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Evaluating Nokia's VNFs: Part 2
Prime Reading | 3/22/2016

Having previously tested and validated Nokia's IP Routing and Mobile Gateway VNFs, independent test lab EANTC evaluated the vendor's virtualized Broadband Network Gateway (BNG) and Application Assurance (AA) network functions -- here's what happened.

China's Telcos at Heart of IIoT Plans
Prime Reading | 3/16/2016

The Chinese government has tapped the telcos for some industrial IoT (IIoT) plans to help transform the country's economy.

NFV: Bringing VMware & the Telcos Together
Prime Reading | 3/15/2016

As carriers open their networks to standardized components and virtualization, VMware sees an opportunity for new business. But it faces stiff rivalry from competitors with similar strategies and an uncertain future under Dell.

5G: Hurdles on the Track
Prime Reading | 3/7/2016

Standardization efforts on 5G are getting ahead of a business case for the technology.

Telefónica CTO: It's Time for Unica Phase II
Prime Reading | 3/3/2016

After a year of tough lessons, the Tier 1 operator is moving forward with its SDN and NFV plans and has earmarked Germany as the first market for a broad deployment of virtualized functions.