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Telenor’s NFV platform delivers efficiency and a foundation for 5G
Infographics | 4/19/2021

Telenor's multi-vendor NFV initiative has helped transform their business and networks for greater efficiency. This Analysys Mason paper shows how Telenor NFV reduces cost and complexity despite high rates of traffic growth, and lays the foundation for 5G innovation. Key points discussed include: - The fiercely competitive conditions that motivated the project - Cost reduction and other targets, and resulting benefits - The impact of open source on the outcome

A View of the Future Mobile Threat Landscape
Infographics | 1/23/2017

With the mobile ecosystem becoming increasingly vulnerable to security threats, AdaptiveMobile has laid out some of the key considerations for the wireless community.

The State of Gigabit Broadband
Infographics | 8/26/2016

Everyone's talking about gigabit broadband, but where in the world would you find such a service?

Africa Faces Growing Cybersecurity Threat – Check Point
Infographics | 7/4/2016

Five of the Top 10 most targeted countries in Check Point Software Technologies' global Malware & Threat Index for Q1 2016 are in Africa.

Video Infographic: Validating Cisco's NFV Infrastructure
Infographics | 3/4/2016

We all know that the network of the future will be virtual, but when will virtual become a reality? This video infographic covers the four key areas in which Light Reading, in partnership with EANTC, tested Cisco's NFV infrastructure: performance, reliability, multi-service capabilities and single pane of glass management.

Cisco VNI Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast, 2015 - 2020
Infographics | 2/3/2016

Cisco's latest VNI numbers suggest the world will be using 366.8 exabytes of data on smartphones and Internet of Things devices, up from 44.2 exabytes, in 2015.

2016: The State of Application Delivery
Infographics | 1/15/2016

F5 explores enterprise attitudes toward the cloud in general, hybrid cloud in particular, and cloud's relationship to application delivery, security, and other issues.

Where Is the PSTN to All-IP Journey Going?
Infographics | 12/1/2015

Siemens breaks down three different approaches that may be part of an operator's roadmap to all-IP.

LTE: Q2 2015 Americas
Infographics | 9/22/2015

4G Americas and Ovum break down where the Americas stand in relation to the rest of the world when it comes to LTE coverage.

Expedient Looks to Educate on Disaster Recovery
Infographics | 8/24/2015

IT managers are worried, they're not prepared for disaster. The bad news is they're not wrong. The good news is Expedient, a cloud, data center and managed services provider, has information to help.

NFV Cuts Costs Immediately – Study
Infographics | 7/15/2015

Network operators start seeing savings from NFV in the first year, according to a study by Affirmed Networks and ACG.

4 Digital Economy Eras
Infographics | 7/6/2015

Equinix walks through the past four digital economy eras from computing to network to connected to today's interconneted world.

Mobile Subscriber Experience
Infographics | 5/26/2015

Procera has gathered facts, stats and customer experience feedback from a survey of 540 users from across the globe.

The 4 Stages of NFV
Infographics | 5/15/2015

Network functions virtualization (NFV) is not the easiest of topics to take on board, so here's a Light Reading infographic, developed following conversations with the folks at HP, that helps make sense of where NFV is taking the industry.

Women's Media Consumption Habits
Infographics | 5/4/2015

A study run by Insights in Marketing and commissioned by Meredith shows the devices, channels and ways in which women are consuming content.

5 Things to Know About Today's WiFi
Infographics | 4/23/2015

The Wi-Fi Alliance talks up the global progress of 5Ghz dual-band WiFi devices.

Security Scramble
Infographics | 4/13/2015

Network Instruments, a JDSU division, shares results from its 2015 State of the Network, a global survey on security.

No Storm in These Clouds
Infographics | 3/30/2015

RiverMeadow outlines why the hybrid cloud is here to stay.

A Graphical Glimpse of Gigabit Growth
Infographics | 3/17/2015

An infographic from WhichVoip shows some of the momentum around the US Gigabit Cities movement.

The Future of Broadband Tech
Infographics | 2/17/2015

Net neutrality, broadband services and the current outlook on data consumption, as presented by the New Jersey Institute of Technology.

Cisco's Visual Networking Index
Infographics | 2/3/2015

Cisco's yearly VNI report shows how the increasing number of smartphones is affecting global video traffic volumes.

Video Streaming: Broadcasting the IP Video Revolution
Infographics | 1/19/2015

Alcatel-Lucent details the formats and protocols used for streaming IP video, which is gaining in popularity.

Could Hackers Take Over Your Home?
Infographics | 1/12/2015

Internet of Things gadgets promise to make your home smarter, but do they make it safer, or just open it up to more threats?

The Unprotected Connected
Infographics | 12/3/2014

Mobile malware is becoming an increasing threat to smartphone users.

Tin Cans to Broadband: The Evolution of VoIP
Infographics | 11/21/2014

Irish Telecom outlines the rise of VoIP technology, including its adoption within businesses and their perception of its quality.

The World's 6 Most Extreme WiFi Hotspots
Infographics | 10/6/2014

WhoIsHostingThis.com presents six of the world's most extreme WiFi hotspots, enabling the most epic selfies you can imagine.

Global Connectivity: The Next Billion Users
Infographics | 9/29/2014

Half of the world's population will be connected to the Internet by 2017, but not just by smartphones and desktops.

The US Wireless Competitive Landscape
Infographics | 9/23/2014

Mosaik Solutions presents its 2014 maps of the wireless world in the US, including cable WiFi deployments, LTE network expansion and 600MHz auction boundaries.

A Moving Target: Great (Data) Expectations
Infographics | 8/28/2014

A survey conducted by Vasona Networks suggests that 72% of mobile users expect good performance all the time, and they'll blame the network operator when it's not up to par.

