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Learn what business users really think about “Working in the Cloud”
Information Resources | 8/24/2016

While the reasons for moving to a cloud environment are plentiful, most discussions of cloud benefits focus on the decision maker or IT leader's perspective. But what about the business users, the people who actually work in the cloud? What's their perspective and how does it, or doesn’t it, align with IT leaders?

Designing the 5G Unified Air Interface
Information Resources | 8/22/2016

Building on the transformation started in 4G LTE.

Paving the path to Narrowband 5G with LTE Internet of Things (IoT)
Information Resources | 8/22/2016

The Internet of Things (IoT) is bringing a massive surge of smart, connected devices that will enable new services and efficiencies across industries.

Leading the world to 5G: Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything (C-V2X) technologies
Information Resources | 8/22/2016

The connected vehicle is already a mainstream reality. Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. is a proven, trusted solution provider for automotive.

Cisco 5G Vision Series: Vertical Value Creation
Information Resources | 8/9/2016

5G networks must be designed with new capabilities addressing the needs of new vertical markets. Current mobile standards lack well-defined interfaces to the service layer.

The Cisco 5G Strategy Series: Packet Core, Transport, and Identity Management
Information Resources | 8/9/2016

Among the current standards recommendations for the fifth-generation (5G) mobile network are exciting technologies and architectures that promise more flexibility and agility, less complexity, and higher performance while lowering an operator's total cost of ownership.

Cybersecurity: Priorities & Proposals for Small ISPs
Information Resources | 8/5/2016

The world of communications services tend to look quite different from the perspective of large, household-name Internet service providers (ISPs), on the one hand, and smaller ISPs on the other.

The Wisdom of Clouds
Information Resources | 8/5/2016

Over the past few years, the cloud conversation – particularly in the telecom industry – has largely been focused on technology. We’ve talked about governance and automation pretty much non-stop, and rightly so, since those are some of the most fundamental concepts behind the businesses that everybody in this space is looking to build. That discussion is pretty much done, and now we need another one – this time about platforms.

Understanding the Security Industry’s Most Effective DDoS Detection Algorithm
Information Resources | 8/1/2016

Radware is often cited as having the best DDoS protection in the security industry,enabled by a powerful detection algorithm.This paper explains Radware’s approach to developing and implementing this algorithm and why it considers rate and ratio in its calculations. The result is superior protection that mitigates attack traffic without impacting good traffic.

Juniper Networks & The Evolution of NFV
Information Resources | 8/1/2016

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