-Advanced and 6G
News Wire Feed | 9/29/2022

Strategic partnership signed to jointly collaborate on developing and driving new applications supported by 5G and 5G-Advanced. #pressrelease

American, European 6G associations promise teamup
News Wire Feed | 8/10/2022

North America's Next G Alliance and Europe's 6G Smart Networks and Services Industry Association (6G-IA) inked a deal to exchange information. #pressrelease

DoD invests in spectrum sharing, 6G
News Wire Feed | 8/3/2022

The US military, through the Department of Defense (DoD), said it plans to invest in areas including spectrum sharing and 6G development. #pressrelease

Nokia to lead German 6G lighthouse project
News Wire Feed | 7/11/2022

Nokia will collaborate with the 29 partners in 6G-ANNA to lead and drive 6G research and standardization. #pressrelease

Altice USA starts retail expansion in New Jersey
News Wire Feed | 7/5/2022

Operator opens two 'Optimum' stores in New Jersey. Eight more stores will be coming to the state as part of company's retail expansion. #pressrelease

ATIS' Next G Alliance outlines 6G apps
News Wire Feed | 5/31/2022

The Next G Alliance is looking to explain exactly what 6G might do via a new report called "6G Applications and Use Cases." #pressrelease

National Spectrum Consortium adds new exec director
News Wire Feed | 5/17/2022

Joe Kochan, telecom veteran and former CEO of US Ignite, aims to promote stronger tech partnerships between government, academia and industry. #pressrelease

Northeastern University demos AI-based O-RAN at MWC LA
News Wire Feed | 10/26/2021

Research institute on wireless 5G and 6G networks touts demo combining AI, O-RAN and cloud-native virtualized wireless networks at MWC LA.

ETSI launches 6G group
News Wire Feed | 10/4/2021

Standards group ETSI said its new Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces (ISG RIS) working group will work on technologies that may be included in 6G.

DZS joins ATIS's Next G Alliance
News Wire Feed | 7/23/2021

DZS said its CEO Charlie Vogt joined the board of directors for ATIS and ATIS' Next G Alliance's Full Member Group.

Samsung demos 6G with California university
News Wire Feed | 6/16/2021

Samsung said it conducted Terahertz communications in collaboration with the University of California, Santa Barbara.

US, UK to cooperate on technologies, including 6G
News Wire Feed | 6/11/2021

The US and UK governments announced they will 'deepen ties' on future technology such as 6G.

Leading Lights Awards early-bird pricing ends on June 1
News Wire Feed | 5/26/2021

Light Reading today announced that early-bird pricing for entries to Light Reading's Leading Lights awards program will be ending soon.

ATIS' Next G Alliance launches work program for 6G
News Wire Feed | 5/12/2021

Headed by executives from Nokia, Qualcomm and others, ATIS' Next G Alliance said it's now working to 'fulfill its mission to drive North American leadership for 6G and beyond.'

Apple, Ericsson, others join NSF's RINGS initiative for 'NextG'
News Wire Feed | 4/27/2021

The National Science Foundation announced its new Resilient and Intelligent Next-Generation Systems (RINGS) program for 'next-generation (NextG) networking,' with companies including Apple, Ericsson, Google and others.

5G Americas begins eyeing 6G
News Wire Feed | 12/18/2020

The 5G Americas trade group said it is now researching the 'next G.'

Rohde & Schwarz touts first 6G tests
News Wire Feed | 12/18/2020

Testing company Rohde & Schwarz said it successfully conducted 2D/3D over-the-air measurements of transmissions in the 110GHz to 170GHz range.

ATIS rounds up 6G leaders
News Wire Feed | 11/12/2020

Top carriers and equipment providers meet to talk 6G on November 16.

NGMN launches 6G project
News Wire Feed | 10/21/2020

The Next Generation Mobile Networks (NGMN) said it launched a new project targeting 6G.

Verizon, AT&T, others to participate in 6G Symposium
News Wire Feed | 9/3/2020

InterDigital said that Ericsson, Verizon and AT&T are among the companies participating in the new 6G Symposium.

National Science Foundation doles out $600,000 for wireless research
News Wire Feed | 7/28/2020

The National Science Foundation's (NSF) Platforms for Advanced Wireless Research (PAWR) program said it will allocate $300,000 each to universities in Iowa and Nebraska for next-generation wireless technology research.

ZTE, China Unicom sign strategic agreement on 6G
News Wire Feed | 5/20/2020

ZTE and China Unicom have announced an agreement to jointly explore the prospect and technical trends of 6G.

Informa Tech Launches Research Firm Omdia
News Wire Feed | 2/5/2020

Following the acquisition of the majority of IHS Markit's technology business, Informa Tech has launched Omdia, a new research firm that combines the analyst teams from Ovum, the IHS Markit technology business acquired in 2019, Tractica and more.

Japan's DoCoMo to Launch Commercial 6G Services by 2030
News Wire Feed | 1/24/2020

Japanese wireless operator DoCoMo said it plans to commercially launch 6G services by 2030. The operator released a white paper detailing its view of the technology.

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