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Ingenu Revs Up IoT Rhetoric
Prime Reading | 5/18/2016

Ingenu is making a bold case for its RPMA technology in an increasingly competitive LPWA networks market.

Validating ADVA's Virtual Switch
Prime Reading | 5/10/2016

Independent test lab EANTC has put ADVA's Ensemble Connector virtual switch through its paces – find out what happened.

Leading Lights 2016: The Finalists
Prime Reading | 4/20/2016

Light Reading is proud to announce the finalists for this year's Leading Lights Awards program, which is now in its 12th year.

Hall of Fame 2016: The Candidates
Prime Reading | 4/13/2016

The Light Reading team has deliberated over this year's Hall of Fame candidates, consulted our friend Jack Daniels and come up with a mixed bag of names. See who's in the running...

Evaluating Nokia's VNFs: Part 2
Prime Reading | 3/22/2016

Having previously tested and validated Nokia's IP Routing and Mobile Gateway VNFs, independent test lab EANTC evaluated the vendor's virtualized Broadband Network Gateway (BNG) and Application Assurance (AA) network functions -- here's what happened.

China's Telcos at Heart of IIoT Plans
Prime Reading | 3/16/2016

The Chinese government has tapped the telcos for some industrial IoT (IIoT) plans to help transform the country's economy.

NFV: Bringing VMware & the Telcos Together
Prime Reading | 3/15/2016

As carriers open their networks to standardized components and virtualization, VMware sees an opportunity for new business. But it faces stiff rivalry from competitors with similar strategies and an uncertain future under Dell.

5G: Hurdles on the Track
Prime Reading | 3/7/2016

Standardization efforts on 5G are getting ahead of a business case for the technology.

Telefónica CTO: It's Time for Unica Phase II
Prime Reading | 3/3/2016

After a year of tough lessons, the Tier 1 operator is moving forward with its SDN and NFV plans and has earmarked Germany as the first market for a broad deployment of virtualized functions.

Validating Cisco's Threat-Centric Security Solutions
Prime Reading | 2/22/2016

Independent test lab EANTC evaluated a range of Cisco security products – find out what happened.

Industrie 4.0: Rebooting Germany
Prime Reading | 2/16/2016

German industry needs a digitalization makeover. Can the Industrie 4.0 initiative deliver?

Validating Nokia's IP Routing & Mobile Gateway VNFs
Prime Reading | 2/9/2016

Two of Nokia's key virtual network functions (VNFs) have been put through their paces by independent test lab EANTC – here are the results.

US Giants Carve Out Role in the Industrial IoT
Prime Reading | 2/2/2016

AT&T and Verizon are taking different approaches to the Industrial Internet of Things, but both want to play a pivotal role in what's expected to be a multi-billion dollar industry.

Innovation Roundup: How US Pay-TV Providers Stack Up
Prime Reading | 1/27/2016

A snapshot of the pay-TV market in early 2016.

Encounters at the End of the Sundance Trail
Prime Reading | 1/26/2016

The tech company, the genius and the improbable movie... NetScout persuaded legendary film director Werner Herzog to direct a documentary about the power of the Internet. What were they thinking?

Dell Sees NFV as Gateway to Telecoms
Prime Reading | 1/25/2016

Dell is looking to provide the infrastructure to run NFV.

Light Reading's Top Stories of 2015
Prime Reading | 12/30/2015

NFV featured strongly in the roll call of the most read Light Reading stories of 2015.

EXCLUSIVE! NFV Interop Evaluation Results
Prime Reading | 12/8/2015

Get your hands on the results of the first New IP Agency (NIA) NFV Interoperability Evaluation, focused on multivendor NFV infrastructure (NFVi) and Virtual Network Functions (VNF) interoperability.

Africa's Data Dilemma
Prime Reading | 12/8/2015

African telcos can no longer depend on subscriber growth and voice services for their prosperity. So now they need a much greater focus on data services and that shift may force them to change beyond recognition.

Ericsson Still Seeking M&A Targets
Prime Reading | 12/1/2015

The Swedish giant's head of strategy, Rima Qureshi, is always looking for new M&A and investment opportunities and it seems there are a couple on the horizon.

When a Telco Goes OTT
Prime Reading | 11/25/2015

Hong Kong's PCCW has taken its video strategy into the OTT realm with the launch of its Viu service. PCCW Media Managing Director Janice Lee talks to Light Reading.

Optical Options for FTTH/B: Broadband Special Report Part 2
Prime Reading | 11/23/2015

With the proliferation of fiber-optic broadband technologies for FTTH and FTTB deployments, operators face tough decisions when upgrading their networks to meet future needs.

Cookie Lickers, Headless Chickens & Other Open Source Troublemakers
Prime Reading | 11/13/2015

Open source projects have their own dynamic, and even well-meaning participants can drive them off the rails.

Cisco + Ericsson: Analyst Reactions
Prime Reading | 11/11/2015

The 'Ciscosson' strategic partnership has sent shock waves across the industry. So what do various industry observers have to say?

A Big Day in the History of TV
Prime Reading | 10/30/2015

On this day 90 years ago...