Management Needs in an Age of Network Change
Infographics | 7/25/2014

Packet Design asks network professionals how they handle the cloud, SDN, and network management.

App-Centric Mobile Operators on the Rise
Infographics | 7/15/2014

Allot's latest MobileTrends Charging Report shows that value-based pricing plans are up from 35% in 2011 to 85% in 2014.

VoLTE in a Hybrid Network World
Infographics | 5/27/2014

VoLTE is good for the customer and for the carrier, says Nokia.

WiFi Is Better Than Chocolate?
Infographics | 5/14/2014

Comcast Business survey indicates that WiFi is a better customer retention tool than candy, water, or free magazines.

SDN: Turn On or Turn Off?
Infographics | 5/12/2014

SDN is the flavor of the month for some, but for others it's not on the menu, according to a Network Instruments study.

5 Reasons Why You Need a Software-Defined Enterprise WAN
Infographics | 4/30/2014

New SDN startup explains why virtualizing the enterprise WAN is the best way to optimize network resources.

The Rising Tide of DNS Threats
Infographics | 4/16/2014

DNS attacks have risen 200% in the past year. Are you prepared?

A New Security Paradigm For a New Era Of M2M Apps
Infographics | 4/3/2014

Symantec shares a snapshot of how the M2M security model is evolving.

A Look Inside US Data Centers
Infographics | 3/31/2014

All you ever wanted to know -- and more! -- about data centers in the US.

The Case for Indoor Wireless Coverage
Infographics | 3/21/2014

The case for deploying small cells inside business premises is compelling.

Small Cells: Market Trends & Adoption
Infographics | 3/5/2014

Small cells will carry half of all mobile data traffic by 2015, Broadcom is predicting.

Mobile Usage Trends
Infographics | 2/21/2014

Citrix looks at a day in the life of modern smartphone users, including what apps they use and when.

WiFi Data Offloading Soars in 2013
Infographics | 2/12/2014

Rapid growth in mobile data usage by consumers drove WiFi offloading to record heights in US last year.

Cisco VNI Mobile: FaceTime Study
Infographics | 2/5/2014

Cisco's latest Visual Networking Index (VNI) is out, and the data usage numbers are as staggering as ever.

Mobile Data Trends in Developing & Developed Markets
Infographics | 1/22/2014

LTE subscribers are consuming 10 times more data than 3G handset users, but only 0.1% of LTE users are driving more than 40% of all usage, a new JDSU study shows.

Igniting the Future: Sprint Spark
Infographics | 1/9/2014

Sprint explains what sparked the need for its tri-mode network and how it will improve upon past networks.

Biting the BSS Bullet
Infographics | 12/16/2013

The lack of real-time capabilities is hurting service providers, so a back office refresh is vital.

State of Security in the App Economy
Infographics | 12/11/2013

All of the top 100 paid Android apps, and 56% of the Top 100 paid Apple iOS apps have been hacked in 2013, Arxan finds.

Mobile in Latin America: A New Phase
Infographics | 11/27/2013

Where the Latin American mobile market is now and where it's headed.

What Happens if You're IPv4 Only
Infographics | 11/21/2013

ARIN, the American Registry for Internet Numbers, explains the financial impact of not getting your IPv6 transition in order.

US Wireless ISPs: What's on Their Minds?
Infographics | 11/13/2013

More than 500 US WISPs tell Exalt Communications their concerns, hopes, and backhaul preferences.

LTE: Heating Up the Global Mobile Market
Infographics | 11/6/2013

LTE is now a global phenomenon, with some markets evolving their 3G networks and others jump-starting from 2G to 4G LTE.

The OTT Opportunity for Operators
Infographics | 10/16/2013

The rise of OTT messaging apps is undeniable, but there is still a big opportunity for operators and SMS in emerging markets.

The Rise of 4G LTE
Infographics | 10/11/2013

The introduction of LTE services is having a dramatic impact on the mobile broadband market.

LTE Diameter Signaling Growth
Infographics | 9/30/2013

LTE diameter signaling traffic is growing more than twice as fast as mobile data traffic, according to Oracle's Tekelec.

How 4G Works
Infographics | 9/25/2013

A simple Sprint guide to how 4G LTE works.

4K Video is Coming: Are Operators Ready?
Infographics | 9/12/2013

Although 4K video is coming faster than many expected and the first UHD TVs are already in the stores, cable operators and other pay-TV providers may not be ready to implement it.

Ethernet Turns 40
Infographics | 9/5/2013

A timeline that celebrates the 40th anniversary of Ethernet.

The Future of Mobile Data
Infographics | 8/30/2013

WiFi speeds could exceed 120 Mbit/s by 2020, mobile analytics company WeFi suggests.

The Evolution of the G
Infographics | 8/27/2013

From ugly to ubiquitous, so go the phones of our lives...

The Rise & Risk of BYOD
Infographics | 8/26/2013

That's Bring Your Own Device, not Buy Your Own Drinks...

Crowd-sourcing 4G LTE in the US
Infographics | 8/20/2013

RootMetrics uses its smartphone app to spot 4G LTE signals from AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile & Verizon across the US, giving us a picture of the connectivity available via the new wireless data tech in summer 2013

The Slow Shift to SDN
Infographics | 8/14/2013

When will SDN be widely adopted to the point that it significantly impacts the competitive landscape for services?

40 Years of Ethernet
Infographics | 8/14/2013

A timeline of innovation in Ethernet and optical technologies

How to Sell to Telcos
Infographics | 8/13/2013

Survey results provide some insight into shortlisting and procurement decisions

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