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Acme Marketing Shuffle
Peer Pressure | 4/30/2008

New titles underline company's strategic focus

Infinera Incumbent Question
Peer Pressure | 4/24/2008

Did the CEO signal its first Tier 1 win?

Infinera's Q2 Blues
Peer Pressure | 4/23/2008

Stock is down 20% on uninspiring guidance

Mobile Ad Lags
Peer Pressure | 4/22/2008

Closed networks are largest obstacle to mobile ads, panelist says

NAB Anecdotes: Day 1
Peer Pressure | 4/15/2008

Things I learned at NAB

Japan to Block P2P
Peer Pressure | 3/17/2008

Japanese ISPs agree to block P2P file sharers

AT&T Ads Enhanced
Peer Pressure | 3/14/2008

Billboard Liberation Front spotlights AT&T's national security biz

Nortel's 40G Secret
Peer Pressure | 3/11/2008

Company advertises a product not yet announced?

Pakistan Takes Out YouTube
Peer Pressure | 2/25/2008

Thwarting infidels ruins the fun for everyone else

Thank God for Akamai
Peer Pressure | 2/13/2008

No one capitalizes off of network outages quite like Akamai

AT&T to Filter Traffic?
Peer Pressure | 1/23/2008

CEO says company could try to stop piracy

iGot an iPhone Update
Peer Pressure | 1/18/2008

Ask and ye shall receive

Tellabs M&A Redux
Peer Pressure | 1/16/2008

Analyst says 2008 could be the year Tellabs is acquired

FCC Probes Comcast
Peer Pressure | 1/15/2008

Promised investigation set to begin

Akamai Rocked by Rumor
Peer Pressure | 1/10/2008

Shares fall on speculation it would lose iTunes biz

Everyone Loves FiOS
Peer Pressure | 1/2/2008

Anecdotal evidence from my family

Perfect P2P Partners?
Peer Pressure | 12/11/2007

Does P2P caching equal better traffic management?

Great PR Moments
Peer Pressure | 12/10/2007

Intelligence not necessary

Infinera Lockup Swoon
Peer Pressure | 12/4/2007

Stock falls 10 percent on lockup expiration

Curse You, Steve Jobs
Peer Pressure | 11/29/2007

Owning Apple means a short wait for obsolescence

Cisco Gets Down
Peer Pressure | 11/26/2007

Company Website goes dark, hilarity ensues

Sycamore Faces Trimming
Peer Pressure | 11/26/2007

SEC wielding the axe

Cuban: Block P2P
Peer Pressure | 11/20/2007

Mark Cuban misses the point about legitimate P2P apps

Optical Alphabet Soup
Peer Pressure | 11/16/2007

Do you know the difference between DQPSK, DPQPSK, and DPSK?

OME Waits for PBT
Peer Pressure | 11/15/2007

Nortel's flagship optical platform still missing PBT

NextPoint Networks Update
Peer Pressure | 11/9/2007

The site is no longer 'coming soon'

CDNs Adopting P2P
Peer Pressure | 11/8/2007

Peer-to-peer is catching on in content delivery

Schooling the Street
Peer Pressure | 11/7/2007

Wall Street 'needs to grow up,' analyst says

Fiber to the Meter
Peer Pressure | 11/6/2007

A deployment in which all homes are passed

Fall VON Highlights
Peer Pressure | 11/2/2007

By Halloween, VON was a ghost town

AT&T Defends FTTN
Peer Pressure | 11/1/2007

VP says bandwidth is a non-issue

NextPoint Networks
Peer Pressure | 10/31/2007

The domain registry provides some clues

TelcoTV in Space
Peer Pressure | 10/24/2007

Channeling JFK at TelcoTV

PVR & VOD Perfect Together
Peer Pressure | 10/23/2007

They're the keys to customer satisfaction

Comcast & P2P, Redux
Peer Pressure | 10/19/2007

The AP reports what everyone already knew

Arris Upgraded
Peer Pressure | 10/17/2007

LR leads, and Wall Street follows?

Ethernet & The Street
Peer Pressure | 10/16/2007

Is Wall Street missing out on the Ethernet story?

Level 3: Don't Blame Us
Peer Pressure | 10/12/2007

The CDN wasn't the reason I couldn't download the new Radiohead album

Ciena's PBB-TE Play
Peer Pressure | 10/11/2007

The company says it's just following the money

iGot an iPhone
Peer Pressure | 10/10/2007

I bought one so you don't have to

Overheard in Dallas
Peer Pressure | 10/3/2007

Rumblings and grumblings from Optical Expo

Ciena Falls in PBT Camp
Peer Pressure | 10/2/2007

Has Ciena finally picked a side in the PBT vs. MPLS battle?

Optical by Numbers
Peer Pressure | 10/2/2007

Quick takeaways from the Optical Expo intro

Really Bad PR Pitches
Peer Pressure | 9/20/2007

You take the good with the bad

NexTone Responds to Acme
Peer Pressure | 9/19/2007

More drama in the SBC

Global Metro What?
Peer Pressure | 9/18/2007

Global Metro Carrier Ethernet for business is an oxymoron

Great PR Pitches
Peer Pressure | 9/18/2007

Nothing beats a pitch with a personal touch

Acme Pans Rivals
Peer Pressure | 9/14/2007

So much drama in the SBC

More P2P Evil
Peer Pressure | 9/7/2007

I'm in UR puter, stealin UR identity

P2P Used for Evil
Peer Pressure | 9/4/2007

BitTorrent brings supervillain back to life. I'm not joking.

ISPs to Police Networks?
Peer Pressure | 8/28/2007

That's the plan, if one lawmaker has his way

Facebook Dilemma
Peer Pressure | 8/27/2007

It's not that I don't like you, it's just that you're not really my friend

RIAA Goes Back to School
Peer Pressure | 8/20/2007

Just in time for classes, recording org targets students

LimeWire Now Legit
Peer Pressure | 8/15/2007

P2P filesharing company turns over a new leaf

ISPs Threaten iPlayer
Peer Pressure | 8/14/2007

Net neutrality heads across the pond

CDN Guide
Peer Pressure | 8/13/2007

Contentinople has the goods on who's doing what

Suprnova Rturns
Peer Pressure | 8/3/2007

Preeminent P2P warehouse rises from the ashes

P2P Pre-Runs
Peer Pressure | 7/31/2007

See all the worst new shows before they air!

Cache-ing In on P2P
Peer Pressure | 7/30/2007

Should carriers be afraid of P2P caching?

Peer Pressure | 7/25/2007

Inadvertent sharing due to ID-Ten-T errors

Harry Potter & the Unstoppable Torrents
Peer Pressure | 7/23/2007

Wizard latest 'victim' of P2P file sharing

First Post!
Peer Pressure | 7/19/2007

Oh Lord, what hath LR wrought?

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