Validating Cisco's NFV Infrastructure Pt. 2
Prime Reading | 10/23/2015

The second instalment of a two-part report into what test specialists EANTC found out when they went to Cisco's labs to perform an independent evaluation of the IP networking vendor's NFV infrastructure (NFVi).

Copper Soldiers On: Broadband Special Report Part 1
Prime Reading | 10/19/2015

Some of Europe's biggest service providers are basing their broadband futures around the continued use of copper.

Validating Cisco's NFV Infrastructure Pt. 1
Prime Reading | 10/12/2015

Test specialists EANTC went to Cisco's labs to perform an independent evaluation of the IP networking vendor's NFV infrastructure (NFVi) – here's the first instalment of what happened and EANTC's findings.

Europe's Broadband Hangover
Prime Reading | 10/8/2015

Europe remains a letdown for the bandwidth guzzlers of broadband, but change may be afoot.

Getting to NFV Everywhere
Prime Reading | 10/5/2015

Real-world challenges come with the territory as NFV starts to see practical implementations.

Critical Infrastructure: Why Telecom Is Taking a Renewed Interest in the Utility Sector
Prime Reading | 8/27/2015

Telecom vendors are taking an increasing interest in the utility industry's efforts to migrate to IP and secure critical infrastructure.

Vendor CEO Comp: Cashing In, Cashing Out
Prime Reading | 8/24/2015

2014 was a lucrative year for the top dogs at telecom vendors, who were paid big bucks for driving turnarounds, M&A, continued relevancy or brand revivals.

Cable Execs Are Minting Money
Prime Reading | 8/18/2015

Cable operators and media companies paid their executives well in 2014, up to $156 million in the case of one lucky CEO.

Because They're Worth It?
Prime Reading | 7/29/2015

The chief executive of Sprint received more in total compensation last year than any other operator in Light Reading's study, with Telefónica's Cesar Alierta the highest earner in Europe.

An Intimate View: Standards vs. Open Source
Prime Reading | 7/20/2015

Heather Kirksey knows both well, as a key player in developing the TR-69 standard and now as head of OPNFV, and she offers insights into why open source works better and faster in today's move to virtualization.

Light Reading Hall of Fame 2015
Prime Reading | 6/29/2015

We've added five more notable industry figures into the Light Reading Hall of Fame – find out who they are!

Vendor Selection Survey: New Criteria for the New IP Era
Prime Reading | 6/16/2015

It's not only communications service providers that are transforming – vendors need a new set of capabilities, skills, support services and engagements to stay relevant in today's telco landscape.

Facebook Reinvents Data Center Networking
Prime Reading | 5/26/2015

The social network is leading the drive to bring open source to networking software -- and even hardware.

Q&A: SK Telecom Talks All Things 5G
Prime Reading | 5/15/2015

Two senior managers of SK Telecom's 5G Tech Lab and Corporate R&D Center share their thoughts on what 5G will entail, how small cells, WiFi, SDN and NFV factor in and more.

Leading Lights 2015: The Finalists
Prime Reading | 5/7/2015

Light Reading is proud to announce the finalists for this year's Leading Lights Awards, which is now in its 11th year.

EANTC & Cisco: A New Era of Testing
Prime Reading | 5/6/2015

Industry test specialists at EANTC explain why their visit to Cisco's labs to test some of the vendor's service provider virtualization solutions opened up a new chapter for them and the market.

EuroProfile: Astellia
Prime Reading | 4/30/2015

French network monitoring and analytics specialist is on a mission to help mobile operators improve their customer care and customer satisfaction ratings.

Integrating Networks & IT the Tele2 Way
Prime Reading | 4/27/2015

Self-styled 'challenger' Tele2 moved early to integrate its networks and IT teams and that's paying off for the pan-European operator as it embraces NFV.

5G: Meet the Influencers
Prime Reading | 4/23/2015

A primer on the numerous organizations – some standards-oriented, some regional and some research-oriented – that have formed to tackle deploying 5G networks by 2020.

ViaWest Looks East, North, After Shaw Acquisition
Prime Reading | 4/14/2015

After being bought by Shaw Communications last year, regional data center operator ViaWest is continuing to expand, confident that demand will follow.

Heavy Reading Q&A: Getting to the Heart of 5G
Prime Reading | 4/6/2015

Heavy Reading analyst Gabriel Brown shares his thoughts on 5G's requirements, potential, challenges, leaders and more.

Telefónica Aims High With Low-Band 4G Focus
Prime Reading | 3/25/2015

When it comes to 4G, Telefónica is prioritizing coverage and quality over dazzle.

MACOM Remains Laser-Focused on Semiconductors
Prime Reading | 3/11/2015

Following a frantic acquisition spree, MACOM has broadened its semiconductor offerings for the optical sector.

Validating Cisco's Service Provider Virtualization & Cloud Portfolio
Prime Reading | 3/3/2015

How independent test lab EANTC and Light Reading put Cisco's programmable service provider network through its paces in order to create and deliver business VPN services.

Q&A: The Castle in T-Mobile's LTE Network
Prime Reading | 3/2/2015

Grant Castle, T-Mobile VP of engineering services and QA, talks to Light Reading about the carrier's spectrum position, plans for LTE-U, RCS, small cells and more.

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