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Device Intelligence for Network Operators
Information Resources | 1/24/2018

A summary of the need and value of a quality device intelligence service for network operators and their customer base. How can identified devices provide a personalized experience?

End-to-End Xhaul and C-RAN Service Assurance –Challenges, Requirements, Benefits and ROI
Information Resources | 1/19/2018

How do you realize the benefits of your Xhaul and C-RAN Investments?

Carrier Ethernet Performance Assurance, SLA and Customer Reporting Solution
Information Resources | 1/19/2018

Differentiate your Wholesale Backhaul Service with InfoVista’s Service Quality Analytics Framework

Communications Tax Impacts of VoIP Services
Information Resources | 1/19/2018

VoIP service, or “Voice over Internet Protocol,” is pervasive throughout our work and consumer lifestyles. We rely on VoIP audio and video communications to stay connected. For users, this is an incredibly hassle-free, simple solution. The same cannot be said for VoIP providers. There are a multitude of variables related to taxes and regulatory fees. This white paper outlines some of those intricacies, helping VoIP providers understand what’s at stake from a communications tax perspective.

Transforming from 100GE to 400GE: Objectives, Differences and New Physical Interfaces
Information Resources | 1/10/2018

Transforming from 100GE to 400GE: objectives, differences and new physical interfaces. This white paper will highlight the key objectives of the new 400GE rate and the differences relative to 100GE. We will also take a look at the new supported physical interfaces. Ideal for Data Centers, Webscale IT companies challenged with the migration to higher speeds.

SAP Cloud Platform Solution Brief
Information Resources | 1/9/2018

Read this brief to learn about SAP's cloud platform

The State of the Platform as a Service Market
Information Resources | 1/9/2018

Uncover the trends driving broader adoption of cloud application platforms

SAP Cloud Platform
Information Resources | 1/9/2018

Third party analysis by Constellation Research

SAP Cloud Platform Infographic
Information Resources | 1/9/2018

Read to learn about SAP's cloud platform

Contextual Service Assurance in 5G: New requirements; New Opportunities
Information Resources | 1/4/2018

Want to know more about the evolution of Service Assurance in 5G? Working in conjunction with TEOCO, Gabriel Brown, Principal Analyst explores the key areas including the new demands that have been introduced with 5G and how machine learning will support operators.

The Multi-Cloud Maze: 5 Principles for Success
Information Resources | 1/4/2018

Managing multiple platforms with various APIs and feature sets can dramatically increase operational overhead. Plus, delivering the same service level in multiple places with different controls and interfaces can make adopting new clouds difficult and expensive.

New Profits from New Copper in Emerging Markets
Information Resources | 1/3/2018

Protecting Against Malware: Using DPI Inside Security Solutions to Detect Lateral Movements
Information Resources | 1/2/2018

DPI, embedded in security solutions, can be highly effective in detecting network-based lateral movement allowing rapid containment of attacks. Find out about attack techniques, vulnerability during lateral movements and how DPI detects infiltration.

Cyber Economics: Validating DDoS managed Service Delivery Models
Information Resources | 1/2/2018

One of the disappointing but undeniable realities of today’s Internet age is that multi-vector distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) cyberattacks are growing exponentially year-over-year. Moreover, DDoS threat vectors are also increasing in sophistication, leaving many enterprises unable to defend themselves. These two factors mean that defending against DDoS attacks not only requires scale and powerful tools, but also mandates the implementation of a flexible DDoS portfolio.

Speeding Up Lifecycle Service Orchestration: A Blueprint for Delivering Dynamic Services Globally, Today
Information Resources | 1/1/2018

LSO framework initiated by MEF, promises to significantly shorten the creation and management of WAN services, especially those that cross domains of multiple operators. Moreover, LSO ensures that SDN and NFV work together across a multi-domain space. Even with broad industry support, full realization of the LSO vision will take a long time. Service Providers cannot wait for all the necessary LSO interfaces to be finalized and implemented in a new generation of BSS/OSS.

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